Omar, a first-generation Lebanese Muslim Australian, is in and out of foster homes. Hungry for a warm bed and determined not to return to a life on the streets, he reluctantly agrees to be placed with 80-year-old Dawn. His best friend Ahmed has been rejected by his family for being gay and now lives under a bridge, working the local beats as a sex-worker. As Ahmed’s mental health deteriorates, Omar is determined to forge a better life for them both.

Unflinching and unapologetic, James Elazzi paints a searing portrait of culture, sexuality and isolation. In a howl of rage and love he asks: Where do we find refuge when the world seems to have forgotten us?

First presented as part of the KXT StoryTellers Festival in 2018, Apocalypse and bAKEHOUSE partner to present the first production of this fearless new and urgent voice in Australian playwriting.

12 Jul, 7.30pm, 13 Jul 7.30pm, 14 July 5pm, 16 Jul 7.30pm, 18 Jul 7.30pm, 20 July, 21 July 5pm at Kings Cross Theatre, 244-248 William Street, Kings Cross

For more about Omar and Dawn By James Elazzi, visit http://www.kingsxtheatre.com/omar-and-dawn
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