The Sutherland Theatre Company is proud to present a brand-new piece of contemporary Australian theatre by Scott Brawley.  It will play in a special limited season at The Sutherland Memorial School of Arts from 24 – 27 May 2018.

Karen is supposed to be organising a surprise party for her parents, Ken and Barbara, but with two truculent teenagers, an absent husband, and a useless and unreliable brother; it's not going to be easy. Throw into the mix a psychotic pooch and an explosive secret, and things are about to go haywire.

In writing FAMILY MATTERS I wanted to celebrate the quirky nature of Australian family life. I hope that audiences see a little bit of themselves and their family on stage and that it makes them laugh and cry, but mainly laugh” says Brawley.

Brawley also  thinks that “Family Matters” provides a great opportunity for family and friends to get together and see a show that will have them reminiscing about their own lives. “Rather than watching another reality TV show in your loungeroom, why not gather some family and friends and see “Family Matters” at the Sutherland Theatre Company’s loungeroom located at the Sutherland Memorial School of Arts


FAMILY MATTERS from The Sutherland Theatre Company [Facebook] plays various dates  and times from Thursday 24th May to Sunday 27th May at the Sutherland Memorial School of Arts.