La Fortuna heads this entertaining stage show
La Fortuna heads this entertaining stage show

I can recommend the LA FORTUNA CABARET DINNER SHOW for those looking for a different kind of entertainment experience. Patrons leave their every day lives behind them at the box office. We are greeted with staff in top hats and tails who usher us to our seats.  From there on in it is time for some magic.

We have only briefly been seated when a young magician comes around to our table and performs some card tricks. He is what is called in the trade a Close Up Magician. We watch later as he moves from table to table entertaining guests.                                  

The evening starts formally with a presenter announcing to the audience that all the magicians have taken the Magician’s Oath.  Yes, one does exist! The Oath essentially says that the magicians swear to never divulge how they perform their tricks.

The evening moves quickly with plenty of skits taking place on stage,  as well as the busy waitresses coming to the table bringing course after course from appetising entrees through to pleasing deserts.

The stage show sees the the characters testing their fortune. The main character is Lady Fortuna and she is surrounded by plenty of showgirls and boys. In between the song and dance routines, magicians perform their shtick, and inevitably call up audience members to help perform some of their tricks.

The audience on the night took it all in good spirits. It’s a small intimate venue. Chatting after to the show’s producer and chief magician, James Karp, he said the venue holds up to 120 people.

The seating is divided into two main sections. The seating close to the stage is for large party group bookings. On the night there was a raucous hen’s group having a good night of it.

There was also some seating up the back for people who wanted a more laid-back experience. We noticed one couple who seemed to be on their first date. Things appeared to be a little tentative there at the beginning but as the evening progressed and some alcohol was consumed, they seemed to get on much better!

James has been presenting his show at the Magician’s Cabaret since the beginning of the year. A magician for over 20 years his aim is to provide audiences with ‘some old world showbiz’. He is very proud of the skill level of his magicians, and at the end of the night he hopes that he has given his guests ‘plenty of good memories to take away with them.’

James’s wife Simone appears in the show was Lady Fortuna and shares his love for magic. They have have two young daughters, both under 10, who love to come and see the show. There is, however, no pressure on them to follow their parents path. ‘When the time comes I will tell to do what we have done, to do what they love to do.’

Patrons love a good night out like the LA FORTUNA CABARET DINNER SHOW. The show runs every Saturday night at The Magician’s Cabaret, Level 1, 220-232 Oxford Street, Paddington. The show commences at 7pm and comes down at 11pm. Bookings 92674747. Website-

Show Credits:- Creator: James Karp. Choreographer: James Taylor. Cast: Simone Karp as La Fortuna. Magicians- Jackson Aces as Nemesis, Max Rendall as the Gambler, James Karp as the Showman, Karina Bujnowicz as Miss Tiffany. Hills Dancers: Millie Bensoussan, Lauren Grantley- Blake, Michele Van Niekerk, Scott Reynolds and Alex Stragalinos.