Founders of FLICKS4CHANGE Andfrew Steel and James Hawthorn.

Sydney has a plethora of Film Festivals and a new one is squeezing into an untapped niche. FLICKS4CHANGE hope to initiate social change through sharing socially conscious short films

The inaugural event takes place  on March 17 at the Tom Mann Theatre where  a variety of short films followed by Town Hall  type discussion with the filmmakers, leading community activists and the audience.

50% of revenue of tickets sold will go directly to any organisations  which were the subject of films.

This event is a satellite event connected to the current Short and Sweet play festival which is currently running at the Tom Mann Theatre, 136 Chalmers Street, Surry Hills, very close to Central station.

An event such as this has already taken place in Los Angeles and it is hoped that as well as Sydney it will take place in Washington DC.

The Festival will run from 1.30 pm till 5pm on Saturday March 17, after which the audience will be able to mingle with filmmakers.