I found this hard going. I am sure that it didn’t help that I had seen Neil Simon’s ‘The Odd Couple’ the night before. Samuel Beckett’s play just felt so  bleak and heavy part of me just wanted to exit early.

KRAPPS LAST TAPE tells the story of a dishevelled  elderly ‘running amok’ in his home office. He is busy going through old tapes he has made. Krapp is an unusual  diarist- his diaries are in tape rather than  book form.

Krapp is dismissive of his old tapes he listens to, mocking the youthful enthusiasm coming through his voice. He starts to make a new diary tape but then loses interest.

Gale Edwards directs with a sure touch and Jonathon Biggins takes on the role of Krapp with vigour.

Brian Thomson’s set the world of the play well with the back wall comprising an assortment of filing cabinets and a large desk which Krapp messily filled with paper work.

This was dire. Just not  my ‘cup of tea’. Over to you…

KRAPP’S LAST TAPE is playing the Old Fitzroy Theatre until Saturday 14th December, 2019. Performances Tuesdays to Saturdays at 7.30pm, Sundays at 5pm and then there are matinees on Wednesdays at 11.30am and Saturdays at 2pm.