Photography & design by Zaina Ahmed 

EMBERS is a physical exploration of the fundamental human need for connection and self-expression. Through dance and instinctive movement, Embers will navigate the relationships we form to fulfil our lifelong search for meaning and structure.

Evolved from a team of people inspired by the connection found in creative collaboration, EMBERS embarks on a journey through various stages of disconnection to find harmony through movement.

Amy Pham, Audrye Fung, Bec Clare, Emily Mee, Gautier Pavlovic-Hobba, Georgia Britt, Lydia Feeney, Madeleine Scott-Murphy, Natalie Domingos, Pearl Lee, Talisah Ruas, Vanessa Au-Yeung

EMBERS [Facebook Event] hosted by Black Match Productions [Facebook] plays between 18 October 2018 to 20 October 2018 at PACT, 107 Railway Parade, Erskineville NSW 2043.