“My name is Charlie Ian Duncan. I will be 12 on 2 February. I have written this history of my war with the grannies because I need everyone to know that I didn’t mean for Mrs Cyclopolos to blow up. I just wanted a paper round.”   

The amazing child-friendly adventure comedy book “Charlie and the War Against the Grannies” written by by Alan Brough, is now a music driven fast-paced comedy for young children, live on stage at the Sydney Opera House in a very limited season. Busy cast of four, and three of the four also play various musical instruments.

Starring Spicks and Specks star Alan Brough, who is always totally hilarious, as twelve year old Charlie Ian Duncan. Much larger than life characters delivering utter craziness, with constant slapstick style adventures.

Very amusing with secret tunnels, great characters and silly situations. Hils (Hilary) would have to be my favourite, especially her frequent army commands, followed by the funny translations as made by Charlie. Great to have a female protagonist.

Good to have a definitely strange sense of humour. The large audience of children, enjoyed the frequent toilet humour and body functions humour. We were loudly laughing, all the way through the sixty minute storyline.

Must-see show intended for young children five and up, now at The Playhouse within the Sydney Opera House, with a very limited season, 6th to 9th April 2021 and with tickets from $29.00 plus booking fees.

Only for Preschoolers and Young Kids. Definitely not suitable for parents, but your children will have the best time, just grin and bear it.

Images taken by Ken Leanfore.

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