Like a cinematic equivalent of Old McDonald had a Farm, GUNDA is a simple round of agricultural naturalism exquisitely shot in high definition black and white.

It begins with a sow, a silver purse of nutritional pleasure for the litter of piglets getting suck.

From the hog to the hen, as the farmyard fowl strut and peck their way through their day from beak fest to eggs-haustion.

From the cockscomb to the cow, the beak to the bovine, not the diary of a dairy, but an aside on a side of beef, herbivore hoof awaiting carnivore tooth. A slo-mo stampede is a bull skit, a poetic and lyrical rendering of these steers steering a course for the slaughter yards.

From the cow back to the sow, seasons have had their foursome, and the whole regeneration resumes.

GUNDA is a small miracle of a movie, a mesmerising, contemplative experience, a rumination on animal husbandry, pig’s art, bull skit, and fowl play.

GUNDA really is worth a gander.