I saw the Canadian film ‘The Corporation’ tonight. This documentary was put together by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott and Joel Barkan. It was, as I had anticipated a sobering, chastening experience.
There was one central metaphor to this film, and that was greed, and how it has seeped into every fabric of society.
The movie’s theme was that it showed a world that had become increasingly commercialised. There has become very little that does not have a monetary value, that can’t be bought. For example the film depicted an African village where people did not even have enough money to buy the supply of water they needed to live on.

‘The Corporation’ can be summed up by the scenes showing young girls in underdeveloped countries making clothes on ridiculously small wages which were later sold at high prices in Western countries. One of the American fashion gurus whose company made enormous enterprises out of such cheap labour said that she had no idea that this practice was going on but the film went on to show that five years later these same practices were still happening to support her company.

‘The Corporation’ ended on a powerful note. One of the film’s main interview subjects was ofcourse Michael Moore. The film ended on a Moore note with the filmmaker saying that he still felt positive about the future and that people were prepared to come out in the open against corporate greed. As the final credits rolled, the bottom of the screen was lined with different websites that people can access that people can resource to make a difference. Power to Moore and ‘The Corporation’ filmmakers for making a strong and well researched documentary.