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Stand-up comic Charisa Bossinakis performing in her new show ‘Pineapple Juice’

Charisa Bossinakis a Melbourne based comedic artist. Her new show called PINEAPPLE JUICE was included in this year’s Sydney Comedy Festival lineup.

Charisa entertains with a cheeky, confident and likeable charm. She represented her cultural stereotypes for laughs which can be risky. Especially in this politically sensitive climate where many may get offended.  However, Charisa managed to present her material in a way that was non- offensive but sharp enough to be edgy.

Charisa brought her good energy to the stage and occasionally incorporated a crowd member into her performance. My partner who was sitting in the front row wearing a black and white pin-striped Fedora hat was amused by her cheeky spontaneity after Charisa suggested that men who wear Fedora hats are known to be sexual predators.  This demonstrated how Charisa is mastering her craft to a sophisticated level and knowing how to read the room. Continue reading SYDNEY COMEDY FESTIVAL : CHARISA BOSSINAKIS : PINEAPPLE JUICE


Charisa Bossinakis is tired and doesn’t want to work hard anymore. What’s a girl to do?

In her new show, “I will be a trophy wife” Charisa explores how to trap footballers. She hopes their fame will help her secure a gig on Triple J, a Target athleisure line, a reality show and perhaps even a multivitamin line (spoiler alert: vitamins are actually made from chalk!).


BUB CLUB WITH ELLIOT AND KATHRYN AND ALIA @ The Matchbox Theatre, Factory Theatre

Dirty Thunder Comedy Presents BUB CLUB, providing an excellent comedy-variety night, with completely fresh three-way comedy event, fully providing a huge stand-up fringe comedy evening.

Starring Elliott Stewart (RAW National Finalist 2019) playing to his strengths as the still awkward teenager, but with loads of audience participation.

Starring Alia Lievore (Comedy Lounge) improvised comedy quickly created from the willing (and unwilling i.e. Roger) who unknowingly chose to be seated in the front row.

Starring Kathryn Thomas (RAW National Finalist 2019) as the final standup artiste, she delivered her quite unusual comedy one-liners, and to spread the word, several of her one-liners have already been repeated at my work and with my friends. Fast paced comedy and very entertaining.

Continue reading BUB CLUB WITH ELLIOT AND KATHRYN AND ALIA @ The Matchbox Theatre, Factory Theatre


Canapes & Cocktails is a brand new show developed and will be performed by Sydney comedian Jeromaia Detto shortly at the Factory Theatre

The show is a wonderful mix of clowning, sketch and improv that explores a host of unique, slightly unhinged, characters, encouraging the audience to be lost in  world of play for 50 minutes.

Jeromaia has always been fascinated by the notion of playfulness and exploring the idea of “what if?”. He believes that everyone can be funny and playful, despite the way modern society limits this
exploration. This, coupled with his working in museums and hospitals, as an educator/entertainer, has led him to develop his debut solo show that flips this social construct around.

This show is not about him, it’s about the audience rediscovering their playfulness and recapturing the freedom they once had.

Jeromaia Detto is a regular in the Sydney improv scene having performed in over 300 comedy shows since 2013. He is a Maestro National champion (2019), two time Cranston Cup Grand Finalist and in 2018 performed as an ‘All-star’ in Impro Australia’s Celebrity Theatresports.

He is widely known for his clowning and physical comedy, being described as “eternally funny” by Honi Soit for his roles in USyd’s
2017 Jew Revue.

Jeromaia has trained internationally in improv with the iO Theatre in Chicago and in clown at both Ecole Philippe Gaulier in France and at the Norway Clown Camp. He also teaches improv and clown across Sydney both privately and at schools.

This will be Jeromaia’s first SCF as a solo artist after successful runs at both Perth and Adelaide Fringes earlier this year.

The show will play the Factory Theatre on May 18 at 5.45pm and May 19 at 4.45pm,.

Sydney Arts Guide has a double pass to give way to the performance on  Saturday the 18th May at 5:45pm at the Factory Theatre. Be the first to email  The winner will be advised by email.



Pic by Ben Sanford.

People of Sydney can have a good laugh for the next few weeks as the Sydney Comedy Festival has started and runs until May 19. Gala shows were held at the Sydney Opera giving fourteen acts five minutes each to showcase the amazing talent that has assembled in Sydney. These artists will be performing their full shows in various venues during the festival and there will be comedy to suit a wide variety of tastes.

English comedian Joe Lycett hosted the event and joyfully harassed the front row of the audience. Joe thought the audience member who said he was employed as a service advisor was giving a vague answer and was probably a drug dealer. Venzuelan born Ivan Aristeguieta was grateful that Australia had given him a visa because his country has severely deteriorated since he left. He only wishes that the English he studied before migrating had focused more on Australian English. Scottish comedian Fern Brady squeezed a lot into her five minutes including her battles with homophobic Scottish politicians, smashed avocado and fellatio.

I suspect Phil Wang needs more than five minutes for his style of humour but he had some good observations about accents, forgiving the Japanese and Australian cities. Canadian Mark Forward has a brilliant, understated delivery and has a clever device to get the most out of his jokes. The joys and horrors of raising teenagers is explored by Georgie Carroll. Host Joe Lycett dropped into the program a few times with his charm and witty observations. He kindly warned us when he was going to be repulsive and also threw in some enjoyable audience participation. Continue reading SYDNEY COMEDY FESTIVAL GALA


Australian comedians Suren Jayemanne & Daniel Muggleton perform their 2018 Comedy Festival shows one last time at Giant Dwarf, Sydney.

Suren Jayemanne [Facebook](ABC’s COMEDY UP LATE, COMEDY NEXT GEN, TONIGHTLY) has been tipped to be one of the next big things in Australian comedy, by people who oughta know – the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Sydney Comedy Festival and the ABC. He’s quick witted, engaging and undoubtedly hilarious!

Daniel Muggleton (COMEDY DYNAMICS, EDINBURGH FRINGE) Originally from Sydney and currently based in the UK, Daniel is a regular at comedy clubs & comedy festivals around the world. The first Australian comedian produced by Grammy Award-Winners Comedy Dynamics, his debut special is slated for release in January 2019. His blunt storytelling is a breath of fresh air for audiences. Continue reading SUREN JAYEMANNE & DANIEL MUGGLETON: GIVEAWAY


Annisa Belonogoff‘s DEAR FUTURE EX-HUSBANDS will play during the Sydney Fringe Comedy.

DEAR FUTURE EX-HUSBANDS will showcase Annisa’s creative and imaginative comedic mind. The show focuses on the female logic of everything, from family, friends, dating, society, coffee and bathroom antics – nothing is off limits.

Annisa is nuts, crazy, some would say borderline insane with the number of things she does. Tired of trying to explain all her wacky, adventurous, outgoing, drama-queen like nature to potential dates, Annisa has decided to sum up her out of the box personality and country girl/Russian background in a fun show format.

NIDA graduate Annisa Belonogoff [Facebook] will be taking to the stage solo for  DEAR FUTURE EX-HUSBANDS as part of the Sydney Fringe Comedy season.


Estelle takes the lid off her secrets … at the Tupperware party!

ESTELLE ASTAIRE’S WOES AND WARES is a one woman show written, directed, produced & performed by Bianca Seminara.

It is a dark comedy that explores the effects of a co-dependent and emotionally challenging mother-daughter relationship under the guise of a good, old-fashioned Tupperware party. Continue reading ESTELLE ASTAIRE’S WOES AND WARES – ONE WOMAN TAKES THE LID OFF


Jacinta Gregory is a musical comedienne and a person who makes terrible choices. So – she invites you – her closest family, friends, loved ones, and strangers – to her intervention.

Joined by a live band, she will be performing a variety of 80s pop ballads, musical numbers, sultry jazz songs – that cover in detail, all of the awful decisions that have led to this moment, while often veering off course to sing about getting a bev with the lads after work, or missing prime minister Harold Holt.

Grab yourself a refreshment, maybe a sausage roll, and join in awkward support – for this jacintervention. Last time we saw Gregory she was Jacintigrating (SAG Review) .

JACINTERVENTION will play as part of the Sydney Comedy Festival on Saturday 19th May 5.45pm.


Luke Nowell really is a very naughty lad and during his show BEING HUEMAN BEING I really did threaten to tell his mother on him.  There are many hi-jinx, you see, in his show and many of them require audience participation.  Skilled gag-seeker, aaaart maker that he is, he knows a receptive face when he sees it.  And the only reason I am not telling on him is that he is charming, very charming, and hilarious and cute as a button.  Continue reading BEING HUEMAN BEING – THE MANY COLOURS OF COMEDY CHAOS


Clare Cavanagh has a fun little show playing as part of the Sydney Comedy Festival’s FRESH Program, which showcases up and coming talent.

THRILLED YOU’RE HERE begins as we meet Clare “Party” Cavanagh welcoming us to her party.  Fast talking, gracious and eager to please (read that as meaning –  stay at her party) Clare gives us a tour of her spacious stage and a bit of an insight into how she got to be the party animal she appears not to be.  Year 10 boy-girl but not real, real party aside we can tell that this one is going to be a blast. Continue reading CLARE CAVANAGH THROWS GOOD PARTY!


Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss is coming to Sydney in May to perform at this years’ Sydney Comedy Festival.

Sloss has built up quite a portfolio of work having sold out 9 consecutive Edinburgh Fringes and tours extensively throughout UK, Europe, Australasia and USA. His many TV appearances includes Sunday Night at the Palladium, Russell Howard’s Good News, and six appearances on Conan. In 2016 he  had an 80 date UK and Europe tour as well as making his New York debut with a successful season at the Soho playhouse, followed by a 3 month tour of Australia and New Zealand.

MZA Artists & Century Entertainment is bringing him back to present his show, SO?… what else is new…?! on Saturday 6th May at 9.30 pm at the Enmore Theatre.

Tickets are available to purchase online- For more about Daniel Sloss: SO?, visit
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Rose Matafeo (NZ) – Sassy Best Friend @ the Enmore Theatre

Sassy best friend (sas-ee best frend)
1. A sidekick to the main character in a romantic comedy;
2. not conventionally attractive, quirky, hard to love;
3. sometimes not white, often gay.

New Zealand  comedian Rose Matafeo makes her Sydney Comedy Festival debut an hour of sketch and stand up inspired by her long time obsession with romantic comedies and her favourite female film heroes. Sassy Best Friend is a show about friendship, finding confidence as a young woman and then ultimately giving up on your dreams.

2016 NOMINEE Best Newcomer Melbourne International Comedy Festival ★★★★★ – Telegraph

“a stellar debut: silly, charismatic, and packed with great gags” – The Guardian

11 – 14 May, 2017 / 7:00pm  at the Enmore Theatre, Newtown

For more about Rose Matafeo (NZ) – Sassy Best Friend, visit
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Following the sell out success of her first show Limsanity and The Mayor of Easy Street (in 3D!), Michele Lim is back for another thought provoking, feel good comedy show.
Fresh from her travels in Taiwan, Michele takes you on a journey to find your inner hustle bear and put yourself out there.

Combining her love for comedy, hip hop and story telling, this is an original and quirky show you don’t want to miss.

“Great Jokes! Great Fun! Can’t wait to see more!” – Dan Ilic (A Rational Fear, Can of Worms, Hungry Beast)

“Her material is thoughtful and sharp, her stage presence immediately likeable and her delivery somehow ‘casual’ while clearly very focussed.” – Bruce Griffiths (Good News Week, The Glass House, Enough Rope)

10th, 12th,14th May 2016 @7:15pm


Enmore Laneway, 118-132 Enmore Rd, Newtown NSW 2042

For more about Hustle Bear: A true story, visit-
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Promo pic-10

Jackie Loeb is a very funny and highly accomplished performer. She’s come along way from her astounding performances in the Australian TV classics Full Frontal and Good News Week to now be based in the USA where she’s recently performed in the 2014 Aspen Comedy Festival, Last Comic Standing, and the Hollywood Fringe Festival and is the writer/ director/ star of web series Play Date.

Meanwhile Gretel Killeen has recently starred in, and co-written, the web series phenomenon Minister For Men and co-hosted the ABC’s How Not to Behave. A reluctant comic Gretel too has come far since performing a very serious poem and being laughed at. Winner of a Mo Award, a best-selling author, a famed TV host, documentary maker, voice artist and irreverent bright spark Gretel is also regularly seen in segments on television programs such as Sunrise and The Project.

This odd couple first performed together in 2014 to standing ovations and this Christmas Jackie Loeb and Gretel Killeen are bringing the ho’s to your festivities with their hit night out, Show Us Your Crackers.

Join internationally acclaimed comic/ musician, Jackie Loeb and outspoken smart-arse Gretel Killeen for one amazing night of old material tweaked to reference Jesus and tinsel and new stuff that’s so brilliant it could make the Three Wise Men feel stupid.

Comedy lovers should take this opportunity to see this brilliant duo perform their magic together. Courtesy of Star 100 Entertainment Jackie and Gretel are performing their show SHOW US YOUR CRACKERS on Saturday 5th December at 7pm at the Comedy Store, Building 207, the Entertainment Quarter, 122 Lang Road, Moore Park. Tickets are $37. Bookings can be made on  93571419 or .au.

Sydney Arts Guide has three double passes to give away to this Saturday night’s show. Be one of the first to contact the Editor on Winners will be advised by return email. Please note this offer has now closed.


What really makes us human? Sure, we have opposable thumbs, but, as Emily Tresidder points out (strangely, using her thumbs), it’s most likely because we can define so much as crazy, and indeed can be whatever crazy is. Even with those thumbs, do we actually know what the term really means? Emily Tresidder’s new stand up show explores crazy.

Emily’s story is that she started her career in sketch comedy and in its evolution she has worked with different theatre companies, businesses and charities offering entertainment in the form of the world’s best medicine, laughter. Continue reading COMEDIAN EMILY TRESSIDER PRESENTS CRAZY IS @ THE RECORD CRATE GLEBE


Funny Honeys The Lane Fri 16th Oct Poster

This Friday evening Star 100 Entertainment is presenting THE FUNNY HONEY’S : GIRLS NIGHT IN , a pink ribbon event, at the Lane in the heart off the CBD.

The emcee will be Ciel and Gretel Killeen and Mandy Nolan will be the main performers.

There are dinner and show tickets available or the alternative is just to catch the show.

Bookings can made through the website http://www.the or by phone 92333247. Continue reading THE FUNNY HONEY’S: GIRLS NIGHT IN @ THE LANE THIS FRIDAY NIGHT

The Shapeshifter @ The Factory


THE SHAPESHIFTER is playing at The Factory at 105 Victoria st Marrickville.

The Factory itself is an amazing space. A punk psychedelic industrial minimalist space, harsh and bare yet practical and functional, situated just down the road from Newtown about 20 minutes from Newtown Station.

Josipa Dreisma is a serious actor. She holds an MA in Creative Arts and Theatre Performance. She has studied in both Australia and New York. But in this play she chooses in a number of different scenarios to displays an almost childlike naivety and vulnerability.       

Continue reading The Shapeshifter @ The Factory

Kill Tony Abbott to play Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival in September


Dominica Duckworth is presenting her new stand-up comedy show  KILL TONY ABBOTT (a stand up show, not a suggestion!) as part of this year’s Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival.

In a colourful and varied career so far Dominica has performed with the Australian Theatre For Young People, participated in the Caravan Slam, is a former Raw Comedy heats finalist and currently holds a day job as a high school English teacher.

Dominica describes her show as an hour of lefty stand-up and which she claims is guaranteed to make us laugh about how guilty and alienated we have become! Continue reading Kill Tony Abbott to play Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival in September

Two Double Passes To The Comedy Circuit @ The Lane

The Lane Facebook jpeg

Star 100 Entertainment is presenting its new show The Comedy Circuit at The Lane- Cafe- Restaurant- Wine Bar on Friday 24th July.

The show will feature the comic talents of Merrick Watts, Sam McCool, Sally Kimpton and Steven Philps who will also emcee the show. Continue reading Two Double Passes To The Comedy Circuit @ The Lane