Welcome to the City of Xan’Moxie!

Join the  drag queens as they embark on a gripping and incredibly camp journey through the high-fashion, mythical city of Xan’Moxie! Each show is completely improvised and The Kweens  have no idea what will happen or what they’ll do which means that you’re in for quite a unique performance.

This live, improvised comedy show is also supported by the lip-syncing, hip-shaking talents of  resident drag queens, aka the Muses, who’ll give you 50’s glamour realness with their show-stopping numbers.

Sit back, relax and get ready to be transported to the retro, drag-fantasy universe you never knew you needed.”

Dungeons and Drag Kweens: S1E01 – A City Situation, [Facebook] [YouTube] plays Wednesday 2nd May – 8pm at The Imperial Hotel, Erskineville.