Kraken @ The Giant Dwarf

Trygve Wakenshaw in KRAKEN. Stano Murin Photography


FROM: The Sydney Audience at the Giant Dwarf in Redfern on the 23rd April.

TO: Lexicographers Worldwide

RE: Redefinition of ‘KRAKEN’

PREAMBLE: It has come to our attention that the current dictionary definition of the word ‘KRAKEN’ refers to some kind of mythological creature. The prime referencing now requires immediate updating.

SUGGESTED DEFINITION: Berserk, non-linear, stream of consciousness, abstract, absurdist, nutso performance.

REASON FOR CHANGE: Trygve Wakenshaw in KRAKEN is freaking awesome!!!


1… The man is nakedly open … like really.

2… The man is out of control in a balletic, mimetic hour of controlled idiocy and advanced silliness.

3…The man creates a unicorn horn… which … he uses as a weapon on the audience: managing to make the carnage all the better with a kiss.

4… The man is mesmerising. Quick yet slowmo as a train wreck.

5… The man has nipples and lissom limbs and he’s not afraid to use them. Long and lithe and liquid and languorous.

6… The man can mime things that make you want to throw up but don’t look away; you will miss the intestines on the BBQ.

7… The man really takes it out on the front row. Immune to his attention if you are up the back? Ha!ha!

8… The man can nurture you into uncontrolled laughter with gentle knowingness then con you into kissing a stranger with nothing more than a lugubrious face and few grunts.

9… The man can make the audience into a choir and then control them with an invisible dial.

10: Do it because we say so.

Oh and …

11… The man is a Kiwi.

FINAL COMMENT: If you don’t believe us, see KRAKEN at Giant Dwarf, 199 Cleveland Street, Redfern until April 24.

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