A middle aged businessman arrives in Rome on a flight from Canada. At customs, the  border agent asks if the man is visiting Italy for business or for pleasure. But the man  cannot answer. It’s neither business nor pleasure. 

“Just pick one, Signore,” the border agent intones…and so begins From The Vine, the  story of Mark Gentile, an attorney and automotive company executive who travels to  his childhood home after a major humiliation in business. 

Mark returns to the tiny village of Acerenza in Southern Italy, where he visits the  vineyard where he grew up and finds it in a state of disrepair. Mark gets an idea to bring  the overgrown property back to life and start producing wine again. Mark convinces  various denizens of Acerenza, each with their own comedic personality, to aid him in  this seemingly impractical effort, promising everyone a share in the business if it is  successful. Concerned about his sudden and lengthy trip, Mark is eventually joined by  his wife Marina, and his twenty-something daughter, Laura, who’s purpose is lost.

Now  reunited with his family, Mark brings them in on his plan to rejuvenate the winery and  starts to reconnect with a wife he has alienated, and a daughter who doubts his  motives. As the joys of Italy starts to work its particular magic on Mark and he begins to  let go of his past humiliations, he starts to mend his relationship with Marina, and build  a new one with Laura. 

But when Mark gets a serious offer to run another company, he abruptly packs up and  heads home, leaving his daughter to run the winery… something she never planned to  do as a career. Laura is furious with Mark, but then learns that his choice will ultimately  benefit the vineyard and bring true prosperity to Acerenza. 

From The Vine is a story about Italy, humour, life, love, wine, and how one man finds  himself again in a world that had counted him out. From The Vine is based on the  award-winning 2010 novel Finding Marco, by renowned author Ken Cancellara. The  book was published in Canada and Italy, and it received several awards.

FROM THE VINE opens in cinemas on Thursday 17 June, 2021.

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