R.C. Sherriff’s JOURNEY’S END

Will Usic and Mark Lee in Breaker Morant, Theatre Troupe's 2013 production
Will Usic and Mark Lee in Breaker Morant, Theatre Troupe’s 2013 production

There’s a line in R.C.Sherriff’s powerful play JOURNEY’S END where the Colonel says to Osborne “I’m certain you’ll put up a good show.”

That line has an added resonance when The Theatre Troupe’s production opens at the Reginald at the Seymour Centre in October, as Osborne is played by Will Usic, who is also directing the show.

Will was also a cast member of The Theatre Troupe’s 2012 production of Breaker Morant, which was also staged at the Reginald.

For JOURNEY’S END, he’ll be directing Andrew George in the starring role of Stanhope. Andrew played the title role in Breaker Morant, so there’s a solid working relationship already forged.

Like Breaker Morant, JOURNEY’S END is a coruscating drama about men in war, this time in the trenches of World War One.

Playwright R.C.Sherriff served as a captain in the East Surrey Regiment from the outbreak of the First World War and so his writing has the ring of verisimilitude.

JOURNEY’S END has become a classic, as has many of Sherriff’s other work, including the Academy Award nominated screenplay for Goodbye Mr. Chipps and Mrs. Miniver.

Rising stars Jack Douglas as Raleigh, Jeremy Bridie as Hibbert and Ian Bezzina doubling as Mason and the German soldier, are indicative of the youth that were catapulted from the playing fields of Eton and the like to the hell holes of Flanders Fields, the Western Front and the like.

Like the characters they play, they’re keen, strong and brave chaps who should deliver the very good show this company promises.

Coinciding with the centenary commemorations of the commencement of the First World War, JOURNEY’S END stands as a tribute and a remembrance of a conflict that devastated one generation impacted those that followed.

JOURNEY’S END plays The Reginald Theatre, Seymour Centre, Broadway, October 22- November 15.