From DK books we have a new edition of this book, which is of medium size ,weight and thickness and is beautifully , clearly presented and lavishly illustrated. It is a detailed analysis and examination of various major paintings that have ruffled the art world through the centuries and across continents.

The timeline of the works considered ranges from the11th century to contemporary times – works by Rubens, El Greco , Van Gogh , Raphael , Botticelli , Degas ,Picasso , Dali and Frida Kahlo are discussed among others .The book is divided into six chapters and includes a handy glossary and a clear ,useful index at the back.

This book takes you on your own personal gallery tour of over 60 of the world’s best-loved paintings. The museum where each work is displayed is listed and it is also fascinating to check the size scale indicator.

The meanings and symbolism behind each painting is explored, with over 700 photographs to bring the pictures to life. We are given a ‘visual tour ‘ of each work highlighting all the important details. In sideboxes there is a brief biography of each artist, with quotes by and about the artist and the chosen painting is placed in context . Depending on the artist there is also a sidebox analysing composition and/or the techniques used.

What is interesting is that there are only three women included – Georgia O’Keefe, Frida Kahlo and Bridget Riley.

GREAT PAINTINGS is a beautiful guide to the paintings, both new and much loved, that have challenged, startled and possibly changed the world. An excellent starter reference book for libraries and anyone curious about art history and paintings .

Released March 19, 2018