Fast and Loose

It is one of the highlights of the Sydney Theatre Company’s theatrical calendar, the contributions of the Wharf Revue team.
Presently the team comprises Jonathon Biggins, Drew Forsyth, Genevieve Lemon and Phillip Scott.
Their latest contribution, in time for the festive season, was titled ‘Fast and Loose’, certainly a reference to their scattergun, anarchic approach.
It had been a hard week at work. Then, on top, during the day on Friday I had heard the news that an uncle of mine had passed away. So as I made my way to the theatre that night I knew exactly what deal I was cutting with this show. As long as these guys do what they do well,- give us some good songs, throw in some good contemporary satire, especially targeting our dear politicians, I’d go away happy.
The ‘guys’ didn’t let me down. There were some 14 skits/songs in all, as well as plenty of wry comments popping up on the electronic display screen, situated on top of the stage.
The team chose some familiar satirical targets; Pauline Hanson, Rupert Murdoch, Alexander Downer, Malcolm Turnbull and of-course little Johnnie Howard.
One of the fun things that one sees when one is a regular follower of the Revue team is how the players take on standard characters. Phil Scott with his made-up huge eyebrows makes a great John Howard, Jonathon Biggins does a great Scout Master archetype with his short pants and long socks, Drew Forsythe playing the toothless old Ocker, an archetype similar to the characters that Reg Livermore used to play, and Genevieve Lemon got to play Pauline Hanson.
My personal highlights from the night….Jonathon Biggins as a captain of the useless Royal New Zealand Air Force, and the satirical takes on the poor old Democrats party that was so decimated in the last Federal election.
Another highlight was some wonderful piano playing by Phil Scott. He had his own solo piece where he did an extended piano piece on the ditty that makes up the intro to the 7pm ABC News.
The show finished on a warm festive note with the cast singing us a gentle Christmas Carol and wishing us a good festive season.