HOW I MET MY MOTHER @ Star of the Sea Theatre MANLY



World Premiere of HOW I MET MY MOTHER, provides a unique and thought-provoking and entertaining night of live theatre. Top-drawer ensemble cast, includes many of my favourite actors, everyone providing memorable performances, as this tight-knit family, becomes more and more dysfunctional.


Twenty years ago, dad and his two daughters, attended at an impromptu funeral for their Irish mother Janet, who had been severely injured in a car crash on Mona Vale Road. Their father has a near fatal car crash at the same location, and decides to give almost all his money away to charity, instead of leaving his many millions to his two adult daughters.  Financial advice comes from an enigmatic spirtual guru Eddie, an ex-criminal who used to be an art fraudster. The search for truth leads the family to travel to Ireland, to fully explore their mother’s extended family tree.


Playwright Brenda Gottsche has created a new and relevant play, that is filled with unexpected scandal and incomparable story-telling style. This effervescent play takes you on a worthwhile journey of discovery, where everything you understand to be true, is not. When each and every real truth is revealed, this family tears their relationships apart. Directed by Roz Riley, Factory Space Theatre’s resident director.


James Belfrage is their dad, Ben Fox, a rich property developer.
Haley Sewell is Sandy Fox,  his daughter, a school teacher, married to Mark.
Alison Albany is Karen Fox, his daughter, barrister, living at home with dad.
Jeremy Chapman is Eddie Paul Owens, an enigma.
Deidre Campbell is Sinead O’Flynn, artist, living in Doone, Ireland. Widow of Michael O’Flynn.


HOW I MET MY MOTHER by Brenda Gottsche.
Friday 20th July 2018 until Saturday 4th August 2018.
Friday and Saturdays at 7.30pm with Sunday Matinees at 2.00pm



Star of the Sea Theatre, corner of Collingwood Street and Iluka Avenue, Manly.


Roz Riley – Director.
Lindsay Walton – Sound.
Stephen Dean – Lighting.
Hecate – Design.
photography by John Reeves.