Artist Katrin Longhurst in front of one of her portraits.

Katrin Longhurst’s latest exhibition INDOCTRINATED opened on the 13th May at the Nanda/Hobbs Gallery with many red dots accompanying the paintings on show.

When one walks into the Gallery one feels like one is in an alternate universe – East Germany after the Berlin Wall was erected in 1961.

Katrin Longhurst actually lived in that universe till she was 15 years old. 

She stated that she deliberately set out to depict her paintings in a social realism style favoured by the Nazis and the Russians, East Germany’s occupiers. 

To view such beautifully realised works is, at first, relaxing. There are no obscure squiggles or abstract shadows to interpret.

However, the more one views the many portraits, the more one realises that there is a sardonic, sinister and harsh criticism of the East German communist regime. 

Apart from gentle paintings related to her childhood this is a savagely sumptuous exhibition that should not be missed.

The exhibition closes on the 22nd May so hurry to the Nanda/Hobbs Gallery in Chippendale to see this  thought provoking and skilfully rendered exhibition. The Gallery is located at 12-14 Meagher Street, Chippendale.


Photography by Ben Apfelbaum

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