Eric Bana in the Aussie movie ‘The Dry’

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Streaming Charts : Top 10 movies of 2021 – Australia

Promising Young Woman
Zack Snyder’s Justice League
The Dry
Wonder Woman 1981
A Quiet Place
Free Guy

Streaming Charts : Top 10 TV shows of 2021 – Australia

Line of Duty
Queen Of The South
Chicago Fire
Marc Of Easton
The Handmaid’s Tale
Mr Inbetween
Law and Order : Special Victims Unit
Doctor Who
Brooklyn Nine Nine



Those alive at the time remember exactly where they were and what they were doing on November 22 1963, the day US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated.

To mark the 58th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination Oliver Stone’s fascinating event mini-series, JFK: DESTINY BETRAYED, will have its worldwide premiere exclusively on the premium documentary streaming service, Doc Play on November 22, 2021.

Directed by Oliver Stone with a script by JFK assassination expert James DiEugenio, this captivating mini-series is narrated by Whoopi Goldberg and Donald Sutherland. Episodes will drop weekly with the full mini-series available to binge December 13.

After Kennedy was shot and killed in an open-topped motorcade in downtown Dallas on November 22, 1963, the Warren Commission concluded that his murder was the work of lone gunman Lee Harvey Oswald. When Oswald, while in custody, was shot and killed just two days later by nightclub owner Jack Ruby, it further muddied the waters. Over the years, Stone and many others became convinced that there were greater forces behind Kennedy’s assassination than just one man.

In December 1991, Oliver Stone’s feature film, JFK, concerning the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was released. Through the eyes of Louisiana Distinct Attorney Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner), Stone’s film explored the myriad controversies and cover-ups surrounding the dramatic murder of one of the most influential politicians America has ever known. The film was nominated for eight Oscars, winning two, and remains one of the most financially successful movies of the director’s distinguished career.

Now, years in the making, comes Stone’s four-part deep-dive mini-series which takes a fresh look at the conspiracy and new evidence for the events of November 22, 1963 and the days that followed. The documentary investigates the early formation of President Kennedy’s foreign policy worldview, from his travels to Vietnam as a senator (where he saw first-hand the French losing their colonial war), his support of fledgling democracies in Africa, and his anti-colonial convictions which put him in opposition to the Eisenhower administration, the CIA and the Pentagon. Viewers are also given a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the post-assassination actions and initial suspicions of Kennedy’s brother, Robert, as well as his views on the official Warren Commission investigation. Assassination forensic and ballistic evidence is also explored in great detail.

In researching and making this series, Stone spoke to a diverse array of authors, historians, witnesses and experts in forensics – especially the stand up comedic Cyril Wecht, a stand out- as well as ballistics and medicine in Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington D.C. and San Francisco – to reveal the truth behind the lies and misinformation and provide a deep-dive into newly-discovered evidence like no other JFK documentary has done before. What JFK: DESTINY BETRAYED methodically shows is the immense degree to which the cover-up behind Kennedy’s assassination was poorly executed.

JFK: DESTINY BETRAYED will undoubtedly inform a new generation, as well as an old one, that this murder was indeed shocking and consequential. While producer Rob Wilson believes it will be difficult for anyone with an open mind to not be swayed by the evidence in the mini-series, Stone simply says, “I’m very happy to have this in play. My original film exists. And now this documentary exists. It’s as close as we’ll probably ever get to nailing the establishment figures who organized the killing of our president and got away with it.”

Kennedy’s ghost will not be appeased and the haunting refrain of lost brains, magic bullets, and shocking pretexts continues to curdle what could have been.

JFK: DESTINY BETRAYED will premiere on DocPlay on November 22, with episodes dropping weekly.


Ep 1: Monday 22 November

Ep 2: Monday 29 November

Ep 3: Monday 6 December

Ep 4: Monday 13 December Watch official trailer here


FOXTEL AUSTRALIA FOX8. For the last forty-six years SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE has been presented on the USA free to air network NBC (National Broadcasting Company). NBC is a commercial broadcast television and radio network owned by Comcast. Every weekly episode has a running time of ninety minutes, including advertising/commercials. Each week, this equals approximately 68 minutes of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, plus the necessary 22 minutes of advertising/commercials.       Continue reading FOXTEL AUSTRALIA FOX8 – SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE – SEASON 45 and 46 –



Screamer streamer Shudder, enters the vampire stakes with JAKOB’S WIFE, “some motherfucker vampire shit.” as one hysterical character shouts.

Set in the town of Kinski, (the first of a slew of sly sallies in the genre referential vein), JAKOB’S WIFE begins with an opening shot of a rat in the foreground of a church.

Barbara Crampton, scream queen par excellence, plays the titular character, Anne Fetter. She’s in her late 50s and feels like her life and marriage have been shrinking over the past thirty years. She meets up with an old flame in a deserted spot but cannot go through with her adultery.

Her virtuousness does not save her from being bitten by a vampire at her rendezvous however, and her blood lust starts to accelerate with her libido.

Crampton is marvellous as Anne, the unfettered Fetter, a camp performance reminiscent of Yvonne de Carlo as Lily Munster but with bigger shot of erotic voltage.

Fellow genre legend, Larry Fessenden plays Jakob, the clergy man who finds new found spice in his spouse. Hot under the dog collar he goes to extreme measures to satisfy his wife’s hunger.

JAKOB’S WIFE is written by Mark Steensland, Kathy Charles and the film’s director, Travis Stevens, and some of the jokes seem like writer’s room scattergun. But there are some genuinely funny, dark and macabre moments.

The baleful effects of a stagnant marriage are stirringly stirred up in this amusing and sporadically insightful film, with its tongue in its cheek as it goes for the jugular.

The film will stream exclusively on Shudder in the US, Australia and New Zealand from Thursday 19 August.




Eve Myles (Victoria/Torchwood) reprises her role as Faith in the third season of the popular Welsh thriller KEEPING FAITH. Acorn Media have released the series to DVD & iTunes today June 2.  

Two weeks away from their divorce and a hearing that will determine their children’s future custody, Faith (Eve Myles) and Evan (Bradley Freegard) are at loggerheads. Refusing to let go, Evan is insanely jealous of Faith’s burgeoning love affair with Steve Baldini (Mark Lewis Jones) and fearful that they intend to start a new life together. Continue reading ‘KEEPING FAITH’ SERIES 3 : 5 DVDS TO GIVE AWAY


78th Golden Globes – FULL LIST OF WINNERS

AUSTRALIA  Monday 1st March 2021 • 12:00 pm AEDT until 3:00 pm AEDT as screened on the FOXTEL ARENA channel 

USA best movie films plus television shows, as seen during the 2020 year, were celebrated during Sunday’s 78th Golden Globe Awards.

NETFLIX had an amazing total of 42 nominations for its 2020 movie films and television shows, of course NBC’s 78th GOLDEN GLOBES could have been renamed as the NETFLIX AWARDS. 

Chloe Zhao for NOMADLAND, is now the second woman (and the first woman of colour) winning the Best Director at the Golden Globe Awards. The first woman director to win, was Barbra Streisand who directed YENTL (1983). Historic night for women directors, with three women nominated for the the Golden Globe. Continue reading 78TH GOLDEN GLOBES AWARDS : USA : SUNDAY 28 FEBRUARY 2021


This year’s AACTA Industry Awards presented by Foxtel – previously known as the Industry Luncheon –  was broadcast tonight for the first time exclusively via the AACTA ScreenFest website and Foxtel Arts, which was made possible by leading screen production house, Cutting Edge.

The online event was hosted by Australian stand-up comedian, presenter and writer Claire Hooper, alongside a slew of entertainers that presented Awards including Rachel Griffiths, Ed Kavalee, Rhys Nicholson, Dilruk Jayasinha, Celia Pacquola and Bernard Curry.

The list of AACTA Awards and recipients presented are as follows: Continue reading AACTA INDUSTRY AWARDS WINNERS ANNOUNCED


All six episodes from Mischief’s BBC One hit comedy series The Goes Wrong Show are now available for streaming in Australia on Amazon Prime Video.  Inspired by Mischief’s award-winning Broadway and West End stage production, The Play That Goes WrongThe Goes Wrong Show television series debuted in the UK to widespread acclaim and recently received a 2020 TV Choice Award nomination for Best Comedy.

The Goes Wrong Show is written by and stars the original founding Mischief Theatre members Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields, alongside Nancy Zamit, Charlie Russell, Bryony Corrigan, Greg Tannahill, Dave Hearn and Chris Leask.  Every week, the well-meaning amateurs of the Cornley Dramatic Society perform a half-hour play – live in front of a studio audience: a horror story, a wartime drama, a legal thriller, a period romance, a deep south melodrama and a Christmas fable.  And every week, the performance goes terribly, terribly wrong.  Sets collapse, special effects fail and actors forget their lines but the show must go on.  The Goes Wrong Show is simply Mischief Theatre’s biggest disaster yet.  The Mischief team also adapted both Peter Pan Goes Wrong for BBC One in December 2016 and created A Christmas Carol Goes Wrong starring Diana Rigg and Derek Jacobi, which aired on BBC One in December 2017.

The Goes Wrong Show is a Mischief Screen/Big Talk production in association with Lionsgate and YTD HK.  The show is produced by Jim Poyser and directed by Martin Dennis.  The Executive Producers are Hilary Strong and Kenny Wax for Mischief Screen, Kenton Allen, Saurabh Kakkar and Matthew Justice for Big Talk Productions and the series is commissioned by Shane Allen, Controller of BBC Comedy, Charlotte Moore, Director of BBC Content and Kate Daughton, Commissioning Editor for the BBC.



Prime Minister Scott Morriosn

Scott  Morrison visited the Gold Coast to pledge additional funding for the local film. and television industry.

The $500 million pledge is designed to entice more predictions to shoot in Australia with the money going to an already existing support program.

he Coalition argues the investment is estimated to attract around $3 billion in foreign spending and create 8.000 jobs a year.

Mr Morrisob. hopes that the money will lead to more jobs for people in the struggling industry from actors to make up artists and carpenters.

“This investment is key to our JobMaker plan to create jobs, boost local businesses activity and provide training and skills.”





Talk about Daddy issues. COME TO DADDY is the daddy of them all when it comes to fatherhood being an unbreakable bond between boy and progenitor.
That bond was broken long ago between LA DJ Norval and his absent absence makes the heart go yonder drug dealing dad.

If the sperm donor scarpers its safe to assume that parenting is not paramount. However, Norval cannot help respond to a summons from his pater and he journeys to his remote abode, a stunning stilted house overlooking the sea, girt by sea and beach.

Estrangement is superseded by just strange when what Norval is confronted by is a belligerent Brian, a foul mouthed creature who frenzies himself up into a homicidal seizure and drops dead.

Norval should have furthered the farther distance from his fiendish family reunion. He has to spend a sleepless night with his plastic shrouded corpse dad. The wind blows, the house creeks and there appears to be something in the basement.

Elijah Wood plays the nonplussed Norval, a holy fool hipster with monk like hair do and pent up monastic sexual frustration.

Stephen McHattie oozes geriatric menace and malevolence as Brian, a C-bomb dropping raptor.

COME TO DADDY is the directorial debut of Kiwi producer, Ant Timpson, and is full of film reference and buffery.

Imagine Weekend at Bernie’s as imagined by David Lynch and you are a little way getting the black humoured outrageously skewed tone.

VOD now on Google Play, iTunes, Fetch, Telstra & Umbrella Entertainment Foxtel on Demand from 15 April 2020 Blu-Ray & DVD from June 2020


AGATHA RAISIN is based on MC Beaton’s best selling novel.

Having consciously coupled at the end of series two, Agatha Raisin,, played by Emmy®-nominated actress Ashley Jensen (Catastrophe, Extras, Ugly Betty) is optimistic that her future with James Lacey, played by Jamie Glover (Waterloo Road), is secure and their troubles are behind them.

Newly qualified as a Private Detective and with her new investigation’s agency all set up and raring to go, things have never been better for the Cotswolds’ premier PI, but plans have a funny way of going awry in Agatha-land.

AGATHA RAISIN SERIES 3 DVD will be released on Wednesday April 1, 2020. Recommended Retail Price is $34.95. It has an M Classification with mature themes, drug use and sexual references.

Sydney Arts Guide has ten DVDs to give away. Email with AGATHA RAISIN SERIES 3 DVD PROMOTION in the subject heading. Please provide your postal address in the body of your email. Winners will be advised by email.



Ashley Jensen reprises her role of city PR turned country sleuth in six new episodes of AGATHA RAISIN. Adapted from the bestselling books by MC Beaton, the first series was an instant hit on Sky One creating a strong fan base around the world.

Sydney Arts Guide has ten DVDS to this new series to give away. Be one of the first to email 

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