Talk about Daddy issues. COME TO DADDY is the daddy of them all when it comes to fatherhood being an unbreakable bond between boy and progenitor.
That bond was broken long ago between LA DJ Norval and his absent absence makes the heart go yonder drug dealing dad.

If the sperm donor scarpers its safe to assume that parenting is not paramount. However, Norval cannot help respond to a summons from his pater and he journeys to his remote abode, a stunning stilted house overlooking the sea, girt by sea and beach.

Estrangement is superseded by just strange when what Norval is confronted by is a belligerent Brian, a foul mouthed creature who frenzies himself up into a homicidal seizure and drops dead.

Norval should have furthered the farther distance from his fiendish family reunion. He has to spend a sleepless night with his plastic shrouded corpse dad. The wind blows, the house creeks and there appears to be something in the basement.

Elijah Wood plays the nonplussed Norval, a holy fool hipster with monk like hair do and pent up monastic sexual frustration.

Stephen McHattie oozes geriatric menace and malevolence as Brian, a C-bomb dropping raptor.

COME TO DADDY is the directorial debut of Kiwi producer, Ant Timpson, and is full of film reference and buffery.

Imagine Weekend at Bernie’s as imagined by David Lynch and you are a little way getting the black humoured outrageously skewed tone.

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