David Kary

David Kary completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts (BCA) at Wollongong University between 1990 and 1992 majoring in Arts Journalism and Theatre Studies. Since completing his degree in 1992 he has been writing continuously about the performing arts. He has contributed to a number of publications including Stage Whispers (16 years), The Messenger, South Sydney Bulletin, Tharunka, Sydney Observer, Latte Life Double Bay, and the Australian Jewish News. Since 2005, he has been the publisher and editor of the online Arts magazine Sydney Arts Guide:- He is a member of the Australian Journalists Association (AJA) of the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA), the Australian Academy Cinema Television Arts (AACTA), the Film Critics Circle of Australia (FCCA), and is a member of the Helpmann Awards Voting Collegiate.

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Richard Cotter

As a child, Richard loved going to the pictures. He is still getting over the advent of the talkie which set cinema back a century but still sounds off on radio ABC, 2GB and 2UE etc about the state of cinema whenever invited. As well, Richard has been a theatre practitioner for the past 35 years and has been resident director for Big Splash Productions for the past 10 years.

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Lynne Lancaster

A passionate theatre person Lynne is originally from Sydney and holds a B.Ed (Art) - a postgraduate Diploma in Information Management (Librarianship) and an MA in Theatre. While living in London ( 2002 -2007 ) Lynne completed the dance criticism course at Sadlers Wells linked in with Chichester University. Lynne has worked for both Ticketek and Ticketmaster here in Australia and was involved with the original production of THE BOY FROM OZ An Ausdance member Lynne is passionate about dance and has studied ballet and Flamenco. Before moving to London she photographed the Sydney Dance Company and Australian Ballet among other companies and has exhibited internationally. Lynne is a SAMAG member and a volunteer at the Art Gallery of NSW. Currently Lynne writes for arthub, danceinforma and sydneyartsguide.

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Ben Apfelbaum

My photography began when my father handed me the proverbial brownie box camera as a child. As cameras developed I went through Fujica and Olympus range finders graduating to my first single lens reflex camera, the Minolta SRT101, the latter being the greatest facilitator to my growth as a photographer. Digital photography has only added to this. I was a regular contributor to Camera Craft magazine (Australian Camera ) for over three years. During Australia’s Bicentennial year (1988) I made it a personal project to document the celebrations. This culminated in the creation of a book of my photos which was published in 1989. The book was called CELEBRATING AUSTRALIA and came with an accompanying calendar. My works have appeared in a number of publications including the coffee book entitled MY AUSTRALIA (1989), publisher Robertsbridge Severn. This book had a preface by the then Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke. I was a co-photographer on a book entitled SYDNEY- DISCOVER THE CITY with text written by Robert Treborland. Major Mitchell Press was the publisher. Also for two years I was the photographer for calendars celebrating Sydney’s multicultural communities. The two calendars were entitled MULTICULTURAL SYDNEY. My work appeared in a group exhibition held at Sydney’s Town Hall pertaining to the diversity of life in South America to raise money for orphanages there. I have over one hundred photos stored in the New South Wales State Library archive. I had a solo exhibition held in 2007 entitled Ben’s Lens at the Sydney Jewish Museum which celebrated the vibrancy of the Sydney Jewish community. Some of these photos are on the Museum’s permanent display. I have exhibited internationally firstly at the Spruill Gallery in Atlanta Georgia, united states, and in an exhibition entitled Kosher and Co at the Jewish Museum in Berlin. Currently I am a regular contributor to J-Wire and this esteemed publication.

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Lynn Belvedere

Once we were old enough, my parents took the whole family to the Sydney CBD cinemas every week. Thus began a lifetime interest, in going to the cinema every week, and became a passionate cinephile by watching all those very heavily edited ''Australian Film Censorship Board'' true cinéaste versions of brand new release ''Cinematograph Films''. Greater Union always gave my father (who worked in Cinema Distribution Exhibition) guest double movie passes, to every first-night ''red carpet Opening Night'' at The State Theatre Cinema at 49 Market Street. Up until his death, my dad always received ''two house seats'' for every Opening Night performance events at the Theatre Royal SYDNEY and at Her Majesty's Theatre SYDNEY. As a child, when mum choose not to go, I often went with him, to those live performance events. As a young child, I remember being taken for each new show, at both The New Theatre at 60 Sussex Street, and the Phillip Street Theatre when located at 150 Elizabeth Street, and for classical music concerts at Sydney Town Hall.   Being happy is a choice, and I have always viewed my life, as material ready be made into a series of amazing tentpole movies. My New Years Resolution is kept every year: ''Get to see/review five new live theatre shows each week, and get to see/review six new cinema movies each week'', plus is one of the Australian Cinema Pioneers and apparently have seen far too much already, but always wanting to experience more and more each year. I am also able to do almost everything that I enjoy doing. Yes, I do have a great daytime job in I.T. as ''Software Design Project Manager'', PLUS each evening until quite late - playwright, writer, director, producer, arts/drama critic and judge, journalist, member FCCA & member AACTA accredited film reviewer-critic-writer, projectionist, plus an innovative iconoclast . . . LYNN BELVEDERE . . .

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Paul Nolan

Paul Nolan was born on the New South Wales North Coast. He has been involved with musical theatre and choral groups on the NSW North Coast and in Sydney. Paul has had poetry published in various periodicals. He is trained in classical piano and has a Bachelor of Music from the UNSW.

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Mark Pigott

A memorable part of Mark’s childhood, in Sydney in the sixties, was spent queuing up in George Street to watch the latest movies. Mark remains an avid cinema and theatre goer, and believe that the essentials of great drama remain the same in both ‘'genres'’. Mark’s other interests are photography, cricket and rugby. He is happy to discuss the finer points of swing bowling at any time.

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Bronwyn Fullerton

Bronwyn Fullerton worked as an actress and singer for over 20 years after training with Hayes Gordon at The Ensemble Theatre Studios in Sydney in the 70s. She has worked for The Ensemble Theatre, Stables Theatre, Griffin Theatre Company, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Festival, Theatre-in-Education touring, Rocks Theatre at The Sailor’s Home, Balmain Loft, North Coast Theatre Co., Giniby Theatre Co., Bondi Pavilion Theatre and two years with the Marionette Theatre of Australia, including a tour from Alice Springs to Arnhem Land. As well as Film and Television (Chopper Squad) and Voice Overs, Bronwyn worked for the Gate Theatre Club in London and studied mime in Paris. She now teaches ESL English to foreign students and completed a Post-Grad in Film & Video at UTS in 2009/10.

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Maggy Franklin

Maggy Franklin has been involved in theatre and musical theatre in Sydney for many years. She has a teaching diploma in Speech and Drama, has attended Darlo Drama classes, acted and directed in Crash Test Drama, directed at Short and Sweet Sydney, is a regular judge at Short and Sweet and has directed in the Sydney Fringe Festival. She runs the large internet based social theatre group Theatre Time Sydney which organises groups to attend and support independent theatre. An ex-high school teacher, she works in aged care, plays tennis, gets to the cinema whenever possible, and is a Lifeline volunteer. She believes one can never go to too much theatre, and there is always something to be experienced at every production.

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Alan Hartstein

Alan has worked in the media business for nearly 20 years as an editor, writer and sub editor across a large number of newspaper, magazine and online newsletter titles. He has had a passion for stage and screen for as long as he can remember and has, he admits, never been backwards in coming forwards when it comes to having an opinion. His interest in the arts runs across the full spectrum, from opera, ballet and musicals, to symphony concerts to large music festivals, pub gigs and just about everything in between.

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Carolyn Neumann

Highly qualified in things other then 'the Arts'; Carolyn's life long love of theatre, movies, comedy and music has meant that she has spent much of her life in dark rooms with strangers - sitting upright and paying attention. So now - please sit upright and pay attention...

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Jake Freeman

Jake Freeman is a junior administration assistant, editor, camera operator and filmmaker. Jake has previously completed his studies in Film and Television at the Northern Melbourne Institute of Tafe (NMIT) and in Business Administration at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). During his business studies Jake co-managed and hosted a major fundraising event as part of his course assessment that raised over $1000 with guest speakers from the The Big Issue and The Oaktree Foundation in attendance. He has worked for Channel 31, SYN Media and RMITV in various roles such as camera operator, editor and director. Jake has recently been writing and performing stand-up comedy in various Melbourne venues.

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Allan Chapple

Allan Chapple has done over three thousand performances, including the series director in 2005 Tele movie ''Dynasty – Behind the Scenes'', two thirds of which involved singing, and has produced a dozen or more dramatic and comic plays, 2 full scale musicals, 6 theatre restaurant shows, 20 pantomimes and children’s shows, 2 short films and written and directed some 60 corporate and training videos. He has taught acting for TV and Film at Ensemble Studios as well as acting for theatre at Brent Street and many other schools, and corporate communication skills for many top leaders in the public and private sectors.

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John Pollak

John Pollak did Arts and Law at Sydney uni. He practised Law for a short while and went into business. He made too much money for his own good and today is not so much retired as having little to do. He plays tennis and carries the bags for his wife when she goes overseas. When prompted and badgered he does the occasional review. He goes to Ethiopia every now and then and where, with Professor McGuigan of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, he is bringing the Sodis Program for safer water to the Tigray region. When seen in public he is often hunched over a cup of coffee and a foccacio whilst immersed in a diabolical suduko. Or he is driving his wife to bridge.

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Randolph Magri-Overend

One of the questions Randolph hates to answer is “Where do you come from?” Why? Because the answer can be so time-consuming and, in a way, also gives away how old he is!! Plus the questioner has to wrestle with the wish he hadn’t asked the question!! He was born in Cairo, Egypt, many moons ago of British parents although he can trace Maltese and Croatian ancestry in his lineage. Educated in a Jesuit college in London his wander lust for things unorthodox drove him to embark on a seafaring career with both Canadian Pacific Steamships and Shaw Savill. That in itself dates him because both lines have been redundant for many a year. One of his boasts is that he was the Purser on the “Gothic” which ten years previously had been Queen Elizabeth II’s Royal Yacht soon after her coronation in 1953. One of the objects imported on the ship by HM and left behind was a tape player which Randolph utilised on many a memorable Sunday evening with a classical concert for his passengers. Thus began a journey that not only awakened Randolph’s love for good music but also eventually led to his extensive knowledge of music in all forms. That he loves the era of Sinatra, Crosby, Armstrong, Dorsey (both) and many many more exponents of the post-war music scene is also part and parcel of his appreciation of the music of many an era. These days Randolph is retired but still reviews CDs and DVDs and has written articles on such diverse personalities as Yvonne Kenny, Teddy Tahu Rhodes, Alexander Briger, the late Sir John Tavener, Sir James Galway, Dawn Upshaw and countless probes into the music of Gustav Mahler, Elizabeth Shwarzkopf and her husband Walter Legge, Glenn Gould, Leonard Bernstein and many many more he regrets to admit he has lost track of! Before emigrating to Australia, Randolph spent a number of years as a Flight Dispatcher in Canada. Since arriving in Australia, Randolph has written for The Weekend Australian (especially in their travel pages), The Sydney Morning Herald, Opera Opera and Fine Music magazine as well as some jazz magazines. If you require an extensive coverage of your music to a public that, at last count, reaches the best part of 818,000 please contact David Kary on or email me directly on This also includes advertising any forthcoming shows by promoting featured artists. Cheers and thank you.

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Annabelle Drumm

Annabelle Drumm grew up in a theatre family and has worked out front and behind the scenes of Arts, Media and Entertainment throughout her working life. She was a professional Performing Artist herself for 9 years, ran a professional Dance Company for 6 years, built the Performing Artists Booking Agency over 15 years representing talent from Australia and New Zealand, then spent 9 years as a Creative Business Coach helping Musicians and other creative professionals build their career and business. Annabelle is currently on the Arts and Culture Advisory panel to the Inner West Council and has been broadcasting for Fine Music 102.5FM since 2015. She is passionate about supporting Performing Artists to design the career they desire with a sustainable, resilient audience.

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Michelle Gosper

When Michelle’s mum took her to see a travelling production of The Importance of Being Earnest at Taree High School hall, she was so smitten that she spent the next couple of weeks pretending to the Lady Bracknell to the cows in the milking shed. When the great god, Gough Whitlam gave her an English/History teaching scholarship for Newcastle University she signed up for the brand new Drama course instead and made it her major and performed in university productions and theatre restaurant shows. Teaching followed and Michelle was there for the introduction of the School Certificate in Drama in 1985 and HSC Drama in 1993. She wrote and directed countless productions, acted in a few, created site and theme specific theatre for various events and community groups, became Star Struck Drama Director and created Hunter Youth Drama Ensembles, putting on productions of HSC Drama text. She also produced 3 daughters and completed a Master of Theatre Arts Degree, taught HSC Drama 18 times and became an examiner for HSC Drama. Now retired, Michelle is still involved in Star Struck and is also one of 5 City of Newcastle Drama Awards (CONDA) judges, viewing approximately 60 -70 shows per year produced by the thriving theatrical community in Newcastle. Michelle is proud to be part of this passionate and dynamic community and is grateful to be able to share some of her experiences on this website.

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Denver Mottau

Denver’s passion for music, cinema and the arts began at an early age when accompanying his grandmother in her rounds of the entertainment circuits - gaining exposure to Hollywood’s Broadway musicals. This education continued throughout his childhood as the heart-felt melodies of yester-year, and the fantasy of the Golden Years of Hollywood embraced our lives. Choosing a pathway that incorporated all aspects of Sydney lifestyle, Denver was able to make inroads with a variety of independent newspapers and publications to write about subjects of community interest. Over time, he had published a good many front-page stories, helping to overturn political decisions and make an impact on the local scene. What he has enjoyed most is researching areas of health and fitness, music, food and fashion to try and understand what excites the average Sydneysider in their lifestyle and interests. It becomes an on-going avenue of discovery, one that provides great ammunition for stories. Meanwhile, life goes on and the stage is set for reviewing the creativity in visual and performing arts. The challenge is ever present and the results most fulfilling!

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Diana Newman

Diana Newman is a playwright who has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of New South Wales with a double major in English and Theatre Studies, graduating in 1991. Diana has had three plays produced and she was shortlisted twice for NIDA’s playwright’s course. BITCHIN’ was workshopped at the Genesian Theatre in 1995 with the production being directed by Pamela Whalan. GAZUMPED was performed at Belvoir Street’s Open House program, directed by Ainslie Masterton in 1995. STANDUP was performed in 2000, directed by Rhonwen McCormack of Velvet Masque Productions at the Three Weeds Hotel, Rozelle.

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Joy Minter

After a twelve month working holiday that took her from Sydney to Perth, Joy moved to Australia from Canada. She first lived in Canberra, where she studied literature and sociology at ANU. After graduating she moved to Sydney and enrolled at Macquarie to complete an honours year in Australian literature and graduated in 2001. She worked in finance and the arts before establishing the arts and entertainment website thebuzzfromsydney, which reviews and promotes live performance and exhibition in Sydney. She has been a member of the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) since July 2013. She loves the vibrant art scene in Sydney, and reporting on local theatre.

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Gemma McDonald

Gemma McDonald is a currently completing a Bachelor of Journalism/Creative Arts at the University of Wollongong. As a budding journalist, Gemma frequents many online publications as a reviewer and opinion writer, fuelled by a deep-seeded admiration for good food, literature and art. Presently she works as the sub-editor of Mascara Literary Review and is an intern for the Sydney Airport Companion Magazine. When she’s not writing, Gemma spends much of her time painting, reading books in awkward places and experimenting with eccentric fitness routines.

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Ken Coleman

Began professional career as dancer/singer with J.C.Williamson’s as part of an Arts Council- sponsored country tour with “The Sentimental Bloke,” followed by shows such as “Camelot,” and “The Boys From Syracuse.” Joined the Garnett H. Carroll circuit, performing at Sydney’s iconic Tivoli Theatre, in “The Windmill Revue,” and “Fade Out, Fade In.” After a stint in the RAN, embarked on the Sitmar (Now P. & O. Cruises) Passenger Liner T.S.S “Fairstar,” working as Stage Manager for their Theatre on the Sea, and then was promoted to Cruise Director. Disembarked ship in 1983 and formed a double club act with the late Chris Shaw, (Female Impersonator), performing in all the clubs throughout NSW. Did a season at Sydney’s “Olde Bull ‘N’ Bush” Theatre Restaurant in William Street. After retiring from full-time employment, performed in musical theatre with “The Lugar Brae Players” situated in Bondi. Last performed with Ashfield Musical Society, playing “Senator Wingwoah” in “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.” Member of The Genesian Theatre Company, and currently teaches Line Dancing at the Eastern Suburbs Legion Club in Waverley.

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Eric Shumsky

Eric did interdisciplinary studies at Sydney and Murdoch Universities, spanning the gamut of the arts, humanities, sciences and social sciences – a pursuit that used to be called “a liberal education”. His central locus of perception – measure of all things – is Shakespeare. His chief literary project is writing a book on radical moral philosophy, challenging the core assumptions of secular and religious taboos, in order to protect the right of all people to share in prosperity and to freely determine the choices they make, unthreatened by violence and unburdened by poverty.

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Lidia Lamonaca

Lidia has had a lifelong passion for the arts and in particular music. She trained in classical piano and at times has taught it for personal enjoyment. Though she has pursued a corporate career (has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, MBA and CPA) and has held numerous senior finance positions spanning over 2 decades , her passion is music, in particular classical music and live music. She is an avid supporter of live music and artists playing in Sydney across many different genres and regularly attends 2-3 music/arts events per week. She is presently the Organiser of a couple of social live music meetup groups which facilitate music lovers in attending recitals and other music gigs with a social group. She currently works as a business consultant, enjoys playing the piano, reading, dancing, theatre especially musical theatre and is an avid movie buff. In her earlier positions working in the Pay Television industry Lidia assisted with the financing and production of various Australian movies. She has received credits for the production and making of 3 Australian feature films ‘Takeway’, ‘Bad Eggs’ and ‘A Man’s Gotta Do’. A true believer of the famous words by Shakespeare ‘If music be the food of love, play on’.

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Ron Desiatnik

I can’t act, sing, dance, paint, direct, or produce, but I enjoy watching and listening to those who can. However I do hold a doctorate in law, and am a published author of both fiction and non-fiction works, an editor, law reporter, book reviewer, avid traveller, cartoonist, sculptor, decorated babysitter and, when I have the time, a barrister. I now have my own website to exhibit my ceramic art- At the core of much of what I do-is writing. So, what could be better than to combine the enjoyment I get from films, plays, ballet, musicals, art exhibitions and other artistic endeavours, with the enjoyment I get from writing. Ergo – I became a reviewer.

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Philip Pogson

Philip Pogson originally trained as a music teacher and classical guitarist at Sydney Conservatorium before undertaking post graduate studies in classical guitar in Europe. For nearly two decades he has worked as a senior business advisor, consultant and company director. He has maintained an active interest in music and the arts as the co-managing director of early music ensembles, “The Marais Project” and “Sounds Baroque”, and “Elysian Fields”, Australia’s first electric viola da gamba improvised music ensemble. Along with his wife Jennifer Eriksson he has co-commissioned more than 20 new Australian works for viola da gamba and electric viola da gamba and acted as executive producer for a number of highly regarded CDs. He enjoys reading, attending concerts and gigs and occasional outings on bass guitar.

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Anna Gambrill

Anna has a passion for the creative arts with experience across performance, production, event management and writing. Anna's interest in musical theatre and jazz singing led her to study a Bachelor of Communication in Theatre/Media through Charles Sturt University, Bathurst. Here she explored theatre across the ages and discovered a love of theatre for young people as well as an appreciation for physical comedy, clowning and masked theatre. Anna performs across Sydney in cabarets, a Spice Girls tribute band and as a jazz singer.

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Alicia Tripp

Alicia Tripp is a seasoned arts and music critic, as a former journalist for the ABC’s Limelight and State of the Arts magazines. She has a degree in Media & Communications, English and Music from the University of Sydney. As a pianist and a piano teacher, music is her first love. Having been a ballerina as a child and teen, she feels a strong connection to dance. In recent years she has passionately studied and learned to speak several languages, but still feels that the richness and complexity of the English language cannot be trumped. Reviewing Sydney’s premiere concerts, operas, ballets and stage shows allows her to combine her passion for music, dance and the written word.

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Izabella Staskowski

A Melbourne based writer and photographer, Izabella Staskowski is completing a Bachelor of Journalism at RMIT - majoring in Literature. Izabella has studied theatre and photography over a number of years, and has grown up surrounded with visual and performing art. In her spare time she can be found at a live music concert, gallery or at a production.

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Elizabeth Surbey

Elizabeth had a passion for theatre and performing from her youth and was a keen contributor to the joint school musicals- mostly the Gilbert and Sullivan romps. Once she headed to university this passion dominated with a 4 year stint at UNE in Armidale encompassing both performance and directing as major components of her Double Major in Drama and Major in English Literature. The year after graduation she found herself not only at the newly formed Actors' Centre but also teaching high school drama. She is still there, teaching, directing, writing for high school Drama and on the side across the years has performed in small season productions at Q theatre and directed several productions for the Short & Sweet program being a part of the inaugural group. Keenly she has represented other drama educators as committee member then President of Drama NSW also representing NSW on the National Committee at Drama Australia National Conferences. She completed her MA a decade ago also with a focus on Drana & Theatre at UNSW. She is now a mum of two younguns and recently directed her first two Musicals - perhaps now coming full circle in the scheme of things. She also fairly recently was contributing and consulting editor on a major Drama text for Cambridge Uni Press "Drama ReLoaded". More than anything she loves theatre and is very keen to share her experiences with this forum as well as with her children - developing their passions too.

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Raul Hernandez

Raul Hernandez is an Actor, Producer, Director and Broadcaster, born in Guayaquil - Ecuador, he has worked for many years in Radio, Theatre and TV. As an actor he has represented several works by renowned playwright Ecuadorian Jose Martinez Queirolo, worked for 14 years as an actor with the group "Doscaratulas Theatre", worked as a broadcaster for Radio Onda Cero in Ecuador for 6 years and as a correspondent for that station for the MTV Latin Awards in 2008. In Sydney he is currently working on Radio Skidrow 88.5 FM with his breakfast show called the First Coffee of the morning. He lives in Sydney with his wife and two boys.

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Tony Laumberg

Tony Laumberg has been involved in entertainment since he was a child, having been persuaded by his mother to perform as a singer in talent contests while on holidays and managing only to win a wooden ruler showing the sights of the Blue Mountains! From there, he progressed to sharing his humorous insights on ABC TV and Radio while still a teenager and followed that with appearances on Willesee at Seven as a comedy reporter while trying to hold down a job as a CBD solicitor. It wasn’t long before Tony found his way onto the stages of the Comedy Store and other “interesting” venues as a stand-up comedian which he engaged in for 8 years and over 500 performances along with comedy legends such as Rodney Rude, Vince Sorrenti, Austen Tayshus and George Smilovici. After a stint as a writer of numerous optioned screenplays and a recipient of many government writing grants, he has ended up since 2002 writing and producing 12 plays, mostly comedies, including Unsolicited Male, Lawyer! Lawyer!, 2 Weddings & A Lawyer and his latest, Murder Most Funny!

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Joyce Chun

Joyce has been an avid music fan since very young. From piano lessons to a brief stint as a band singer, music has always been an important aspect of her social life. A hairdresser by trade, Joyce enjoys an eclectic range of music. From events suggested by her clients to niche performances of up and comers. From Sydney Opera House forecourt and big arenas to boutique outdoor backyard gigs. From SIA to alternative artists like Sigur Rós, Joyce travels the city in search of music to love.

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Carol Dance

Carol Dance reviewed over 300 plays for her local newspaper in Sydney while working as the editor at the University of New South Wales Press. Then, as CEO of the Australian Commercial Disputes Centre, she observed the full spectrum of human emotions and decided to write plays. She has had 14 plays produced in ten-minute play festivals, three full-length plays produced and two plays published. She now concentrates on researching and writing on cultural contexts, particularly theatre. She is also an artist and is currently exhibited in the Ravenswood Art Exhibition.

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Lauren Ulmer

Lauren graduated from UNSW in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts with a double degree of English Honours and Theatre Performance. She's always had a passion for creative arts, whether it be working behind the scenes on costume and make-up or writing, to performing and singing on stage. Despite being a 20-something who enjoys putting glitter on her face, books, street art, travel photography, fashion, podcasts, and watching other people play video games on YouTube, she is yet to figure everything out.

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Kathryn Berryman

Amidst busy family life, Kathryn studied for a BA DipEd at Macquarie University, completing her degree in 2005. When she is not teaching, Kathryn loves to write. Her interest in history and mythology was the catalyst for her debut novel to become a reality. Kathryn also enjoys ‘dabbling’ in other creative pursuits and loves attending the theatre, musicals and the cinema.

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Geoffrey Sykes

Over 30 professional theatre productions, as writer, producer or director, including La Mama Melbourne, Holden Street Theatre Adelaide, 707 Theatre Redfern Sydney, Tap Gallery Sydney, Teatrul Municipal Bacovia Bacau Romania, Inculise Bucharest Romania,People’s Theatre Sofia Bulgaria, Old Fitzroy Sydney, Art Gallery of NSW, Powerhouse Museum and National Gallery of Canberra. Video programs have been broadcast on ABC, SBS, Foxtel and New Zealand television, and screenings at NSW Art Gallery, National Gallery of Canberra, South Australia Art Gallery, S.H.Erwin Gallery, Holden Theatre Adelaide, Wollongong Art Gallery, Thirroul Excelsior, Project Gallery Wollongong, and other public venues. Commissions by Art Gallery of NSW. Sponsorships by Peabody Energy, IMB Bank, Lawrence Hargrave Centre, Anzac Commemorative Fund. Lecturer in media and communications at University of Western Sydney, University of Wollongong, Notre Dame University and University of New South Wales. Editor of Southern Semiotic Review journal.

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Andreas Hartung

Andreas Hartung was born in Leipzig around the corner from St Thomas’ church, where he was baptised, but moved to Sydney at a young age. He loved music from an early age and gradually also became obsessed with film. He studied Physical Education, Philosophy and Fine Arts at Sydney University which only furthered his broader interests in art, particularly all areas of music, painting and dance. He has reviewed rock music for various magazines in Australia and overseas. For him there is simply nothing more thrilling than a new idea adorned by the beauty of art.

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Esta Stearnes

Trained as improvisation actor with Lyndal Rowe (MTC) 1968 involved with Melbourne Theatre Co training with Malcolm Robert- son, John Bell, Jennifer Claire, Helmut Baikatis, Alan Hopgood, Maggie Millar, Graeme Blundell , Lyndell Rowe, Peter Hepworth, & others. Assistant to Kristian Fredrikssen, costume & Set Design MTC Lennox St Richmond. 1969-1970 St Martins Theatre South Yarra. Viaduct Theatre Club South Yarra 1978-1986 BA & MA Uni of NSW 1995-1997 Worked as Researcher, Producer, & Interviewer with Shoah Foundation - Universal Studios L.A. Project established & funded by Steven Spielberg after 'Schlindler's List' To Record as much Eye-witness Testimony of Survivors as possible. Have a love of the magic of Theatre.

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Michele Chapple

Michele Chapple is a retired teacher of English and Mathematics. She is a voracious reader across most genres, often devouring six or seven books a week. Lest you be tempted to tell Michele to “get a life !” she wishes it to be known that she has worked as a professional writer for theatre and television as an actress and as a character comedian.

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Flick Anderson

3 Articles

Sylvie Woods

Sylvie is due to graduate from the BA program at Sydney University this year. She started performing classically with Opera Australia in the children’s chorus, and sang with the company from 2006-2009 in Turandot, La Boheme and Werther. Most recently, Sylvie was the soloist in new work Ex Aere by Kirsten Milenko at City Recital Hall as part of Sydney’s Unashamedly Original series. Sylvie has performed in Europe with the Sydney Children’s Choir, as a soloist at the Sydney Opera House in Carmina Burana, and performed in Leonard Bernstein’ Mass with the Sydney Conservatorium Chamber Choir. She sung as a soloist in Allegri’s Miserere with the St Andrew’s College Chapel Choir where she resided on the William Cumming Thom Choral Scholarship during her first two years of university. Sylvie can be heard as the soloist in the World Vision The Wall commercial that ran through New Zealand. She has performed on 102.5 Fine Music FM on numerous occasions and on Sydney’s Eastside Radio. Sylvie is also a writer and has contributed to such publications as CutCommon and The Ladies Network. She won the prestigious Principal’s Prize for poetry at St Andrew’s College in 2013.

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Jasmin Rothfield

Jasmin Rothfield has been a freelance journalist for many years and is interested in theatre, dance, music and films. She has previously worked in magazine publishing and currently is a primary school teacher.

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Katrina Buchanan

Katrina Buchanan holds a degree in Social Science with a focus on Sociology and Anthropology. She is currently studying for a Diploma of Visual Arts. She lives in Sydney with her husband and son.

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Evelyn Palmer

Evelyn's passion for all the arts began when her parents took her to a wonderful performance of the Opera 'Carmen' at J C Williamson Theatre in Newtown circa 1965. The music, singing, costumes and sets were mesmerising. This led to her subscribing annually to the youth series of Opera, evening camping out in William St Kings Cross to get the 'best' seats. She enjoys classical music and subscribes to the ABC orchestral concerts. Being a sentimentalist, she even took over the seats her late parents held since 1973, when the Opera House opened. She also loves the theatre, having variously subscribed to the STC and Belvoir (called the Nimrod Theatre back then) since her university days. For the past 30 years she has had a subscription to the Ensemble Theatre, organising group bookings for about 40 similarly passionate theatre goers. Apart from enjoying and attending all types of live performances, be it drama or stage musicals, getting immersed into the movies is another delightful pastime. She volunteers annually at the Sydney Film Festival (SFF) and watches all genres, except fantasy. She recalls spending entire weekends at the SFF when it was held at the Wintergarten Cinema in Rose Bay (until its closure in 1987). Having almost retired from teaching, she now has more time to revel in all of the above pursuits.

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Desla McLean

Desla McLean grew up in Sydney. She has an abiding interest in cinema, the visual and performing arts, philosophy, literature, music and travel.

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Geoff Sirmai

Geoff Sirmai is the principal of Sirmai Arts Marketing - one of Australia's busiest and best-value Arts PR consultancies. Former nationally known print, radio and TV journalist as well as best-selling author, Geoff's multi-media experience balances his parallel professional theatre and music background. With some 5000 radio and 500 television appearances under his belt and 100+ stage and screen roles to his credit, Geoff also holds a BA (Hons) degree in English and Music and an MA (Hons) in Australian Drama from Sydney University. Knowing the arts world and media landscape back to front ('from both sides of the footlights and the camera') has made him uniquely qualified to get the best result for clients' events.

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Thomas Robertson

Tom works in the interesting and enthralling world of management consulting. While his Bachelor of Commerce (International Business) degree is more useful for consulting than it is writing, he enjoys adding to his blog and reviewing the arts from time-to-time. Tom has a keen interest in chess, films, classical music, golf, video games and motorcycles. He’s never met a scotch he disagreed with and is always ready to discuss the topical taboos: religion, politics and money.

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Margaret Shinta

Margaret was born in Jakarta, where she completed her Bachelor of Economics degree and worked in Finance & Accounting area until she migrated to Australia in 2008. She is currently working full-time in a University. In her spare time, she loves going to musical & play theatre, music concert, watching movies, attending talks, reading any kind of books, travelling to new places, learning new skills and enjoying good food.

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Michael Bures

Michael Bures is an architect of many years standing . He has a deep love for classical music and loves to share this with his readers.

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Simon Lethen

Simon has been writing for a long time. He has written several children’s plays including Three Blind Mice and Wollemi Warriors performed in Katoomba and at the Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens. He has performed in The Goon Show Live for five years, and he has strong theatresports experience. He maintains a poetry blog called ‘The Errorist Manifesto’. Simon commenced reviewing in 2014.

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Patricia Youlden

Tricia Youlden is an actor, teacher and writer. After “majoring” in SUDS, during her undergraduate years at Sydney University 1965-9, she has been performing on stage and screen in Sydney and Perth. She has also designed, lit and/or stage managed various productions. Tricia holds an MA in Performance Studies from Sydney University and taught Drama at Willoughby GHS 1990 – 2017. She has been reviewing films in the NSW Teachers Federation journal 'Education' since 1997. She is a member of NSWTF, MEAA and FCCA.

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Jennifer Grace

Originally from the UK, Jennifer Grace has worked in professional theatre for over 15 years, both performing and in stage management. She has recently come to Sydney to pursue her career as a writer, and wear sunglasses on her head. Jennifer comes from a background of writers, musicians, aritists and actors. Her claim to fame being that she was Christened by The Cooking Canon (an 80's celebrity chef / vicar), and seeing as she can barely boil an egg, has deduced that she must have been blessed with his showbiz hand, rather than the culinary one.

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David Kary

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Goldele Rayment

Goldele is a Director, Dramaturge and Teaching Artist working in the Independent Theatre sector, Community Arts and Cultural Development and Education in Sydney, Australia. She is currently an Associate Artist (Young Director) with Pacific Opera. In 2015 she founded the independent theatre company, Company of Rogues. From 2014-16 she worked as the Artistic Program Coordinator at Milk Crate Theatre, where she managed their theatre workshop and professional pathways programs for people who have experienced homelessness. Goldele’s recent directing credits include the Green Room Award winning production “Koo Koo The Bird Girl” (Melbourne Fringe 2018), “The Mad Hatters Tea Party” and “Sing Along Les Miserable” for Beyond Cinema (2018), “Prelude in Tea – Mother’s Day Concert” (Pacific Opera 2018), “Morgan Stern” (Company of Rogues, Queensland Theatre 2017, Belvoir Street & Edinburgh Fringe 2017, Blood Moon Theatre 2016. She holds a Bachelor of Performing Arts from Monash University and has trained with Zen Zen Zo and Back to Back Theatre .

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Georgia Fullerton

Georgia has always loved writing and has had a few things published whilst at school. She is currently finishing her communications degree having taken time off to travel and study at the New York Film Academy in Manhatten. Georgia has been writing for the Alternative Media Group (City Hub and Bondi View) for four years.

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James Karp

James Karp is a Producer, Artistic Director of opening cabaret show to the French World Festival and is the creator of The Magicians Cabaret theatre restaurant. James commenced his career in the performing arts as a magician after receiving his training in Las Vegas. James’ list of clients has included The Star casino, Slide Cabaret, Sydney Showboat, Carnival Cruises (Miami) along with numerous corporate companies / brands, such as BMW, NAB, 2UE, Apple, Revlon and media personalities such as the late radio icon Stan Zemaneck, Marcia Hines, Star Wars producer George Lucas, American R&B singer and seven time Grammy Award winner Toni Braxton and even Mr. Toyota Jnr. himself. James has also performed magic for his childhood hero, legendary comedian Jerry Lewis, (who was a magician himself in his youth) who described James as a “sleight of hand merchant”. James’ creativity has been recognised by other genres of the arts: Authors – part of the research and development for Australian author Diane Armstrong’s book Empire Day, in which its main character is a magician; actor Jackson Gallagher (Home and Away) with his love of magic, has had James teach him, which was later produced as a feature story for Disney. On the Disney set, James also consulted and directed the magic for three other magicians he manages and producers for, Australian singer / songwriter, dancer and actor Johnny Ruffo – James consulted and directed for the magician and card mechanic, who was featured in Ruffo’s music video “She Got That O”, James produced the magic effect to be taught to radio personality Emma Freedman to present to international magician Dynamo for his 2016 Australian tour promotion. Furthermore James has been invited to speak on the art of magic at Sydney University and to be a judge for the Short and Sweet Cabaret Festival. After performing as a magician over two decades James’ introduction into producing came about when, out of the blue, Sheikh Maktoum of Dubai approached him in 2005 to produce the opening ceremony of his international A1 Grand Prix in Sydney. James went on to then produce three more A1 Grand Prix opening ceremonies in Australia and one in China, all with television audiences of over seventy-million. The success of these opening ceremonies established James as a sought after producer, with projects including two book launches for Australia’s best-selling author, the late Bryce Courtenay (Sylvia & The Persimmon Tree), the official national launch of the movie Madagascar (Hoyts), also German Bank Bayern (Sybos event), major events for advertising giant Saatchi & Saatchi, French cologne Viktor & Rolf Australian launch and the annual Grande Cabaret Show for the French World Festival to name but a few. In 2012 James created The Magicians Cabaret – a theatre restaurant venue which houses a classic 1920’s box office, proscenium arch stage, a merchandise shop and James’ extensive collection of magic memorabilia. It receives visitors both locally and internationally. James has produced three major works La Fortuna, La Lumiere and La Belle Rose which he all wrote and directed. Resident cabaret dinner show La Fortuna has played continuously for four years and has received many rave reviews - USA-based celebrity magazine Cliché writing “simply amazing, unpredictable and enchanting” and voted The Magicians Cabaret as one of the best three things to do in Sydney after dark and Channel Seven The Morning Show called it “the best in the biz”

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