I caught Rosie Meader’s musical EVERYBODY LOVES A WEDDING on its closing night at Marrickville’s Flight Path Theatre.

There was a warm, supportive atmosphere in the theatre with  friends and family of the cast in the audience.

The musical is a bit of fun, a souffle of a play.

The show  starts with a bride coming to the stage and pushing up her bust, to audience laughter, and then walking off stage. This is followed by a well choreographed, up tempo number, the title song, which features the waitering staff at the wedding reception centre, Weddings By The Sea.

It was a good start.  It wasn’t long before we  sussed out the structure of the play.  The  leading character, Hope Magnolia Tamlin, played by Rosie Meader, is always trying to catch the bouquet of flowers that the bride randomly throws into the crowd. She so wants to get married but feels that she lost her chance when her long time boyfriend broke up with her. Surely there will be more opportunities for young Hope?!

The other main plot line relates to our diva of a bride. There is just one thing in the way of her taking her vows. She just wants to discreetly get in one last shag with her old and very  horny blonde boyfriend. Will she get found out or will she make it through the ceremony?!

The production, directed by Imogen Huntley with choreography by Mariah Gonzales, Rosie Meader, Imogen Huntley and Sabina Sales, had a fast paced, over the top, anarchic, farcical tone to it.  At times the audience roared with laughter at the appearance of their favourite character(s).

The  quibble I had about the production was that sometimes characters appeared on stage and it was hard to work out where they fitted into the madcap action.

The  book was by the clearly talented Rosie Meader who has had her hand in every aspect of the production. This even included the show’s catchy soundtrack in which she shares the credits with her father Paul Meader.

EVERYONE LOVES A WEDDING  was the fist production by the newly formed theatre company, Business Productions. The troupe has been formed by a handful of graduates from Brent Street with Diplomas in Music Theatre with the aim of putting on original work for young performers who want to get a head start in the theatre industry.

Everyone loves a wedding and as well, everyone loves a show performed with such heart and enthusiasm.

EVERYONE LOVES A WEDDING played a short season at the Flight Path Theatre.







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