Readers  are invited to attend Hornsby Tafe’s Ceramics Diploma 2019 Graduate Show.

HEATWORK provides a fresh look at ceramics from 12 diverse, dynamic and dedicated students. The show presents an amazing variety of quality student work ranging from sculptural installation through to tableware.

Opening night is Wednesday 13th November between 6.30 and 8pm.  The venue is Gallery K Block 205 Peats Ferry Road, Hornsby.

The exhibition will be opened by John Freeland. The event is free. For enquiries 94721200.

Featured image : Ceramic Wire hybrid by student Asahi So. Pic by Asahi So



In …like a siren it repeats, Jemima Wyman presents new collages that continue her investigation into visual resistance. Wyman’s work focuses on camouflage and surveillance and how it is manifested in protest and biology. In this exhibition, she explores aposematism – a form of camouflage in which an animal’s colour and pattern (often yellow and black) function as a siren to warn off predators. This new work draws from and contributes to her MAS-archive(begun in 2008) that catalogues the attire of masked protesters from around the world.

For the first time Wyman collages together the dangerously beautiful biological world of noxious plants and animals with the dissident space of protest. The chromatic and luminous contrast of yellow and black increases visibility and warns of a potential danger for both animals and humans alike. Wyman highlights how this optical strategy has been employed by countless individual protesters and collectives; including the ‘Yellow Shirts’ (Southeast Asia), the Umbrella Revolution (Hong Kong), Black Lives Matter (internationally) and the ‘Yellow Vests’ movement (France). This visual tactic offers the wearer protection as well as an entry point into the social imaginary space of collective desires and wishes for change. Continue reading JEMIMA WYMAN…LIKE A SIREN IT REPEATS

Hiromi Tango: Healing Circles @ Sullivan and Strumpf Sydney

Building upon Hiromi Tango’s performative art practice, Healing Circles responds to the influence contemporary life has on us and our relationship with one another. This exhibition includes a range of sculptures, textiles, photo images, works on paper and neon lights. Tango employs the circle as a recurring motif in this exhibition, as it is a universal symbol of healing – representing the cycle of life, regeneration, relationships and a state of total completion.

Hiromi Tango’s sculptures are “frequently based on the notion of a circle, they refer to neural loops and the creation of the multiple parts of the sculptures involve a circular winding action. Tango looks to neural science as a source of inspiration for her work…” (Dr. Patricia Jungfer). Embodying the concept of nature and nurture, Tango’s iconic sculptures take on forms of the moon and the human heart using metallic materials and illuminated lights.

Included in this exhibition are works on paper in vibrant colours and abstract forms – created with the meditative practice of drawing circles. The drawings are both objects and performances in the process of its creation – one that signifies rest, allowing a moment of reflection where it is often difficult to slow down and focus the mind, in the midst of all the demands and distractions of contemporary life.

HEALING CIRCLES is on view at Sullivan+Strumpf Sydney, 799 Elizabeth Street, Sydney until 23 September 2019. Entry is free. For more information, please visit www.sullivanstrumpf.com

24 August – 23 September

For more about Hiromi Tango: Healing Circles, visit https://www.sullivanstrumpf.com/exhibitions/hiromi-tango/healing-circles/art/works
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THE SPACE Gallery, is opening a new group exhibition, Light & Shade.

3 artists will each representing  3 different mediums.

The inspiration behind the exhibition is the celebration of the basic principles of art, light and shade.

“Understanding these 2 elements forms the foundation of any successful artwork. Light and shade visually define objects and creates depth in what we see,” said Pascale Rajek, owner and art creator of THE SPACE Gallery.

28 August – 8 September 2019 at the Space Gallery, Level 1, 61 Mentmore Avenue, Rosebery.

For more about Light & Shade exhibition, visit https://thespacegallery.com.au/collections/upcoming-exhibitions
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5 local artists are exhibiting their talent in different styles and mediums.

Discover “where art is made” and join us at the opening celebration on Sunday 4th August from 1-3pm

The exhibition is until Sunday 11th August

We love to bring you some new pieces of artworks for your home, office or just for the pleasure of seeing arts.

31 July – 11 August at the Space Gallery, Level 1, 61 Mentmore Avenue, Roseberry

For more about ART + WONDER, visit https://thespacegallery.com.au/collections/art-wonder
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Artbank has launched its latest exhibition, bringing together a large body of visual and digital work by 12 Indigenous artists from the Nyapari community in South Australia.

Two years in the making, the community-led exhibition tells Tjukurpa (sacred stories) in a unique and innovative way using different mediums including painting, ink drawing and performance video. The exhibition is particularly important as it is during the International Year of Indigenous Languages. Some of the videos on display include the native language of the artists. There is supporting material available with translations and essays explaining the work.

The exhibition will be on display at Artbank’s Sydney gallery, 222 Young Street, Waterloo Mondays to Fridays (9am to 5pm) until 4 November 2019.

Find out more: http://artbank.gov.au/exhibitions/tjungu-palyangku/

For more about Tjungu Palyangku art exhibition, visit http://artbank.gov.au/exhibitions/
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THE SPACE Gallery is proud to support and exhibit African art this July.

The solo exhibition  is by Nadine Saacks, ‘The Lost Tribe of the Omo Valley’, will feature the vanishing Surma tribe living in the Omo Valley, also known as one of the best places on earth to see indigenous people living as they have done for millennia. The Surma tribe have a long history of body painting, decorative scarring and piercing. The result? A beautiful and colourful collection of portrait photography leaving so much to the imagination.

“Africa has so many magnificent sites and spectacular features it was difficult to curate just 2 shows. It’s such an incredible continent and I can’t wait to share it with everyone”,  says Owner and Art Curator of THE SPACE Gallery, Pascale Rajek.

Important dates:
2 – 14 July: Solo Exhibition by Nadine Saacks (see gallery opening hours)
7 July from 1 – 3 pm: Official Opening Celebration with Nadine Saacks

For more about The Lost Tribe of the Omo Valley, visit https://thespacegallery.com.au/collections/the-lost-tribe-of-the-omo-valley
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A visit to the State Library used to take about an hour when one visited an exhibition that took up the two main original galleries with space going to the Shakespeare Place entrance to the Level One Galleries. However when I attended the newly expanded Gallery spaces it took me several hours to view the exhibitions and even then I could not get to the ground and lower ground exhibition spaces. Accordingly the Gallery now has up to seven exhibition spaces.

My main aim to visit the Library was to see somewhat harrowing and graphic photos of the Canon World Press Photo Awards. These were held in a brand new gallery called the Martin Crouch Gallery. I was told by one of the Security Guards that this beautiful new space with hand painted drapes by Wendy Sharpe was a result of the freeing up of office and administration spaces.                             Continue reading NEW GALLERY SPACES @ THE STATE LIBRARY OF NEW SOUTH WALES


Illustrator and digital artist GWA (aka Wade Goring) presents PROFOUND ABSURDITY, the latest batch for his weird and wild creations.

Drawing inspiration from a myriad of sources including comics, street art, advertising, social media, queer culture and organised religion, GWA’s work could be categorised as pop surrealism through the lens of the gay male sensibility – if you wanna get pretentious about it.

“The weirder the better” the artist has said in describing his work. “We are living in absurd times. So much around us doesn’t make any sense, from who our leaders are to the decisions that they make to the continued ignorance of the human race regarding our impending extinction via climate change to the rise of alt right ideology whose subversion of free speak and freedom of religion is the height of hypocrisy”. He continues “I think my work reflects our world’s absurdity. There’s often a contradiction in what I’m presenting, largely in the use of bright appealing colours. Beyond the colours is a darker concept or idea. It shocks in a mild way and has humour but I hope a story is told too”. Continue reading DIGITAL ARTIST GWA’S NEW EXHIBITION @ THE M2 GALLERY


The current solo exhibition at the Mosman branch of Traffic Jam Galleries is work by Nada Herman entitled FLOWERS AND VISTAS .

Herman is based in Avalon and comes from the famous Herman artistic family. This exhibition is bright, bold ,joyous and colourful, with many thickly applied layers of paint on the various canvases.

Herman vividly captures various views of Sydney and its foreshores. One such view is from Balmoral to Neutral Bay. .The Neutral Bay painting uses the various buildings on the right hand side of the canvas to take our eye back to the Harbour Bridge.

There are large canvases focusing on Sydney Harbour with the Bridge and Opera House prominently featured as a background for sailing boats.

There are also hot summer reflections of life at the beach , crowded with sand beach towels and umbrellas .(eg A Day at the Beach) .This is contrasted with some works showing the bubble and flow of the sea in various moods ( eg Palm Beach , Sea Spray)

Flowers feature in many of the works – there are some wonderful vibrant still lives of flowers in vases ( eg Agapanthus , Lilllies and Lemons and Daisy Bouquet – in the later, note the fallen flowers outside the vase on the table ) but also flowers are used as a major part of the composition in some canvases dominating the foreground ( eg Beach Floral). Red hot pokers explode in the foreground in Red Hot Pokers Lillies and Agapanthus and the lilies complement them .The pokers also monopolise Red Hot Pokers Over Palm Beach .

Wonderful paintings of waterlilies with orange koi also are also included ( look for the upside down koi – is it a reflection? ) .

A vibrant energetic exhibition celebrating our harbour and flora.

FLOWERS AND VISTAS by Nada Hermann runs at the Mosman Traffic Jam Galleries until 29 May 2019


Featured image- Sea Spray by Nada Herman.




Be part of a MASSIVE exhibition launch on Saturday 18 May as two new exhibitions come to our galleries. Admission is free. All are welcome.

IN-Formalism witnesses the evolution of abstract non-objective art in Australia from 1968. The exhibition surveys the key generations of artists who have contributed to the ongoing language of abstract art. The exhibition presents these art works alongside a chain of references to the Liverpool area, revealing the influences of abstract non-objective art as broad and still constantly evolving. IN-Formalism launches Saturday 18 May.

Drawing from iconic and classical images of the Madonna and Child (created mostly by men), artists in Everyday Madonna respond to the ideas of motherhood from their own perspective. They respond to societal and cultural expectations of motherhood to create an expanded definitions of mothers: real, imperfect, resilient, vulnerable, leaders of resistance, fierce protectors and artists. Everyday Madonna launches Saturday 18 May. Continue reading EXHIBITION LAUNCH: IN-FORMALISM AND EVERYDAY MADONNA

Visions of the Muse – 100 Million More Color Masterpieces

After 25 years in the US, The Color Queen is back home!
Join her on Saturday, July 13 – 6-10pm to celebrate the grand opening of her new historic gallery in Paddington at her soiree reception where she will paint live!
Scientifically endorsed and world famous for her ability to see 100 million more colors than those with regular vision, Concetta creates masterpieces with oil on canvas which become a window to her hyper-pigmented world.
Live Music, Morsels and Libations are Free to all.
RSVP required at muse@concettaantico.com
The exhibition “Visions Of The Muse” will run from July 11 – Aug 7. Gallery hours are Thurs-Sat 11-6pm, Sun 2-5pm & by appointment. Call 0476134901 for more details.

Grand Opening – Saturday July 13 – 10pm – Exhibition Dates 11/7 – 7/8/19 at the Convetta Antico Gallery, 465 Oxford Street, Paddington.

For more about Visions of the Muse – 100 Million More Color Masterpieces, visit http://www.concettaantico.com
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Narcissus Emerging Study 1,2 and 3

The latest exhibition at the Mosman branch of Traffic Jam Galleries is luminous.

Hugh McLachlan’s sculptures are of shiny, highly polished steel , perhaps somewhat Surrealist , and rather dreamlike .Quite romantic. Simple flowing lines are used, there are eyeholes in the sculptures and lots of symbolic hearts. It is as if they are curved and growing.
McLachlan’s  NARCISSUS KISS BUBBLE series further explores the Narcissus myth – a search for love that is playfully romantic , or is it about being trapped in self absorption from which one can’t escape?

Some of the sculptures are free standing (eg Narcissus Reflecting 1,2, 3 and Kiss Me ). Narcissus Emerging, however, is a group of three on a plinth that could in fact be thought to look like playful whales. Continue reading FEATURED ARTISTS HUGH MCLACHLAN AND REBECCA PIERCE @ TRAFFIC JAM GALLERIES, MOSMAN


EXHIBITION ON SCREEN, the pioneering series of cinematic films about exhibitions, galleries and artists returns for a sixth season with Degas: Passion for Perfection, in cinemas across Australia from 6 June 2019. Directed by David Bickerstaff, the film journeys from a superb exhibition at The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, where the UK’s most extensive Degas collection is held, to Paris and Italy, where Degas spent his formative years and taught himself to paint.

DEGAS : PASSION FOR PERFECTION offers a unique insight into Degas’ personal and creative life, looking at his relationship with the impressionist movement, fascination with dance, and struggle with his eyesight, which in time would prevent him from making art altogether. Continue reading EXHIBITION ON SCREEN : DEGAS : PASSION FOR PERFECTION



Yvonne Maloney-Law Glasshouse Country

The current vibrant and exciting exhibition at Traffic Jam Galleries , UNTITLED , features guest artists foreign to the gallery space. This particular exhibition has been curated from local and interstate practitioners at varying stages of their artistic journeys .

These works may challenge, inspire and excite, with diversity being a key factor, reflected through the multiplicity of practice, subject matter and medium ranging from wood and bronze to various types of paint and methods of printing and including butterflies and gold leaf. The whole of the Gallery space is used for this particular exhibition and don’t forget to check both sides of the windows as some works are displayed facing the street.


TESS CHODAN is represented by some extraordinary beautiful and thought provoking butterflies and fauna in bell jars .They have quite a Victorian feel at first sight – and are sourced from antiques – but are very contemporary with the attention to detail and concern for the environment (look at the bees in Diaspora).

RICHARD CROSLAND has three striking wooden sculpture works on display – a thrumming speedy go kart, an amazingly finely detailed Engine with interlocking parts ( which works) and a huge representation of the London Eye. The detail is amazing , the craftsmanship and design sensational.

JUDE HOTCHKISS has several dynamically explosive thickly textured abstract paintings showing, full of tumbling brushstrokes and texture capturing the weather ( eg Stormbreak ) .

AYJAY is represented by three paintings with dynamic use of colour and composition commenting on religion and death

LEON LESTER ‘s swirling, cascading op art works – contrasted with ones that are full of cool straight lines – captivate and at times delight others calmly reflectively lead the eye.

YVONNE MALPNEY -LAW has provided some exquisite, seemingly fragile and delicate intaglio prints of various landscapes .They appear to be water colours but aren’t.

SIMONE READ ‘s series of aerial views of various rock pools around Sydney with their dynamic use of composition and outstanding use of texture are magnificent .The viewer could be in the water.

AL ROBERTS’s bronze sculptures are striking and challenging , including a fish , two sculptures of nude males and a strange John the Baptist like head( Adam’s Apple) .All commenting on the changing ageing human body.

ANNABEL SCANLEN has three subtle yet rather Surrealist like drawings included.

NIK UZUNOVSKI has several abstract bright bold and colourful swirling works showing as part of the exhibition.

A very arresting exhibition .

The present exhibition UNTITLED runs at the Traffic Jam Galleries Neutral Bay 8-29 March 2019




Who would you be if you were a character from Star Wars™? Find out as you build your own personal and unique Star Wars hero in this interactive exhibition featuring 200 original Star Wars objects.

Designed for visitors of all ages, explore your own identity and learn about the forces that shape you through a series of interactive stations within the exhibition. Each answer you give will define a unique Star Wars character that you’ll create and meet at the end of the exhibition.

Along the way, discover rare treasures from the Lucas film archives and see original costumes, props, models and artworks up close as you go behind the scenes of the movie-making process. There’s BB-8, R2-D2, the Millennium Falcon, Yoda from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back™, Darth Vader’s suit from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi™, plus so much more!

Visiting Australia for the first time and exclusive to the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, try not to miss this chance to get to know Luke, Han, Leia, Yoda, and more Star Wars characters on a whole new level as you learn more about yourself in this interactive adventure.

Sydney Arts Guide has one double pass to give away to the current exhibition. Email  editor.sydneyartsguide@gmail.com. The winner will be advised by return email.



The Powerhouse Museum’s main hall was packed to the rafters for Akira Isogawa exhibition and book launch on Tuesday 11th December. The exhibition itself became open to the general public on Friday 14th December.

Fashion pioneers were there including Linda Jackson and Jenny Kee. Art patrons and philanthropists were there including John Kaldor and Naomi Milgrom.. In fact, Ms Milgrom introduced Akira on stage to the audience after giving a heartfelt and glowing precis of Akira’s remarkable 25 year career.

The Minister for the Arts Don Harwin also spoke, as he said, as Akira’s friend.

Speakers quoted passages from Roger Leong’s book on Akira as it too was being launched. Also introduced  was the new Director of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Lisa Havilah, who was formerly Director of Carriageworks.

Nearby to the main hall  was the fashion exhibition itself. Despite being exhibited around the world, this exhibition is Akira’s first major retrospective, emphasising his inspirations and influences starting from a top which was a garment designed by Akira in 1994 for his collection ‘Not made in Japan’.

The exhibition is divided into four themes: Journey, Kimono, Collaborations and Craftsmanship.  In  addition to the 100 or so fashion pieces on display, some of which came from garments already donated to the Gallery, Akira indicated that as well what he has previously donated he will be donating a further 100 pieces bringing the Museum’s archive collection to 200.

Highlights included Akira’s designs for the Sydney Dance Company going back to the time when Graeme Murphy was its Director. The accompanying video showed how these designs were put to use with the dancers performances. Also included is his first Vogue magazine cover with a dress modelled by Naomi Campbell. Vogue’s editor saw Akira’s talent early on and her promotion of Akira launched him into the fashion guru stratosphere.

There is also a very informative video narrated by Akira as to how be came to Australia and became involved in fashion which included his graduation from East Sydney TAFE, to making counter culture costumes for 1990’s underground rap parties  to being the darling of wealthy women and their daughters.

The Akira Isogawa exhibition runs at the Museum of Applies Arts and Sciences until 30 June 2019.

Featured image – Biographer Roger Leong and Akira Isogawa. All pics by Ben Apfelbaum.


The current vibrant exhibition at the Traffic Jam Galleries Neutral Bay gallery is entitled CONTEMPLATIVE WHIMSY and features works by Andrew Grassi Kelaher and Danielle McManus.

Andrew Grassi Kelaher ‘s delightful works are mostly land/seascapes. They are all fairly similar in style and composition but are enchanting. There is much made of the wonderful sky and clouds and the various changing colours. Grassi Kelaher sometimes uses spray paint for atmospheric effect especially in the skies. Sometimes the reflection in the water is an important part of the work.

There are often many bobbing small boats with colourful sails that lead the eye from the top to the bottom of the page. Rocks and trees with their distinctive textures are also heavily featured .In Harbour’s Edge the boat sails are darting like shark fins. In Weekend Sunshine emphasis is placed on the extra number of houses intruding into the environment. When it Rains it Pours and As the Rain Passes By feature glorious pink-to red- clouds. Cool Calm Cruising has a wonderful solitary Rosella parrot in flight.

Danielle McManus’ works for this exhibition include Scarlet Beauty an intricately detailed portrait of a waratah,  undulating with life. Milk and Honey is a striking depiction of a banksia, with curling grey stem, a magpie arrogantly yet glumly perched on top of it.

There are also some of her whimsically charming paintings of assorted people with her trademark use of huge eyes. Melody features a young accordion player in a grey dress with a white collar at night, a bird perched on her shoulder, another on the instrument.
Rapture depicts a young lady in 18th century dress, a bird at her waist, another in her hair. She appears to be listening to an old fashioned record player which has a cornucopia of native flowers, birds and butterflies exploding from it. Wild At Heart shows a young child with a fox ear headdress, looking like she is holding a book or symbolic doors to the heart, with butterflies perched on her shoulders, flowers– especially a large waratah -and birds .

I Wish I Could Fly Like You is a wistful portrait of a lonely young child up a tree wearing old fashioned pilot goggles and surrounded by birds.

A most exciting exhibition. The exhibition runs at the Neutral Bay branch of Traffic Jam Galleries until 10 December 2018.

Featured image- .Danielle McManus-‘Rapture’- 90-x-120cm-acrylic-and-mixed-media-on-canvas.




A long time ago in a galaxy far far away ….

It is hard to believe that it is now over 40 years ago since the saga began.

Allocate lots and lots of time for this marvellous exhibition .It is huge and sprawling taking up enormous space on the ground floor of the Powerhouse Museum, with over 200 props ,costumes models etc. (Sorry no lightsabres permitted) . Continue reading STAR WARS IDENTITIES : THE EXHIBITION @ THE POWERHOUSE


Portrait Of Wally by Schiele

A fascinating, intriguing and somewhat disturbing documentary . KLIMT & SCHIELE ; EROS AND PSYCHE is the latest in the Art on Screen series directed by Michael Maly looks at the lives of Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele , placing them in the context of Vienna at the beginning of the 20th Century and the conservatism , decadence and revolutionary artworks produced at that time in Vienna which became the European capital of arts and thought. It was an era which ended with the collapse of the Hapsburg Empire and the First World War , and the decimation of the artistic world caused by the Spanish flu epidemic straight after. The documentary visits several museums including the Leopold Museum, the Sigmund Freud Museum, the Egon Schiele-Museum, Tulln, the Osterreische Galerie Belvedere and the Albertina Graphic Collection.

It is not just painting that is mentioned – much is made of Freud and his ideas (and how this influenced both Klimt and Schiele) but also the startling revolution in music from the iconic Beethoven and Strauss waltzes to the emergence of Gustav Mahler and Richard Strauss (his Salome in particular ) – as well as how there were changes in architecture , crafts and design – eg chairs and glassware as well as some fabulous jewellery .Not forgetting piano manufacture! Continue reading KLIMT & SCHIELE : EROS AND PSYCHE

Rate of Change – Exhibition Opening

Matthew Allen – Detail

COMA is pleased to invite you to the opening of Rate of Change, a group exhibition opening onFriday 10 August 2018, 6 – 8pm.

Rate of Change is a survey of Australian artists whose practices employ the gradient. Relishing the ambiguity and nuance offered by gradual transition, the works included exceed the physical phenomena commonly associatedwith its formal applications to consider its significance politically. Depth, perspective and temporality are reconsidered allegorically as progress, change and that which speaks to the dichotomy between dynamism and stasis representative of the contemporary moment. The exhibition takes it’s title from a branch of mathematics – vector calculus – in which the definition of a gradient is more simply thought of as a rate of change. Continue reading Rate of Change – Exhibition Opening


Le Petit Bateau art collective presents RESET which is the first solo Australian exhibition by the Brazilian artist Eduardo Be.

RESET is an expression of the artist’s  metamorphosis from life in southern Brazil as a street art activist to his current home Sydney.  Eduardo is renowned for his work which “intends to reach people with short and direct messages that could change their days.” Continue reading RESET: EDUARDO BE AT LE PETIT BATEAU – 1ST AUS SOLO EXHIBITION


This image: King of Loneliness, 2018, oil on Belgian linen                                                                                  Featured image: 刘 Shan Shui Australis/ Liu Dapeng

Vermillion Art Gallery is hosting a solo exhibition, featuring paintings by contemporary Chinese-Australian artist Dapeng Liu. The exhibition, titled Shan Shui Australis, will be the Dapeng Liu’s first solo exhibition as a professional artist. The official opening of the exhibition will launch on the 9th of August.

Dapeng Liu is a Sydney-based artist who primarily works with oil paint on canvas. His works showcased in Vermilion Art’s Shan Shui Australis exhibition explore the dichotomy between the East and the West as well as the cyclical nature of time. For the most part, this exhibition will showcase paintings that are concerned with the environment and landscapes that influence the artist. Continue reading SHAN SHUI AUSTRALIS – LIU DAPENG’S 1ST SOLO SHOW