Narcissus Emerging Study 1,2 and 3

The latest exhibition at the Mosman branch of Traffic Jam Galleries is luminous.

Hugh McLachlan’s sculptures are of shiny, highly polished steel , perhaps somewhat Surrealist , and rather dreamlike .Quite romantic. Simple flowing lines are used, there are eyeholes in the sculptures and lots of symbolic hearts. It is as if they are curved and growing.
McLachlan’s  NARCISSUS KISS BUBBLE series further explores the Narcissus myth – a search for love that is playfully romantic , or is it about being trapped in self absorption from which one can’t escape?

Some of the sculptures are free standing (eg Narcissus Reflecting 1,2, 3 and Kiss Me ). Narcissus Emerging, however, is a group of three on a plinth that could in fact be thought to look like playful whales.

Rebecca Pierce’s bright, bold, colourful and thickly textured works are enchanting. Mostly in this exhibition, CHEESECAKE PAVLOVA AND JELLY BEANS features several of her intensely layered fields of flowers (eg Field of Flowers, Big Sky Early Morning ) with the flowers riotously striving to push through and erupting in a volcano of colour. Not forgetting the Daydreams Edge of the Island Part 1,2 ,3 triptych , brightly coloured with orange, red and yellow , with a vertical sense of composition against the green and blue of the water and flower stems – and look for the butterflies!

There’s also the darker Deep Pond and Lily Pads and Day Dreams at Midnight. As well there’s the spotted, dotted, darting Butterfly Playground . The intensity of summer is captured in Summer Dayz (an aerial view of the beach with surfers, beach umbrellas and people sunbathing ) and the lusciously textured Ice Cream Parlour.

A series of small squares of canvas entitled Baby Daydreams ( mostly in greens, blues, pinks and purples) is also included. Observe how the paint on most of the works also covers the edges of the canvas.

A bold, dramatic portrait using simple lines is also part of the exhibition – the subject, with huge eyes and green hair wearing a striped dress and long, dangling earrings with stars on the ends.

A joyous exhibition.

Hugh MacLachlan’s NARCISSUS KISS BUBBLE and Rebecca Pierce’s CHEESECAKE PAVLOVA AND JELLY BEANS runs at the Mosman branch of Traffic Jam Galleries till 28th April 2019.


Featured image – Rebecca Pierce’s Field of Flowers.