Wayne Tunks in EEVERYTHING I KNOW I LEARNT FROM MADONNA. Pic Katy Green Loughrey
Wayne Tunks in his latest solo venture. Pic Katy Green Loughrey

Wayne Tunks is an award winning writer, director, producer and actor. So, although I have to confess to not remembering seeing his work, his one man show promised a lot. I’m afraid it didn’t deliver. I suppose the title having “I” in it twice should have been a clue. And if more of what I’m sure Wayne has learned had been revealed rather than just his often graphic and sometimes sordid love life it might have been more rewarding.

What about the production? Apart from a couple of ‘shouty’ bits the delivery was pretty linear.         Set was a rumpled bed and projected Madonna quotes, (which were usually worked into the script fairly well. Indeed the quotes were probably the only lines in the show that didn’t contain “I” or “me”!)  The interval was signaled by a slide saying “Diva Break” so I thought there might be a change in dynamic; more performance values – song, maybe? No just a couple more lovers described. Then there was a chuckle, and relief, when Wayne said, ”Let’s talk about Madonna for a minute, just for a change.” Phew! But no – just more “I” and “me”.

It may be that some patrons identify with Wayne’s experiences and there may be catharsis of sorts? If so, it runs until the 22nd  at the Old Fitzroy Theatre. Enjoy.