“Two people, trapped in a room. One is almost finished but the other is not yet ready. The other will be ready, but just not yet.”

In June/July this year, a team of six young artists will be touring from Newcastle to Tuggerah, Sydney and Melbourne! They will perform sixteen times at six different venues over the span of four weeks.

I HOPE IT’S NOT RAINING IN LONDON is a contemporary, hybrid-experimental theatre piece which sets out to explore our perceived realities and the effects of trauma. The production is directed by Riley McLean.

Young emerging artist, Nicholas Thoroughgood, has written a sophisticated short play, which places two strangers together in a mysterious room. Neither of them has knowledge of where they are currently existing and how they got there- and the newest to arrive has no memories whatsoever. Small boxes appear sporadically- containing objects which trigger memories for them both and gradually their significant life stories are remembered and painfully explored.

Playwright: Nicholas Thoroughgood
Producer/Director: Riley McLean
Stage Manager: Tyler Atcheson
Cast: Daniel Cottier, Cassie Hamilton, Nicholas Thoroughgoodand Zoe Walker.

The production contains strobe lights, loud noises and mature themes including language, violence, sex, assault and suicide. Suitable 14+

Tickets for I Hope it’s Not Raining in London are on sale at our Sydney Venue: PACT- Australia’s original centre for emerging and experimental art.

Early bird $30 tickets available until the end of the month!

The cast of four alternates leads each performance.


WED 26th JUNE: 7pm (CAST: Nicholas & Cassie), THURS 27th JUNE: 7pm (CAST: Nicholas & Daniel), FRI 28th JUNE: 7pm (CAST: Zoe & Daniel), SAT 29th JUNE: 2pm (CAST: Nicholas & Daniel), SAT 29th JUNE: 7pm (CAST: Zoe & Cassie) at Pact Theatre, Erskineville.

For more about I Hope it’s Not Raining in London, visit http://www.pact.net.au/
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