LE PRELUDE – 10,000 MILES FROM PARIS (2019) – “Thousands have lived without love, not one without a drink”. Experience a clever “Truth or Dare” with “France versus Australia” and with the biggest alcohol hip flask on Planet Earth.

Directed by Kathleen O’Dwyer, beautifully scripted comedy and unexpected denouement, in a ten minute journey that tells the story behind each character in a carefully crafted paradigm, but actually gives nothing away until the end credit sequence. A little bit of crowdfunding and the producers offset, the full ninety minute version will be produced as quick as a flash, and will be on Australian cinema screens, Australian made with Australian landscapes, Australian cast and crew.         

SCREENPLAY: Florence Florens
DIRECTOR: Kathleen O’Dwyer
SOUND: Joseph Narai
EDITION: Amber Todd & Jonathan Adams
SET DESIGN: Justine Scali
MUSIC: Jonathan Sharples (+licensed music)

STARRING:   Gareth Rickards, Florence Florens, Michela Carattini, Jeremy Raftos, Jake Lyall, Patricia Pemberton, Moreblessing Maturure, Andrew Shaw, Jean-Pierre Yerma, Yves Manigart, Etienne Gauthier



Australian Classification rated CTC (probably would be rated M)

Running Time 10 minutes.

First ever cinema screening (just for CAST/CREW/MEDIA) 5:45pm Friday 19th July 2019 at Golden Age Cinema and Bar, in the basement at 80 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills        https://www.ourgoldenage.com.au/    –

Florence Florens (Writer/Producer/Chloe) – Florence is an international actress, writer, producer based in Sydney. Born and raised in France, she trained professionally at the Academy of Film, Theatre & Television (AFTT) in Sydney and at the Actor’s Centre in London. She has credits in UK, French and Australian classic and modern plays like COSI, Lady Windermere’s Fan, Shoot/Get/Treasure/Repeat. Her play, Am?I (Director/Lead) was nominated for the Amnesty Award at the Edinburgh festival in 2015. On the screen, Florence appeared in several ABC productions (The Tuesday Book Club with Jennifer Byrnes, The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting), TVCs (National Geographic , BenQ, Ferrero Rocher, Woolworths), and has credits in many films, such as Chasing Comets , Lotus Friends, Remote Access, Guys Don’t Get Roses on Valentine’s Day, Certainty and Doubt, Perception, State of Mind, etc.