EXPOSED has been rated R and one of the reasons is Bunny Love will have you in the palm of her….

Beth B’s explosive burlesque documentary has received an R 18+ from the Classification Board, which is not surprising given its bold, fearless and unapologetic exploration of the far edge world of burlesque and performance art. Exposed delves deep into the heart of burlesque with a focus on eight female and male artists who use their nudity to transport us beyond sexual and social taboos. It’s powerful, enlightening and humourous, and it challenges traditional notions of body, gender, and sexuality.

The cutting edge performers combine politics, satire, and physical comedy to question the very concept of “normal.” The body types of the performers range from statuesque to transgender to disabled, and their personalities from sensational to scintillating. Through them, we get to examine our own inhibitions.

These performers are part of a unique subculture, yet they come from surprisingly diverse economic, social and political backgrounds. As they peel away their clothes – describing their journeys and commenting on their performances – they peel away our preconceptions and inhibitions. Ancient moral, religious and sexual stereotypes are seen from new perspectives, and a new generation of the cultural avant-garde comes to light.

Thalidomide thesp Matt Fraser recalls that he used to be an angry young disabled purpose raging against his predicament as a punk, embracing an ugly mindset to go with the flippers he had instead of normal arms. But then he found comedy a more effective and positive way to make political comment and burlesque the most robust form.

Burlesque also brought him a life partner in fellow performer Julie Atlas Muz and they team for some extreme live acts.

World Famous *BOB* never had a chance – brought up by drag queens and hairdressers. She’s a female who identifies as a gay man – quite the conundrum – go figure!

Rose Wood is a bloke who revels in breaking barriers of body and gender. He’s recently acquired boobs, surgically, and has a really risqué routine as a rabbi stripper, oy vay!

Sex and horror, fetish and fakery, jiggery pokery it’s all here in a fascinating and lively documentary. See it at Select sessions from October 17 exclusive to the new Golden Age Cinema, the old Paramount building in Commonwealth Street.