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Acorn Media has announced that it is releasing the complete series of Schitt’s Creek on DVD on August 26. It will be a 12 disc set of series 1-6. 

In Season 1, Johnny attempts to sell the town, Moira has a breakdown, David tries to maintain his posh lifestyle, and Alexis goes trolling for men. In Season 2, Johnny pursues some unusual business ventures, while Moira plunges into the local scene, and the kids look for work. In Season 3, the indignities continue, as the Rose family contends with love triangles, movie auditions, ill-advised businesses and high school homework.

Season 4 sees Alexis puts her education to use, David’s love life hits a snag, Moira deals with a morbid rumour and Johnny and Stevie give the motel all they’ve got. By Season 5, the Roses are finally thriving in Schitt’s Creek and find themselves ready to take their personal relationships and business pursuits to the next level. In Season 6, the Roses are achieving success in their careers and personal lives, forcing them all to contemplate their inevitable next steps. But as their pursuits push them closer towards their long-awaited escape, the Roses see how connected their lives have become to the town and its residents. When they finally face the decision to stay or leave, it is much harder than expected.

The series is rated M with coarse language, mature themes, crude humour & sexual references. The series will sell at the Recommended Retail Price of $89.95.

Sydney Arts Guide has three copies of the series to give away. Email editor.sydneyartsguide@gmail.com with Schitt’s Creek Promotion in the subject heading and your postal address in the body of your email. Winners will be advised by email.

This promotion has now closed and the winners have been advised.


QUEENS OF MYSTERY follows the adventures of three crime-writing sisters Beth (Sarah Woodward, Endeavour), Cat (Julie Graham, Bletchley Circle) and Jane Stone (Siobhan Redmond, Taggart), and their 28-year-old niece Detective Sergeant Matilda Stone (Olivia Vinall, Apple Tree Yard). Using their knowledge of crime – both real world and fictional – together they solve murders in the picturesque English town of Wildemarsh. But no matter how many cases they are able to crack, the unsolved mystery that haunts all the characters is that of Matilda’s mother’s disappearance twenty-five years ago.

QUEENS OF MYSTERY has been described by SMH as a “Cheery British murder-mystery, goes perfectly with a cup of tea”, and what better way to get through our imminent future indoors then to cosy up with a good old-fashioned British crime drama.

QUEENS OF MYSTERY SERIES 1 is rated M with mature themes and violence. The recommended retail price is $34.95. The release date is Wednesday April 1, 2020.


Sydney Arts Guide has five DVDs of QUEENS OF MYSTERY SERIES 1 to give away to readers. To enter the competition email the editor.sydneyartsguide@gmail.com with QUEENS OF MYSTERY PROMOTION SERIES 1 in the subject heading and your postal address in the body of your email. Winners will be advised by email. 



AGATHA RAISIN is based on MC Beaton’s best selling novel.

Having consciously coupled at the end of series two, Agatha Raisin,, played by Emmy®-nominated actress Ashley Jensen (Catastrophe, Extras, Ugly Betty) is optimistic that her future with James Lacey, played by Jamie Glover (Waterloo Road), is secure and their troubles are behind them.

Newly qualified as a Private Detective and with her new investigation’s agency all set up and raring to go, things have never been better for the Cotswolds’ premier PI, but plans have a funny way of going awry in Agatha-land.

AGATHA RAISIN SERIES 3 DVD will be released on Wednesday April 1, 2020. Recommended Retail Price is $34.95. It has an M Classification with mature themes, drug use and sexual references.

Sydney Arts Guide has ten DVDs to give away. Email editor.sydneyartsguide@gmail.com with AGATHA RAISIN SERIES 3 DVD PROMOTION in the subject heading. Please provide your postal address in the body of your email. Winners will be advised by email.


It’s AD45 and two years on from invading Britannia, General Aulus is Romanising willing Celt tribes with the help of Celtic Queen Amena , and crushing those who try to resist. Aulus’s behaviour raises suspicions that he has another agenda; one that raises ghosts in Amena’s past and makes his threat to the Druids ever more critical. The only form of hope for the Druids and Celts is Cait, a young girl being trained by outcast Druid Divis, to fulfil a prophecy that would save Britannia from the Romans. But when the dead man wakes, two Druid brothers – Veran and Harka begin an epic battle of wills that divides the Druids and puts the prophecy in jeopardy.

Britannia Season 2 features a great cast including David Morrissey (The Walking Dead), Mackenzie Crook (Game of Thrones), Zoe Wanamaker (Harry Potter and  the P/Stone), Nikolaj Lie Kaas (The Killing), Eleanor Worthington-Cox (Being Human), Annabel Scholey (Medici), Liana Cornell (Wolf Creek) and Hugo Speer(Musketeers). Continue reading BRITANNIA SEASON 2 : TEN DVDS TO GIVE AWAY


99% of motocyclists are law-abiding citizens…

1% is a story of brotherhood, loyalty, ambition and betrayal, set within the world of Australian motorcycle gangs. This modern day Macbeth follows Paddo, heir to the throne of the Copperheads MC who must assume the mantle whilst club leader Knuck does time in jail. Paddo’s vision for the club’s future and compromises he must make for his mentally disabled brother sets the stage for the ultimate power play.

1% is now available for rent from iTunes or Googleplay and the DVD can be yours to own from March 6th.

To celebrate the film's release on home entertainment  and with thanks to Icon Film Distribution, Sydney Arts Guide has a DVD of 1% to give away.  Accompanying the DVD is a 1% stubby holder .

To be in the running, email (editorialstaff.sydneyartsguide@gmail.com) 
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Competition closes Midnight on Friday March 1, 2019 when the winner will be drawn. Only the winner will be notified and the DVD will be mailed by the distributor after March 4.


The Guide enjoyed JOURNEY’S END so much we reviewed it twice. Here and here.

In the face of fear, they found each other.

March, 1918. C-company arrives to take its turn in the front-line trenches in northern France led by the war-weary Captain Stanhope (Sam Claflin). A German offensive is imminent, and the officers (Paul Bettany, Stephen Graham, Tom Sturridge) and their cook (Toby Jones) distract themselves in their dugout with talk of food and their past lives. Stanhope, meanwhile, soaks his fear in whisky, unable to deal with his dread of the inevitable. A young new officer, Raleigh (Asa Butterfield), has just arrived, fresh out of training and abuzz with the excitement of his first real posting – not least because he is to serve under Stanhope, his former school house monitor and the object of his sister’s affections. Each man is trapped, the days ticking by, the tension rising and the attack drawing ever closer…

JOURNEY’S END  is available to rent or buy from March 6th.

To celebrate the film's release on home entertainment  and with thanks to Icon Film Distribution, Sydney Arts Guide has a DVD of JOURNEY'S END to give away.

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The Guide had great fun reviewing ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE …  “a Christmas cracker of great songs, engaging characters and way too many highly inappropriate laughs.”   See our review here.

A zombie apocalypse threatens the sleepy town of Little Haven – at Christmas – forcing Anna and her friends to fight, slash and sing their way to survival, facing the undead in a desperate race to reach their loved ones. But they soon discover that no one is safe in this new world, and with civilization falling apart around them, the only people they can truly rely on are each other.

ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE is now available for rent from iTunes and the DVD can be yours to own from March 6th.

To celebrate the film's release on home entertainment  and with thanks to Icon Film Distribution, Sydney Arts Guide has a DVD of ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE to give away.

To be in the running, email (editorialstaff.sydneyartsguide@gmail.com) 
with ANNA_APOCALYPSE_DVD as the subject and your full name AND your mailing address. 

Competition closes Midnight on Friday March 1, 2019 when the winner will be drawn. Only the winner will be notified and the DVD will be mailed by the distributor after March 4.


It’s not so much a case of it’s marvellous what a difference Milo makes in the B grade grunt and jump and shoot em up, THE DEVIL’S MEN, but there’s a fair scoop of Aktavite in this play by numbers actioner.

Milo Gibson, son of Mel, stars as Jack Collins, a seasoned and scarred ex- Navy Seal, now operating as an assassin for the CIA.

As part of a three-man team, Collins is sent by his handler, an hysterical and hyper vexatious woman with dead daddy issues played by Sylvia Hoeks, to London and tasked with hunting down a disavowed CIA Operative before he procures a WMD from Russian gangsters.

But Collins discovers that a former colleague and a team of private soldiers are going to supply fierce competition to his mission and his mortal coil.
In his first lead role, Milo Gibson doesn’t have the screen charisma of his old man, coming across, at best, as a poor man’s Gerard Butler.

Actor vite kudos go to the villains of the piece here, with Joseph Millson displaying a decidedly deadly adversary as the former brother in arms, the deliciously designated, Deighton, a rough trade cream pie crumpet if ever there was one.

Elliot Cowan also does a nice turn in megalomaniacal maleficence as evil mastermind, the magnificently monikered, McKnight.

Gbenga Akkinagbe as Collins longest surviving colleague, Samuelson, brings sass and humour to his role. “I ain’t no bounty hunter, I’m a shadow warrior” he proudly proclaims.

And the eminently watchable William Fichtner notches up the interest with his peerless presence and professionalism.

Writer/director Matthew Hope says “The film is about a parallel war on terror, fought in the shadows where outsourced assassinations are carried out by private military contractors. It also deals with bounty hunters, their addiction to war, and the cost of that both personally and professionally. The action depicted in the film will show the combat-high experienced by these men
but also the reality of death.”

On that, Mr. Hope, mission accomplished.

All The Devil’s Men launches on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital
Wednesday February 6, 2019


Coming soon: the DVD release of season 4 of the critically acclaimed series from father/son duo Eugene and Dan Levy, SCHITT’S CREEK.  When the filthy-rich Rose family suddenly find themselves broke, they are forced to leave their pampered lives, rebuild their empire, and rediscover what it means to be in Schitt’s Creek, a town they once purchased as a joke.

As season four begins, the Roses are making the most of life in Schitt’s Creek, and —Moira’s constant talk of escaping aside— are finally starting to feel at home in the town. Johnny is busy running the motel with Stevie as his partner. Continue reading SCHITT’S CREEK SEASON 4 AVAILABLE SOON ON DVD. GIVEAWAY COMPETITION


A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES is  a bold and romantic supernatural thriller.  

Adapted from Deborah Harkness’ best-selling trilogy of novels, the series uncovers a secret underworld of extraordinary beings hiding in plain sight for fear of persecution by humans – they are vampires, witches and daemons. Continue reading STARTING THE YEAR WITH A DVD GIVEAWAY – A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES


Dive deep undercover and venture out onto the streets of London …
Adrenalin-fuelled and explosive, BULLETPROOF starring Noel Clarke (The Level, Star Trek: Into Darkness) and Ashley Walters (Top Boy, Cuffs, Hustle), Christina Chong (Line of Duty)  follows two undercover cops, Bishop ( Clarke) and Pike (Walters) as they chase down hardened criminals in London’s East End.

On the surface Bishop and Pike have a lot in common despite very different backgrounds: they’re cool, smart, unapologetically street-wise and tough, and they always have each other’s backs. Bonded by their moral code they are two sides of the same coin and, using their own special brand of policing they cause chaos, leaving a trail of destruction wherever they go. Disobeying orders and taking matters into their own hands they get results but at what cost? Continue reading BULLETPROOF: AN EXPLOSIVE, ADRENALIN-FUELLED DVD GIVEAWAY.


KEEPING FAITH is a Welsh drama starring Eve Myles (Broadchurch), Mark Lewis Jones (National Treasure) and Matthew Gravelle (Broadchurch).  The highly addictive series is currently showing on BBC First and has been compared to BIG LITTLE LIES if it relocated to rural Wales.

A husband, three children and a happy family: Faith had it all. One day, however, her husband leaves for work and never arrives. She discovers he has been leading a double life with a fake identity, bankrupted their law firm and got involved in a criminal underworld, all the time parading as the honest and reliable man she thought she knew.

This ordinary woman finds herself having to fight to protect her family and her sanity. This propels her into a lonely, frantic search in which she discovers as much about her unexplored self as her missing husband. A gripping suspense, emotion but also humour and hope are on the menu of this beautiful intimate thriller. Continue reading KEEPING FAITH. DVD GIVEAWAYS TO THIS INTIMATE WELSH THRILLER


Pearce and Pierce prove a perceptive pairing in the piece-it-together murder mystery, SPINNING MAN.

Guy Pearce plays Evan Birch, a philosophy professor whose former philandering makes him the focus of a missing female student investigation headed by Pierce Brosnan’s alibi piercing policeman.

Brosnan’s Detective Malloy has every reason to be suspicious when crucial evidence makes Evan the prime suspect in the girl’s disappearance.

And he’s not the only one grappling with his presumed guilt. Still flinching from a previous indiscretion, his wife, beautifully played by Minnie Driver, is torn between suspicion and support.

Directed by Simon Kaijser, SPINNING MAN is a competent psychological thriller that explores the fine line that sometimes exists between guilt and innocence, conviction and perception, doubt and truth.

What gives SPINNING MAN its spin is the pairing of Guy Pearce and Pierce Brosnan. The chemistry and physicality between the two characters keeps the yarn spinning.

Pearce’s academic is polished and assured, astute in the semantics of philosophy but fragile in personal ethos, subject to the flattery of female students.

Pierce’s policeman is a grizzled, gruff, recovering alcoholic whose instinct and experience make him a dogged inquisitor.

Both performances simmer with subtle shades of self doubt and self determination.

Caught in the middle of both these men, is Minnie Driver, a definite driving force of the picture, reacting to the pressure from both sides.

Two charismatic leading men and a splendid leading lady elevates SPINNING MAN from the stock standard sleuther.

SPINNING MAN launches on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital Wednesday October 3rd, 2018



As muddled and murky as the milieu of espionage, DAMASCUS COVER suffers from a distinct lack of pace, tension and action with a bloated run time that digests the story like a Galapagos iguana rather than a Syrian gazelle.

Based on a 1977 novel by Howard Kaplan, DAMASCUS COVER has been time travelled to 1989 by screenwriter Samantha Newton, whose dialogue and scenario skills are someone between latent and leaden.

We are introduced to Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ Mossad agent in a clunky exposition voice over, always a tell tale sign of lazy dramatic writing which should show rather than tell, then see him through a botched extraction, only to have him psychoanalysed and sent back into the field.

He’s suffering post traumatic stress disorder due to the fact that he left his loaded gun unattended and his young son playfully shot himself dead with it. Just the man to send to Syria and extract their top double agent. Continue reading DAMASCUS COVER : SILLY SYRIAN SPY YARN


MUM stars Olivier Award winner and BAFTA nominee Lesley Manville.  The DVD box set containing Series 1 and 2 is being released in Australia on June 6th and thanks to Acorn Media we have 10 to give away.

Starring Olivier Award winner and BAFTA nominee Lesley Manville, Mum is a brand-new family comedy seen through the eyes of Cathy, a mother in her late fifties who finds herself at a milestone in life after the death of her husband. 
Over the course of one year, starting with the funeral in January and ending on New Year’s Eve, Cathy must navigate the everyday realities of this new era of her life alongside the good intentions of her lovably baffling family. 
Offering a refreshingly funny and modern perspective on an often-overlooked stage in our lives, Mum is the story of a woman discovering who she is again and maybe, if she could only see him, finding love second time around...

MUM stars Lesley Manville (Phantom Thread/Harlot’s/River), Peter Mullan (Top Of The Lake/Gunpowder), Lisa McGrillis (George Gently), Sam Swainsbury (Fearless) and you can see  clips from the show and find more information at the official website.

MUM is releasing in Australia on June 6th and thanks to Acorn Media [Facebook], Sydney Arts Guide has 10 DVDs to give away. To be in the running to win a DVD box set containing Series 1 and 2, email (editorialstaff.sydneyartsguide@gmail.com) with MUM COMP as the subject and your mailing address.

Competition closes midnight Saturday 16th June, 2018 when the winners will be drawn. Only winners will be notified and the DVDs will be posted directly from the promoter.


Soon to create cinematic waves as Aquaman, Jason Mamoa is dishing out derring-do on digital and DVD in the truth in advertising action adventure drama, BRAVEN.

Mamoa plays Joe Braven, happily married lumberjack, adoring dad to a daughter, and concerned son for his mentally deteriorating dad. Dad’s been presenting some disturbing anti social behaviours so Joe suggests taking his sire up the mountain for some quiet, quality time.

When Joe Braven and his father arrive at their remote hunting cabin, they find a stash of heroin, hidden in the cabin by drug traffickers. When the criminals suddenly return, Joe and his father must make a kill-or-be-killed stand for survival.

Directed by former stuntman, Lin Oeding, BRAVEN is like a wild ride amalgam of The Waltons and Rambo, with aw-shucks folksy sentiment coupled with awe shocks action and the breath taking scenery of Nova Scotia. Continue reading BRAVEN : IF ITS ACTION YOU’RE CRAVIN’


Cinema of survival gets another instalment in 6 BELOW: MIRACLE ON THE MOUNTAIN.

Based on Eric LeMarque’s remarkable book, it tells his own story of survival, both physical and psychological, when he became lost on a snowbound mountain for eight days in February 2004.

A former ice hockey champion and keen snowboarder, Eric was on a downhill run of drug addiction and despair, alienated from his father, estranged from his mother, and facing court on a moving violation charge when he ventured out for a bit of snowboarding, February 6, 2004.

Recklessly, he takes a route uncharted, called UNSANCTIONED, and as fate would have it, the weather takes an uncharted turn for the worse. A clear day, where you could see forever, suddenly turns into darkness barely visible, impairing vision, disorienting direction, and Eric finds himself lost. Snow white becomes grey ghost and Eric’s demons come out to play. Looking at the end of life, his past life flashes before him, the domineering dad, the domestic unrest, his failure to perform as a team player, his slide into drug abuse. Continue reading 6 BELOW : MIRACLE ON THE MOUNTAIN


THE WINDSORS (Complete Series One & Two) will soon be available in Australia.

THE WINDSORS is a fictional comedy soap opera, following the imagined lives and loves of a family, with big comic characters loosely based on Wills & Kate, Prince Harry & Pippa Middleton, Camilla & Charles, and various other royals.

The Windsors are a royal family divided:

Prince Charles (Harry Enfield) dreams of ruling Britain but Wills (Hugh Skinner) just wants to be ordinary, to fly helicopters and mingle with the people.

Kate (Louise Ford) is proud of her humble origins and wants to find her role, but Camilla (Haydn Gwynne) is plotting to destroy Wills and Kate to get power for herself.

Meanwhile, Harry (Richard Goulding) might be in love with Pippa (Morgana Robinson) but has a new girlfriend, Meghan Markle (Kathryn Drysdale).

Beatrice (Ellie White) and Eugenie (Celeste Dring) want to make it as women in business.

Fergie (Katy Wix) is partying like it’s 1982, and all of them are being terrorised by their joyless puritanical aunt, Anne (Vicki Pepperdine).

The Guardian called it “riotous hilarity” and wondered if ‘They’ were watching.

Sydney Arts Guide has one more DVD box sets to Seasons One and Two of the hilarious UK series THE WINDSORS. 

Email your details to editor.sydneyartsguide@gmail.com with WINDSORS in the subject line by COB Friday 24th November.  The winner will be notified. One last note:  the DVDs don’t arrive in Australia until 6th of December!


It’s forty years since Eraserhead fixed David Lynch into the cultural landscape. We know what he’s been doing since then, especially lately with the new episodes of Twin Peaks, but what came before?

DAVID LYNCH : THE ART LIFE goes some way in defining Lynch’s formative years. Although directed by a trio of aficionados, Jon Nguyen, Rick Barnes and Olivia Neergaard-Holm, DAVID LYNCH: THE ART LIFE is pretty much a self portrait, with Lynch narrating anecdotal stories of his childhood, school days, early days and film work right up to the shooting of Eraserhead.

Lynch  talks of an idyllic upbringing, with early memories of sitting in a mud hole with a pal. Into adolescence, he recalls what most boys would identify with,- “I was real busy doing things my mother didn’t want me doing.” Continue reading DAVID LYNCH : THE ART LIFE


Forty four years on and THE DAY OF THE JACKAL is still as taut, tense and terrific as it was when released in cinemas in 1973.

Helmed by master craftsman Fred Zinnemann this original adaptation of Frederick Forsyth’s best selling book is 143 minutes of precise methodical planning, suspenseful in a cool, measured way that reflects the cold calculating calm of the assassin code named The Jackal.

In a precision piece of police procedural, the movie painstakingly maps the trajectory of the hiring of the hitman to the cat and mouse chase and capture.



One of the eagerly anticipated cinema releases of this month is LION starring Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman. For those who missed his previous film, THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY, there is now the opportunity of catching up with this woefully underrated gem.Infinitely fine film that makes maths add up to a grand sum of entertainment.

Writer/Director Matthew Brown’s THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY shows all the pluses and none of he minuses in a sterling piece of bio-pic the equal of, if not superior to, The Imitation Game and The Theory of Everything.

Beginning in Colonial India, 1913 we are introduced to Srinavasa Ramanujan (Dev Patel) a 25-year-old self-taught genius, whose obsessive, solitary study of mathematics compels him to scratch out his calculus on the slate floors of an old temple, not such a strange place considering Ramanujan believed that an equation has no meaning unless it expresses a thought of God. Continue reading THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY


One of the best films of the year, LOVE & FRIENDSHIP is now available to be loved and befriended in the privacy of your own home.

A sly story of sex and sensibility, the script is based on an obscure short fiction called Lady Susan by Jane Austen, adapted for the screen and directed by the wily Whit Stillman.

Set in two hundred year ago England, the film starts explosively with a domestic disturbance at a stately country home and the ominous narration “If only it hadn’t been for Langford how happy we might have been.” Delicious. Continue reading LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP