FRESHWORKS short, sharp season of experimental and new works returns for the fifth year  to Old 505 Theatre, Newtown.  FRESHWORKS provides experienced artists an opportunity to test out new ideas and young artists an opportunity to work with 505. This year  will present six one week seasons plus the new FRESHWORKSFEMME a season of feminist work, talks and readings by young theatre makers.

As part of the FRESHWORKS, Road Train Productions will present the Australian work JACK DATA.

Set in the not too distant future, the play opens on Alice’s thirty-first birthday when her overbearing mother presents her with Jack Data, a “perfect man” robot, with reproductive options.

At first Alice is horrified, but agrees to keep Jack soon after discovering that he cooks and cleans and “if you take off his shoe he turns into a Hoover”.

Jack Data is a comedic look into our future, to a time when robots become a viable substitute for human intimacy.

This play is not so much a cautionary tale about technology as a cautionary tale about human behaviour, and reminds us what it means to be human.

Writer/Director : Ruth Bell with Amelia Tranter, Mathias Olofsson, Christine Greenough, Richard Cotter, Julian Ramundi and Elly Hiranni Clapin

Playing at The Old 505 Theatre, Eliza Street, Newtown

6–11 February 2018

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