You’ll laugh a lot at LIVE A LITTLE.

Subtlenuance’s latest work, LIVE A LITTLE is created by performer Sylvia Marie Keays and writer/director Paul Gilchrist, the team behind the critically acclaimed Blind Tasting.

Critical acclaim is going to attach itself to LIVE A LITTLE too, because of that wonderful theatrical alchemy between performer and writer.

Sylvia Marie Keays is a gun performer and Paul Gilchrist supplies the ammo.

LIVE A LITTLE begins as a cosy night in, a fireside chat with the chocoholic Tilly, teased out with bed hair and decked out in pyjamas and fluffy slippers.

She seems at onesy with the universe.

Tilly works in advertising, has a sister, Sarah, who works in drug rehabilitation. Tilly is single. Sarah is married to an ambulance chaser. Lots of fodder there to have fun with and Keays and Gilchrist don’t disappoint with zinger lines and sardonic observation.

But life is not a box of chocolates, as Tilly quite rightly repudiates, taking a dutiful dump on Gump. Life is not a confection, it is real, no matter how much we try to candy coat it. Plain sailing can be swept away in a tsunami in the blink of an eye, and the blind eye of denial can set us in its sights.

LIVE A LITTLE is a mosaic in which each tiny fragment of wit or profundity has its appointed place, fixed with the mortar of mordant humour and the moment under the moment.

You’ll laugh a lot at LIVE A LITTLE. You will probably shed a tear or two, too.

So brimming with humanity and humour, its brilliant handling of language by both writer and performer, LIVE A LITTLE has a lot to offer.

LIVE A LITTLE plays till Thurs 22 April 7pm The Bordello
Level 4 Kings X Hotel, 244-246 William St, Kings Cross
Wednesday & Thursday $25/$22

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