“As I have not yet been appropriated, normalised or groomed into shame you’ll be accepting some risk of objectionable, offensive, unlawful, deceptive or harmful content to be known hereon as an authentic human experience”.

Prefaced with a content warning, the Glitta Supernova Experience – Body Map promises to deliver an original, provocative and honest human adventure. For those who like their cabaret a bit bizarre and entirely stripped-back (in the literal sense), Glitta’s one-woman show is an entertaining fusion of social commentary, personal anecdote and unbridled dance breaks.

The unruly terrain of the body map is bumpy, bushy and unapologetic, navigated by a fairdinkum tour guide adorned with an akubra of dangling glittery tampons instead of corks. Glitta reprimands the controlling consumerist gardener of society who perpetually tries to tighten, lift and snip the body of all it’s natural beauty. Live body art accompanies a depressing monologue where heavy chains are placed around Glitta’s neck, weighing down the body with labels such as “saggy tits” and “too fat”.Described as Australia’s original Sex Clown, elements of burlesque and physical comedy are used regularly and unconventionally in this ‘backward burlesque’. Nakedness becomes the norm as costumes are only added for character distinction and to enhance storytelling. The body twists and grinds amidst flailing limbs and ‘bits’, even shocking the audience with an unlikely raw and edible costume garnish.

Commenting on daring piercing trends through to misogynistic red light culture, Glitta explores themes of identity and empowerment through personal anecdotes and reflections. An unimaginable medical emergency induced gasps and room-wide thigh clenching, all shared conversationally with an audience member over a casual cuppa. The intimate storytelling has a verbatim-like quality allowing serious messages to rise above the crass humour and erotic euphemisms.

In this flamboyant autobiographical self-examination, ‘uh huh!’ moments steer the plot when new characters emerge as a result of real life events and learnings. From a clothed and collected Avon salesperson through to a psychotic playboy sex bunny, we see the performative nature of our humanness and our important decision to either reject objectification or be complacent.

The show climaxes with a grotesque montage of vulgar and sometimes comical porn jargon, further illuminating the ridiculousness of this culture with an open invitation to “park your trolley in my Big W”.

Glitta Supernova Experience – Body Map  was outrageous, interactive and in-your-face, encouraging self-awareness and reflection as the pathway to authenticity and feminine empowerment.

Glitta’s performance took place at the Giant Dwarf on the evening of Saturday 27th May.

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