Production photos by Prudence Upton.

It’s not for everyone, but maybe it should be. This chow is a symphony of sophisticated naivety, slapstick with a bitch slap, a carnival of two, the accomplished performance artists, Jo-Ann Lancaster and Simon Yates.

These two are the founders of Acrobat, pioneers of circus performance for the past score years and more, and IT’S NOT FOR EVERYONE is their latest offering for everyone, even though it’s not for them.

Roll up, roll up! To an inverted circus tent, the carny lights gabled in gaiety, replete with ring.

Pre performance, the audience is regaled with a sound design by Tim Barrass.  This Tim Barrass-ment of riches puts audiences in a mood for the rude, low brow, semi nude, pertinent, poignant and primal entertainment unleashed by the two fiercely physical performers.

An opening F bomb barrage possibly excludes very young audiences, but the physical silliness, the juvenile jollity, makes one think: maybe some of the everyone under twelve years of age will enjoy and survive the experience. The below the belt may go over the head. Whatever! The clowning is of high calibre, the child will choose their own calibration.

A seemingly simple cycle act becomes a sublime exercise in the tactics of mistake.

IT’S NOT FOR EVERYONE is immersive and interactive without the tawdry trial of audience participation. The audience participates vicariously, palpably, without leaving the comfort of their seats.

Comfort zones are assailed and affronted by the performance, vignettes of fine pointedness, about gender politics and society.

Seaside side show cardboard cut-outs speak volumes as does some spectacularly simple aerial work.

A musical interlude with a song serenading the word “fall” is magnificent.

IT’S NOT FOR EVERYONE culminates in a mud slide, a slimy wrestle where the two performers become the literal personification of a pretzel.

This show may not be for everyone, but for everyone who sees it, it will be.

IT’S NOT FOR EVERYONE played Bay 20 Carriageworks between the 12th and 15th January.