HOME is a fast-paced delightful 94 minutes, I really enjoyed watching this movie as did my kids. Released on 19 March, HOME is DREAMWORKS lone theatrical release of this year, and it has been well worth the wait, especially in the 3D version as distributed only in overseas markets by Twentieth Century Fox.

DREAMWORKS marketing for this movie was both clever and unique, because they released from 7 March 2014 a fast-paced, wonderful, charming and captivating 3D DreamWorks computer-graphics-animated four minute comedy short called “ALMOST HOME”, that screened before each new DreamWorks children’s movie, including the 3D Mr. Peabody and Sherman, and 3D Penguins of Madagascar, plus the Blue Sky Studios film 3D Rio 2.

Based on the 2007 children’s science fiction book, written by Adam Rex, “The True Meaning of Smekday” and featuring the voices of Steve Martin, Rihanna and Jim Parsons, HOME has Gratutity (“Tip”) Tucci as its female protagonist, this a wonderful story that has both heart and humour.

The movie is all about the alien invasion by the cowardly Boov who have arrived and taken over Planet Earth, after searching the universe for a new home, forever on the run from their enemy called the Gorgs.

The Boov and their Captain Smek (Steve Martin) areĀ an optimistic yet inept alien race, who invade the Planet Earth to hide from their mortal enemy, and make it their new home. Captain Smek has yet again lied to the Boov, and convinced them all that the Boov are doing all humans a favour by relocating all seven billion humans to the middle of Australia. The Boov declare Earth a colony, and of course renamed the planet “Smekland” in honour of their glorious Captain Smek.

The ever resourceful TIP (Rihanna), manages to avoid capture because her cat is on her head. Tip is trying to find her Boov-abducted mother LUCY (Jennifer Lopez), and teams up with the on-the-run renegade Boov named OH (Jim Parsons) who has been banished because he accidentally sent an email group forwarded to invite everyone to his party on Planet Earth, including their enemy the Gorgs. Together they hatch an outrageous plan to save all the humans and their Planet Earth, from the alien invasion of the Gorgs who have finally found the Boov. It is a film with some good lessons and a great message to be learnt.

DreamWorks has been losing market share because of increasing competition for family audiences from other Hollywood Studios, who have turned out mega-hit computer animated films, such as the ever-popular DESPICABLE ME franchise from Universal Pictures, and recently THE LEGO MOVIE from Warner Bros, and of course Disney/Pixar.

This studio which made the popular SHREK series, and KUNG FU PANDA series, has had a few film flops at the box office in 2014 with their TURBO and MR. PEABODY AND SHERMAN, and HOME has provided one of the company’s best-ever openings for an original movie. It is the Company’s best debutĀ since 2012, and HOME is winning over large world-wide audiences with its appeal to both children and parents.