Crash Test Drama, a unique theatre event located in inner Sydney, is going to hold its last audition showcase for the year on October 31 at 107 Theatres, 107 Redfern Street, Redfern.

The event provides a fantastic space for  directors, playwrights, actors, and actresses to  network and work in.

Pete Malicki, the coordinator of Crash Test Drama, has constructed a friendly and warm atmosphere for all comers and made Crash Test Drama a fun and fruitful event for theatre people to take part in.

“This is a community event; it’s all about having a positive place, a safe space people feel free to experiment new writings, acting styles. We form a very close community where everyone feels they are welcomed to participate and have a great time,” Pete said.

Participants can benefit a lot from the activities. “The best word to describe my experiences in Crash Test Drama is networking,” said Uma Kali Shakti, who is a productive writer and director and has participated in Crash Test Drama since it was found.

“I meet different, wide range of new directors, new actresses and making contacts. I get to meet new people and am becoming known by more people as well.”

Crash Test Drama is now celebrating its 10th anniversary with the finale on November 7 at 107 Theatres, Redfern.

The finale will include some of the most prominent theatre personalities of Australia, and the winners will be offered prize money and head to the final competition held by Short+ Sweet Sydney in January 2018.

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Featured image – The crew behind the drama, Awakening.

Article submitted by Elaine Wang.