Jeremy Rose, Chloe Kim. and Simon Baker

Alongside the voice, the drum is the most elemental form of human  expression. From prehistory to the present, the drum has been used to  conjure spirits, create ecstatic states of mind, bring communities together  and put fear into the hearts of enemies.  

More recently, drums have been the heartbeat of music whose purpose is  to disrupt, featuring in protests across the world from Hong Kong, to  Russia and the United States. 

Jazz composer-saxophonist Jeremy Rose and the 8-piece Earshift  Orchestra performed at the 2020 Sydney Festival with their concert ‘Iron In The Blood’. They return this year with the concert ‘Disruption! The Voice Of Drums’.

Featuring drum virtuosi Simon Barker and his protégé, Korean-born Chloe Kim, with skilfully complementary big-screen projections created by Rachel Peachey and Paul Mosig, DISRUPTION! THE VOICE OF DRUMS was a compelling experience. experience. 

The concert took place at the York Theatre, Seymour Centre on Wednesday 13th January, 2021.

Artistic Director, Composer and Saxophonist: Jeremy Rose

Composer, Drumming Soloist Simon  Barker 

Composer, Drumming Soloist Chloe Kim

Modular Synthesizer Ben Carey Bass Jacques Emery 

Guitar Hilary Geddes 

Piano/Keyboards Novak Manojlovic Trumpet Thomas Avgenicos 

Video Artist Paul Mosig 

Video Artist Rachel Peachey 

Featured image: Korean born drummer Chloe Kim