Bondi Feast 2018



In a tongue in cheek, campy performance Shannen Sarstedt creates a persona who tries to be the archetypal tragic torch singer like Edith Piaf and Judy Garland.

When we first meet the performer she is enigmatically cutting up onions, wearing too much makeup, (face glitter, kohl under the eyes), when she suddenly leaps up, goes to the microphone and whilst caressing it, commences her highly amusing patter, interspersed with the songs that are the spine of the cabaret.

She is wearing a dark blue chiffon like dress with caped arms, gold glitter shoes and her faux fur coat slung over her shoulder. She does look like the torch singer she wishes to emulate!

The story goes that – in order to get a job at a bar she conjures up a sad tale of an orphan whose mother abandoned her and whose father is gunned down. She is hired but must sing sad songs rather than happy ones as a happy customer will only come once whilst a sad patron will return again and again. To her consternation the orphan girl has never been in love or had her heart broken, prerequisites which would qualify her to be a genuine torch singer. Continue reading MISERY LOVES CABARET : TORCH SONGS LIGHT UP BONDI



Aerial Adonis: Stephen Williams

Ladies and gentlemen, you’re invited to enjoy some deliciously tantalising late-night fun, because the THE LATE NIGHT BUFFET is coming to Bondi and it promises a debauched degustation of burlesque, comedy and circus.

This saucy show serves up some of Australia’s top international performers in an hour of fun filled variety acts for adults. It features Sydney’s own queen of quirk, Rosie Rivette, garbage-glamour showgirl, Lou P Scarlett, juggling genius, Daniel Gorski, Brisbane’s smoothest show host and comedian Dani Cabs, aerial Adonis Stephen Williams and burlesque beauty Natalya Alessi. Continue reading THE LATE NIGHT BUFFET: TANTALISING LATE NIGHT FUN


DIRTY PEOPLE from JackRabbit Theatre returns to Sydney for Bondi Feast. With critically acclaimed seasons in both Sydney (2016) and Perth (2017), Dirty People is a snapshot of a self-obsessed generation beneath a gritty surface.

Five people sit in a dingy Sydney bar, complaining about their lives. Rude, selfish, honest. But Lucy isn’t really there for a date, and The Waiter knows something he shouldn’t. As the night unfolds, chaos ensues at the hands of a near death. Dirty.

DIRTY PEOPLE from JackRabbit Theatre [Facebook] is directed by Lucy Clements, written by Charlie Falkner with Sam Delich, Sam Devenport, Charlie Devenport, Charlie Falkner and Zoe Jensen.

It plays Thursday 26 July 6:45 PM, Friday 27 July 6:45 PM as part of the 2018 Bondi Feast [Facebook]