After a pandemic pause the French Independence Day on the 14th July was able to kick up its heels and can-can its way to Customs House Square.

In previous years it was able to stretch the proximity of the Four Seasons Hotel to Alfred Street.

However, the construction of the Light Rail terminus made the previous Bastille Day configuration impossible.

Nevertheless, with clever planning, almost the same amount of stands were able to be accommodated within the small space.

In addition, there was a generous dining area so that people could consume, in comfort, the produce they had purchased at the food stalls.

To entertain the crowds and in particular the children there was a balloon sculpture clown and a succession of balladeers singing familiar french songs.


Article and photos by Ben Apfelbaum


The western part of VIVID, centred around Darling Harbour, was much more satisfying. 

At the lower walkway, circling the Barangaroo headland, were a series of First Nation art themed flagpoles

At Barangaroo there were lovely spot projections on the walkway whilst above there were inflated balloons representing planets of the solar system.

At Tumbalong Park an engaging water ballet of fountains ‘dancing’ to music leading to twirling ‘windmills’, inflated chess pieces, and spinning discs creating an audio soundscape. 

For the first time the Goods Train tunnel facade had projections of historic projections of historic Sydney scenes.

The other VIVID debut was Central railway station. Spectacularly lit its Clock tower had visual outlines of figures dancing on a disco themed treadmill.

In conclusion, it seems that, as with the Sydney Festival, in relation to Circular Quay, the heavy hands of budget cuts came to the fore. 

Text and photos by Ben Apfelbaum


Amber Bracken – Red Dresses on Crosses Kanaloops- Memorial for Indian murders Canada
Anonymous Slingshot protestors Myanmar
Charinthorn Rachurutchata – Bangkok Protesters
Faiz Abubakr Mohamed – Khartoum Demonstrators, Sudan
Guillaume Herbaut – Ukranian Devastation
James Bendiksen – The Book of Veles, Fake News Photos
Konstantinos Tsakidis – Wildfires in Gouvas in Greece
Lalo de Almeida – Munduruku Threatened by Belo Monte Dam, Brazil
Louie Palu – January 6 Insurrection at The White House
Matthew Abbott – Conrad Maralngurra Burns Grass To Protect His Community, Arnhem Land Australia
Rehab Eidaillo – Egyptian Bedouin
Rijasolo – Zebu Breeders Descend The Tsingy Plateau, Madagascar
Sadiq Aledakun Adekola – Mother of a Kidnapped Girl in Nigeria
Senthil Kumaran – Tranquillised Benghal Tiger. Tamil Nadu India
Vladlmlr Encina – Enforced Eviction, San Isdiro Colombia


Yael Martinez – Opium Growers Ritual, Guerraro Mexico

It seems that the photography company Canon no longer sponsors the World Press photography exhibition, which was displayed at the State Library Of New South Wales.

To my mind, this has resulted in a total lack of variety in the selected images.

It seems that the judges felt that misery, pestilence, rioting  and death, over other categories such as great moments in sport, entertainment and nature.

Most of the images were in the form of  a photo essay com prising of multiple photos.

Accompanying the photos was a detailed text explaining the circumstances and context of each photo essay.

A few of the photos were singles.

Accordingly the titles I have given to the images are my own, compressing the elongated text.

The other point which I wish to make is that not every photo in the photo essay is great.

Therefore some of the photos I have included are from a number of photos of a particular topic.

There was also a slide show which was ineffective because of the ambient light in the Gallery and the speed at which it was calibrated.

Even more disappointing was the fact that it seems it is for the first time the exhibition’s catalogue will be hardcover at a cost of $65.

The exhibition ran at the State Library Of New South Wales from 21 M ay 2022 to Sunday 19 June 2022.

Featured image : Yael Martinez – Opium Growers Ritual, Guerraro Mexico. Photos of photos and text by Ben Apfelbaum


VIVID was a disappointing spectacle at Circular Quay with poor planning and lacklustre displays.  

The complete absence of installations between Sydney Opera House and Customs House meant that there was  a huge crush of people trying to get to First Fleet Park and western Circular Quay. 

Ken Done’s projections on to Customs House were a delight as was  the 3D cube at First Fleet Park.

The displays on the MCA facade and the Sydney Opera House sails were abstract in nature and therefore lacked the visual ingenuity of previous years.  Continue reading VIVID 2022 : CIRCULAR QUAY


A prize pool including $30,000 in cash and an exhibition in Head On Photo Festival is up for grabs. World-renowned photography competition, Head On Photo Awards, are calling for entries across Portrait, Landscape and Student categories – photographers, creatives, amateurs and enthusiasts are encouraged to get their entries in. 

The Landscape and Portrait Awards are open to international photographers and the Head On Student Awards are open to all Australian students, school years K-12. 

The judging panel of Australian and international photography thought-leaders represents curators, picture editors, photographers, educators and other industry leaders. All genres, interpretation and style are eligible.  Continue reading HEAD ON PHOTO FESTIVAL : ENTRIES NOW OPEN


Lili Waters ‘Before The Fall’

Award-winning photographic artist Lilli Waters will unveil her latest solo   exhibition, Orpheus, in Sydney for one week only from 9 to 14 May in the light-filled space at  Curatorial+Co.’s warehouse gallery in Redfern, Sydney.

Orpheus features a series of 10 large-scale photographs and moving image artworks, which were  elaborately constructed underwater using shells, fish, flowers, and the female form. The striking  subjects emerge from a dark waterscape, to create an other-worldly ethereal and striking visual.  

Offering a nuanced mix of hope and despair, promise and foreboding, this series of photographic  vignettes were created during a lockdown reprieve in mid-2021, when Melbournian residents  thought they were at last free from government restrictions. While evoking a sense of entrapment,  this series also invites the viewer to move beyond the darkness and towards the light.  Continue reading ARTIST LILI WATERS UNVEILS NEW UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION


Poulomi Basu, from the series Blood Speaks: A Ritual of Exile, 2013-16. Courtesy the artist and TJ Boulting

International award-winning activists will discuss how photography is an incredible tool in the fight against human rights injustices, during a PHOTO 2022 International Festival of Photography panel on 12 May, 2022.

The event, chaired by Monash University, brings together artists Poulomi Basu and Phuong Ngo, and photojournalist Dr Shahidul Alam, to explain how photography is a vehicle for tangible social change and amplifies the voices of marginalised people.

Dr Shahidul Alaml has spent more than 30 years documenting human rights issues and political upheaval in Bangladesh. Despite being arrested and tortured for criticising his government, Dr Alaml has built platforms to share stories the Bangladeshi mainstream media won’t touch. His activism saw him named as one of Time Magazine’s 2018 People of the Year. Continue reading PHOTOGRAPHY : AN INCREDIBLE TOOL IN THE FIGHT AGAINST INJUSTICE


Adam Oswell with his ‘Elephant in the Room’ Photojournalism Category Winner
Adam Oswell ‘Elephant In The Room’ Photojournalism Winner
Creation by Laurent Ballesta – Underwater Winner
Dome Home by Vidyun R Hebber -Young Photographers 10 & Under Winner
Head to head by Stefano Unterthiner – Behaviour; Mammals Wnner
Reflection by Majed Ali – Animal Portaitd Winner
Rich Reflections by Justin Gill – Plant & Fungi Winner
The Intimate touch by Shane Kalya – Behaviour; Birds Winner

For many years the Wildlife Photographer Of The Year exhibition was held at the Australian Museum. Its new home, for the past several years, has been at the National Maritime Museum in Pyrmont.

The Wildlife Photographer Of The Year has been developed and produced by the Natural History Museum in London. The world renowned exhibition from London opened on the 8th April at the Maritime Museum.

The exhibition, now in its 57th year, is the most prestigious event of its kind providing a global platform that showcases the natural world’s most astonishing and challenging sights. 

Launched in 1965, with an initial 365 entrants, today the competition draws over 50,000 entries from all over the world. 

This year’s award winning images will be shown to more than a million people on its international tour.  Continue reading WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE YEAR EXHIBITION @ MARITIME MUSEUM


Joshua Thomson – Artistic Director
Jenni Large
Jenni Large
Jenni Large
Vicki Van Hout

Anchored in the Opera House forecourt a giant crane dangles a woman atop an iceberg shaped in an inverted triangle. What we are witnessing over a three day period is a visual representation of the way in which glaciers worldwide are retreating and melting due to the effects of climate change.

In its thirty seven year history Legs On The Wall has not merely entertained by their physicality and death defying acrobatics. They have also performed with an expressive moral imperative oN an ecological theme consistently over the years.



It is our good fortune that the Head On Festival decided to extend the photographic entries to its competition until the 30th January .

Inclement weather meant that many people were deterred from visiting and viewing  this cornucopia of photography. In addition stormy conditions at Bondi Beach damaged some of the photos along  its promenade.

Kinder weather means that you can visit the exhibits which stretch from the very north of Bondi to the very south near the Bondi Icebergs.

This north of the wide steps to the sand comprise of mainly photo essays.

There are also some photos essays to the south but the main attraction here are the prizewinners and finalists in the various categories of the competition.

Many of the photos and essays have detailed captions explaining the aim and context of the images. Continue reading HEAD ON PHOTO EXHIBITION @ BONDI BEACH