Chances are, you’ll not have seen anything like it.

Film Kids is a heart-warming film about teens with intellectual disabilities dreaming, writing and starring in their own short films. It also captures the stories of their parents dealing with diagnosis, early intervention, discrimination and education while demonstrating the benefits
of targeted resources.

And kudos to the teachers for their dedication and patience.

Film Kids is a rare and raw fly-on-the-wall glimpse of students with intellectual disability and teachers at a special needs high school, St Edmund’s. Creativity blooms as we follow a bunch of students make a variety of films from writing through shooting.

Impressive imaginative narrative comes from Joe who writes a humorous lament on the pain of sitting on hard seats and finds a surprising solution. Caitlin shares her dreams for her birthday party which includes elephants, kangaroos and possums, her classmates becoming a collective art department.


In a more documentary style, Little Chefs provide a 3-course dining experience for their teachers and parents. Ivan, a boy with profound hearing loss, dreams of building a skateboard and riding it in the skate park. And Michaella, a tiny bundle of energy, showcases her passion for being a personal trainer.

FILM KIDS provides a platform for parents to share their stories and their kids to showcase their abilities that outweigh their disabilities.

Directed and produced by award winning Australian filmmaker Bernard Weber , ‘FILM KIDS’ will be broadcast on SBS Television – August 2, 2022 9.50am (+SBS ON DEMAND)
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