Pic Rupert Reid 2014
Tom Oakley and Shari Sebbens in Kenneth Lonergan’s LOBBY HERO. Pic Rupert Reid

This play by the multi-award winning playwright, screenwriter & director Kenneth Lonergan is the debut play by Dudley Street Productions.

LOBBY tells the story of Jeff, a hapless, young security guard on the graveyard shift in a Manhattan high-rise. He endeavours to become involved with a rookie cop Dawn. However Dawn has her sights set on her older rogue partner Bill. When Jeff’s supervisor William comes to him with a moral dilemma, Jeff’s loyalty is put to the test.

The play is wordy, particularly at the start, when the relationships among the characters are being established and the scene is set for the moral dilemmas which they will face. The actors however portray their characters with such intensity and skill that the audience is drawn into the play till the very final line.

Tom Oakley as Jeff is a luckless young trying to escape the influence of a dominating father & is the pivotal character in the play. During often lengthy scenes when he is not an active participant Tom’s facial expressions & subtle movements add depth to the emotions of the speaking characters.

Dorian Nkono as William has a physically demanding part and changes dramatically from mentor to the one seeking help. Shari Sebbens plays Dawn the young female cop who is trapped in her position under the power of her boss. Shari develops her character cleverly yet subtly as she gains the strength to stand on her own feet for what she believes. Jeremy Waters is so believable as the sleazy cop who thinks he has it all and cannot understand how he can be threatened by others.

The simple yet effective set by Christopher Pitcairn along with subtle sound effects by Pete Neville, lighting by design by Rachel Smith and direction by Kevin Jackson ensure the audience is focused on the development of the moral dilemmas and the changing relationships and power among the characters.

LOBBY HERO plays upstairs at the Tap Gallery until Saturday July 26.