It is our good fortune that the Head On Festival decided to extend the photographic entries to its competition until the 30th January .

Inclement weather meant that many people were deterred from visiting and viewing  this cornucopia of photography. In addition stormy conditions at Bondi Beach damaged some of the photos along  its promenade.

Kinder weather means that you can visit the exhibits which stretch from the very north of Bondi to the very south near the Bondi Icebergs.

This north of the wide steps to the sand comprise of mainly photo essays.

There are also some photos essays to the south but the main attraction here are the prizewinners and finalists in the various categories of the competition.

Many of the photos and essays have detailed captions explaining the aim and context of the images.

If you wish to read all of them you may need more than one day to view this vast exhibition.

Sloping up at the top of Bondi park are three triangular constructions displaying very large images on each of the individual triangle sides.

Given that Sculpture By The Sea was cancelled last November this is a very satisfying summer cultural experience despite the fact that is only in two dimensions rather than three.

So head on down to Bondi Beach before the 30th January and it its hot and sunny enough go fo a quick dip as well.

Grand Prize Winner – The fog by Matt Beaver
Fun town lockdown by John Benavente
Girl Interrupted by Jacqueline Lukowski
Kurds’ open wounds by Younes Mohammad
Landscape Category Winner – Vanishing point by Laurie Winter
Nature Category winner – I’ll race you by Peter Ward
Portrait Gallery Winner – Resolute by Sandra Sanders
Seascape Category Winner – Beneath the surface by Ashlee Karas
Sports Category Winner – The morning dance by Remy Brand
Urban pool. Jerusalem by Carole Glauber
Compact Category Winner – In the shadow of a palm tree by Judi Thies


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