Justin Williams- Wolfhound Interior.2020. Oil on canvas. 142.5 X 123.5cm

COMA is pleased to present Crushed Bone / Wet Rock. Bringing together six artists from differing locations, the exhibition tracks mutual malaise and uncertainty regarding emotion, knowledge and experience in the context of modes and places of living. Looking at the effect that physical positioning has on contemporary art making, this presentation surveys narrative through setting – whether it be grotesque, picturesque, gaudy, urban or fictional. 

Empathetic perspectives have become a platform for artists besieged by labels and legacy to tease out and reshape their own personal experience. Cross continental shifts and interactions in a piecemeal process of desubjectification consolidate a slew of individually paralysed yet collectively fragmented viewpoints. 

The artists in ‘Crushed Bone / Wet Rock’ have addressed their own vague identity and role-playing in the included artworks to establish a type of mutual and universal consensus. Here we see a peripatetic  self-consciousness and its ability to expose a practitioner to the idea of conjoined worlds where the influence of a grounded physical location and the thought of another at a distance become one. 

Artists included are Madison Bycroft, Chen Zhou, Liam Denny, Tania Franco Klein, Jamie O’Connell and Justin Williams

Dates: 2 October – 7 November, 2020 

Coma Gallery: First Floor, 71-73 Stanley Street Darlinghurst, NSW, 2020 Australia

Exhibition Hours :

Tuesdays to Fridays 10am to 5pm

Saturdays 10am to 4pm

Featured image : Tania Franco Klein ‘Breathe’ GIF video. Television monitor. 9 minutes and 4 seconds