Photos by Amy Benjamin Photography

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH (Katie Elle Reeve)  plays The Newsagency January 17th and 18th, 9pm as part of The Sideshow Festival.

Katie Elle Reeve has something to say. Well actually, she has a lot to say, but she’s doing it through song, so it’s okay. When you hear her tunes you’re sure to admit that you’ve had those thoughts yourself but were too afraid to share them. Katie isn’t. She’s going to tell you exactly what she thinks about herself, about her neighbours and about you! In this hilarious one-woman show featuring a score of her original music played by her band of misfits, Katie proves that sometimes she’s a little too honest for her own good!

Written and performed by Katie Elle Reeve
Keys- Conrad Hamill
Trumpet- Heather Prowse
Bass- William Haskovec
Drums- Chris Jackson 
with direction by Brendan De La Hay
"Katie Elle Reeve blazes away, Adele like" Sydney Morning Herald
"Katie Elle Reeve... thrills with an incredible and powerful voice" Theatre Press
"She has an instrument that is open, natural and, seemingly, effortless." Australian Stage
"She sings ALL THE BLOODY TIME" Geoff, Neighbour, Unit 14B.

17th-18th January, 9pm.

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