From the rehearsal room of DARLINGHURST NIGHTS.
Photo: Brett Boardman

DARLINGHURST NIGHTS   is a classic Australian musical which takes place on the streets around the Hayes Theatre itself, and the Hayes celebrates the show’s 30th anniversary with a new production from Helpmann Award-winning director Lee Lewis (The Bleeding Tree).

DARLINGHURST NIGHTS  explores the seductiveness of a life authentically lived, of a world where people can live without fear of intolerance amidst Sydney’s most colourful strip. Set during the 1920s and 30s, and inspired by Sydney poet Kenneth Slessor, writer Katherine Thomson (Diving For Pearls) and composer Max Lambert (Miracle City) capture a time when Kings Cross was the only place in Sydney where a person could live anonymously; where bohemian lifestyles were accepted and even encouraged.

The show was first produced by the Sydney Theatre Company in 1988 where it was a phenomenal success, and was revived in 2000 for the Olympic Arts Festival at Sydney Opera House.

Featuring an A-list cast of celebrated Sydney theatre actors, DARLINGHURST NIGHTS crackles with the loaded, dramatic atmosphere of the Cross that we still recognise, but are in danger of losing. Baylie Carson plays Mabel, a young girl from the country discovering Sydney for the first time. Andrew Cutcliffe plays Frank, a dashing Iceman who yearns for something simpler. Natalie Gamsu plays Rose, a cocaine-using eccentric who drives a green Rolls Royce – but where does her money come from? Abe Mitchell plays Spud, a Gunman with big plans. Billie Rose Prichard plays Cora, the Gunman’s girl – with plans of her own. Sean O’Shea plays Ken, the urbane self-preserving journo who is our window to the world. Justin Smith plays Joe, a newspaper cartoonist who is charming but prone to drunken rages.

At another moment of existential upheaval for Kings Cross, DARLINGHURST NIGHTS take us back 80 years to a world we recognise, but are in danger of losing.

Content warning: This production contains theatrical haze, depictions of drug use, mild violence and adult themes including suicide. If you have any concerns please contact us. 

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  1. I thought I should add to this review by mentioning that Darlinghurst Nights is a show well worth seeing. All the cast are exceptional and Max Lambert’s score is really beautiful, played by the man himself, live! A very well written and directed amtmospheric musical.

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