Panel Van
Passing Wind
There Will Be No More Waltzing Matilda For Me

Like Pro Hart, Howard William Steer is a beloved artistic son of Broken Hill. 

We first encountered his work at the Royal Flying Doctor’s Service who had rescued him from a remote area after he seriously injured his hand. 

In gratitude Steer donated a number of his works and postcards to raise money for the Service. 

Steer’s works pop up everywhere including advertising posters, in shop windows, as well as artwork and sculptures scattered throughout Silverton. 

Unlike Pro Hart Steer is very much alive and we had the privilege of meeting him in his Studio where he is always delighted to meet new visitors.

He seemed more interested in my camera more than discussing his works, however  his works speak for themselves, and I mean that literally. Although from afar they look like Pro Hart paintings, up close the works are full of funny outback characters and witty titles. 

Steer will paint on any surface including a guitar and a skateboard that he brought out to show me. 

To meet a beloved and living artist was a true privilege.

The Howard Steel Gallery is located at 721 Williams Street, Broken Hill

All photos by Ben Apfelbaum