Entertaining and thought-provoking thriller/drama with superb ensemble cast, the play is based on the 1866 enormous novel CRIME AND PUNISHMENT written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky as adapted for the stage by Chris Hannan, and directed by Anthony Skuse. This Australian premiere of UK thriller is a absolute masterwork. The unique staging installed for this show, together with the immaculate lighting choices and costumes, enhance the perceived depth of all the performances from the immaculate quality ensemble cast. Delivering a memorable night of live theatre drama, long talked about, and easily recommended to all your friends.           

Rodion Raskolnikov is a Russian law-student in Petersburg, living in a tiny room and suffering extreme poverty. Barely surviving disillusionment and over-sleeping from malnutrition, he enters the obsessive world of constant hallucinatory delirium, instigating the loss of all of his christian ethics, including his moral sense of right and wrong.

Rodion is suffering huge psychological damage resulting from the serious medical consequences of malnutrition/delirium, with basic ambivalence he is convinced that he is acting for the greater good, he constantly discusses with himself, the many guilt-free but very improper philosophical reasons to justify committing murder.

Rodion without due diligence and without adequate planning, now intends to get away with murder, and on impulse decides to use an axe to kill a female pawnbroker at her house, in order to obtain all of her money.

Rodion Raskolnikov reveals very strange reactions and the best possible answers, to the questions posed by the police and the examining magistrate. These Russian Officers are the absolute masters of manipulative mind-games, but have no motive and no forensic evidence and no witnesses, but know precisely who brutally murdered the two women at the pawnbrokers house. Without a confession, they are powerless to arrest Rodion Raskolnikov.

Unbearable guilt and bearable guilt, and Rodion is not coping with the many thoughts about shoulda, coulda, woulda. In many ways, this new version of the play is reminiscent of the paradigm used in every episode of the television detective series COLUMBO, a cat and mouse game is played out by the police just to get Rodion Raskolnikov to admit his guilt and confess to the hideous crime.

After the change in Russian penal law in 1847, the Russian Empire and the Tsar first invented exile to Siberia as judicial punishment. The guilty first walk the thousand plus miles to Siberia, and then remain isolated in Siberia and the exploitation of prison labor, for the duration of the court imposed sentence. There is no death penalty, no hanging, no guillotine, just decades trying to survive the forced-labour conditions in Siberia.

Starring: Jane Angharad, Hannah Barlow, Tim Kemp, Philippe Klaus, Beth McMullen, Madeleine Miller, James Smithers, Shan-Ree Tan, Charles Upton, Natasha Vickery,

Directed by Anthony Skuse
Lighting Design by Martin Kinnane
Stage Manager Milly Grindrod
Assistant Director Oleg Pupovac
Producers Jane Angharad and James Smithers
Production stills by Clare Hawley

SECRET HOUSE presents CRIME AND PUNISHMENT at Limelight On Oxford. Duration 150 minutes with one interval.
8pm Wed-Thu-Fri, 2pm and 8pm Sat – from 12th until 22nd December 2018.

Limelight on Oxford, 231 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst.

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