Performance Art


HE comes. He saws. He conks.

Mitch Jones cannibalises clowning, burlesque and fetishist performance art in AutoCannibal.

An hour of horror spiked with black humour, AutoCannibal confronts with the conclusion of the human race’s rampant and out of control consumerism. In this dystopian world, the race has been run and humans look finished.

Searing, soaring temperatures have evaporated water and made most life forms extinct. What’s a man to do to sustain himself.

This is nail biting stuff. Followed by nail swallowing. Dandruff tea replaces dandelion tea. Would you care for a saliva smoothie or a mucus shake? Fancy a bit of foot in mouth? Gives new meaning to filet of sole. Pumice stone your heel and the shavings look and smell like grated cheese.

Talk about living off the sweat of your brow. In a dystopian dehydrated world, you need to tears to fill your kettle, or any other bodily fluids you can extract. Talk about taking the piss.

A fly flies in and is undone.

Hunger somewhat sated, man’s other appetite arises and he screws a garbage bag, safe sex of course, using a plastic bag to collect his semen, release and replenishment all in one, recyclable recreational sex, climaxing in consuming his own sperm from the makeshift condom.

A hard axe to follow, the performance starts with a saw, and the spectre of hovering and descending saws, blades, and boning knives.

Mime and mimicry, acrobats and dance, obscure allusion and silly slapstick are all on the menu in Jones’ morsels of the macabre.

Looking at a future where the reality is Master Chef will be how to cook yourself, AutoCannibal will be tasteless to some, satisfying to those with an appetite for the absurd.

Worth a butcher’s? Two thumbs off.

AutoCannibal plays CarriageWorks, Redfern as part of the Sydney Festival

Fri 15 Jan at 8.30pm
Sat 16 Jan at 8.30pm
Sun 17 Jan at 7.30pm


Originally launched as the Western Sydney Performing Arts Centre, the Sydney Coliseum Theatre, a $100million theatre development located at West HQ in Rooty Hill, is a magnificent new addition to Greater Western Sydney’s cultural landscape and to Australia’s live performance industry.  On track for its huge gala opening in late 2019, the Sydney Coliseum Theatre shares its name with a distinctive group of the world’s grand theatres in London and New York amongst others.  The reveal precedes a series of exciting announcements planned for June about the headlining acts for the theatre’s grand opening in December 2019.          Continue reading SYDNEY’S NEXT GREAT THEATRE : THE SYDNEY COLISEUM THEATRE


CALDERA  is a night of fire and art in an industrial cathedral: burlesque performances, experimental music, cocktails and an art exhibition in a  reactivated blacksmiths’ forge.

Electrified anvils, smoke, danger, colour – CALDERA will feature captivating performances from Australia’s hottest underground artists.   Featuring performances by burlesque performer Zelia Rose, Melbourne songstress Tanzer, and compositions using the industrial machinery by Bree van Reyk and Alon Ilsar CALDERA  happens   over four nights.

Zelia Rose
Marcus Whale
Bree van Reyk
Alon Ilsar

Anji Brice,  OneJessa, Cyma Hibri,  Harry Hock,  Ben Lang, Brooke Ellen Louttit, Duncan Maclean, Alireza Mirzaeisabet, Emily Parsons-Lord, Gwen Taualai,   Meng-Yu Yan

CALDERA [Facebook]  is Thursday 29th November – Saturday 2nd December at Eveleigh Works, Australian Technology Park. Sessions are 8pm and 10pm. Entry includes a free drink.

With thanks to the CALDERA , Sydney Arts Guide has a double pass giveaway for 10pm Saturday December 1.

To be in the running, email ( 
with CALDERA as the subject and your full name.

Competition closes Midnight on Tuesday November 27, 2018 when the winner will be drawn. Only the winner will be notified and tickets will be emailed by the promoter.


Flugtag is German for flying  day. Sponsor Red Bull’s drinks are supposed to give you wings. The fullest realisation of this is in their air shows which are held round the world. A single engine craft undergoes a time trial whereby it must fly around obstacles which sometimes require amazing aerial stunts. The fastest pilot and plane through the obstacle course is the winner. Red Bull sought permission to hold the event over Sydney harbour but this request was refused. This show has been held in Perth over the Swan river..

Nevertheless we received a consolation prize when Sydney held its first ‘Birdman Rally on the 6th April 2008. Red Bull actually started these rallies in 2000 and they have been held every year since in over 35 cities globally.

Sydney had to wait another ten years to hold Flugtag which  took place on the 10th November 2018. No other city in Australia to date has held a Flugtag. It was held at Mrs Macquarie Chair where a crowd of over 50,000 watched with amusement as aircraft of all shapes and sizes plunged from a six metre platform into Farm Cove, Sydney harbour. The backdrop to this event was Sydney’s spectacular cityscape, including the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

Sydney’s criteria is different from those in other cities. The wingspan must be not bigger than 8 metres (26 feet) and the weight (not including the pilot) is limited to 180 kilograms (400 lbs). The  contraption must be powered only by muscle and gravity and any battery or engine assistance is strictly prohibited. Because the aircraft will inevitably end up in the water it must be unsinkable and constructed entirely of environmentally friednly materials and must not have any loose parts.

Each team comprises four  people, three to push the craft and one  to ‘pilot’ it.

Teams that enter the competition are judged according to three criteria- distance, creativity and showmanship. Included under showmanship is the requirement for the team to choreograph and perform a short dance prior to take off.

All participants must wear a life jacket and helmet, be able to swim thirty metres without assistance and the pilot must be able to easily escape his or her flying machine. Furthermore one must be able to swim in the costume of one’s choosing.

Team creativity ran to creating crafts such as the Splashed Avo, a dinosaur named Flyrannosaurus, and a barbecued themed craft called The Sore Sage Sizzle.

A  crowd favourite was the Bin Chook comprising of a paper mache Ibis in a wheelie bin.

However the winner was Chip Off The Block which was a seagull and chip themed flying machine. In second place was the Flying Ricciardo, basically a racing car,  and in third place was won by the Red Baron modelled on a World War 1 military aircraft.

This year’s contestants did not ‘fly’ anywhere near the world record which was set in Long Beach, California when a craft flew 258 feet (76.8 metres) in 2015.

One hopes that it won’t take another ten years for Flugtag to land in Sydney again.



The Gauntlet Image: Amelia Found

A sea of sound washed over and around the audience as it swept up the internal stairs and circled in foyers of the Sydney Opera House on Saturday 1st September. THE GAUNTLET was being performed as part of the Antidote Festival at the Sydney Opera House September 1st and 2nd, 2018.

THE GAUNTLET has been described as an immersive choral experience in which the “lyrics” are formed from interviews with twenty of Sydney’s “interesting citizens” – social, political, cultural and environmental activists – about global, local and personal issues.
It is a tonal, musical, theatrical movement installation of Sydney stories performed by Sydneysiders however temporary that may be. Continue reading THE GAUNTLET – A SEA OF POLYPHONY

Being Dead (Don Quixote) @ Kings Cross Theatre

Photos by Jamie Breen

“I’ve never read Don Quixote and don’t intend to” Kerith Manderson-Galvin declares in the after show Q&A. “I’ve read snippets but that’s it.”

Being Dead (Don Quixote) presented by MKA in association with KXT bAKEHOUSE & Unofficial Kerith Fan Club, is best described as a simulacra; a copy or amalgamation of an original text altered into a new form or belief. A work that has been performed and continually developed over the past 5 years, Manderson-Galvin believes the work has changed alongside theirself. In it’s current state, the performance is self-described as a “queer, femme, adventure” which best explains the ideas presented throughout succinctly. Continue reading Being Dead (Don Quixote) @ Kings Cross Theatre

Puntila / Matti @ Kings Cross Theatre

Production photos by Rupert Reid.

“It is easier to rob by setting up a bank than by holding up a clerk.” – Bertolt Brecht

This quote by German Modernist playwright Brecht is the opening description on MK Alpha’s page for Puntila/Matti, and perhaps the most apt and appropriate way to explain this show.

Set the audience up for an enjoyable, mindless night out in Sydney’s Kings Cross theatrical hub only to be immediately knocked down and disappointed. This show is not intended to be watched nor enjoyed like a regular performance.

Fourth-walls are broken, audience members personally called out, asked to perform on stage with the actors, coerced into very uncomfortable situations, and left unsure as to whether they are correctly following along. It’s a surprise if no one walks out during the show.

Puntila/Matti is an adaptation by Doppelgangster of Brecht’s play Mr Puntila and his Man Matti. Presented by MK-Alpha and Kings Cross Theatre, Puntila/Matti has been conceptualised by Tobias Manderson-Galvin, directing and performing alongside Grace Lauer and Antoniette Barbouttis.

The trio each have their own moments to bond with the audience but it is perhaps Manderson-Galvin that is trying to make the audience feel the least comfortable. Sitting next to, interrogating, and even kissing members of the audience, leaves an uneasy feeling throughout the entire show.

In Brecht’s eyes, this show would probably pass as using his famous styles and techniques common to his work. But would he enjoy it? For a play that was originally written in 1940 and first performed in 1948 probably not. However, this show is being performed in 2017 and is subverting the modern viewer. This is not a play designed to be enjoyed by all. It is experimental and aggressive, whilst maintaining a certain wit and comedic approach that will not be palatable to everyone.

Whether intentional or not, the fact that Puntila/Matti is being performed in Kings Cross is incredibly clever. An area once infamous for crime, drugs, and scandal, is slowly gentrifying. The environment is shifting from a once bustling nightlife hub to an expensive, high-rise area. The intersection between rich and poor is becoming more apparent in the suburb, particularly on the main strip. Puntila is an aristocratic land-owner and Matti is his servant. Theatre is more commonly enjoyed by those who can afford it, with Puntila/Matti attempting to shake all of us out of this bubble.

This is anti-theatre with a devilish comedic twist.

Puntila/Matti is on at The Kings Cross Theatre (inside The Kings Cross Hotel) from 25th September – 14th October on Monday – Saturday at 7:30pm. The show is approx 90 minutes with no interval.

Please note: Strong Language, Nudity, Loud Noises, Smoke. Over 18 is advised.

Chippendale Creative Precinct presents Blue Love Walking Tour

Nicky Ginsberg, Director of the Chippendale Creative Precinct, warmly invites you to the one of a kind For the Love of Art! Blue Love Walking Tour. The fully immersive performance tour is in brought to you by Shaun Parker and Company and the Chippendale Creative Precinct.

Be a fly on the gallery walls and experience first-hand Glenn and Rhonda Flune’s explosive love affair. A rambling, music-filled journey down Chippendale’s winding laneways, you are invited to follow acclaimed actors Shaun Parker and Lucia Mastrantone on their journey through ups and downs, the agony and ecstasy of L-O-V-E.

On Saturday, 26 August, Chippendale Creative Precinct and Shaun Parker and Co. present to you a rare opportunity to experience riveting scenes from acclaimed dance, multimedia and musical theatre extravaganza Blue Love. Continue reading Chippendale Creative Precinct presents Blue Love Walking Tour


“As I have not yet been appropriated, normalised or groomed into shame you’ll be accepting some risk of objectionable, offensive, unlawful, deceptive or harmful content to be known hereon as an authentic human experience”.

Prefaced with a content warning, the Glitta Supernova Experience – Body Map promises to deliver an original, provocative and honest human adventure. For those who like their cabaret a bit bizarre and entirely stripped-back (in the literal sense), Glitta’s one-woman show is an entertaining fusion of social commentary, personal anecdote and unbridled dance breaks.

The unruly terrain of the body map is bumpy, bushy and unapologetic, navigated by a fairdinkum tour guide adorned with an akubra of dangling glittery tampons instead of corks. Glitta reprimands the controlling consumerist gardener of society who perpetually tries to tighten, lift and snip the body of all it’s natural beauty. Live body art accompanies a depressing monologue where heavy chains are placed around Glitta’s neck, weighing down the body with labels such as “saggy tits” and “too fat”. Continue reading THE GLITTA SUPERNOVA EXPERIENCE – BODY MAP @ THE GIANT DWARF


Is the road to self discovery still on the map?

“The artists red light surrealism broke new ground, Body Maps socio political commentary on objectification and the beauty myth pulled no punches” – Otago Daily Times

“Original, Outlandish, provocative & not to be missed”

Navigating who we are has never been tougher. Access is blocked with the promise of beauty & perfection. The personal highway to our soul is in a multi lane gridlock with diversions from the self at every exit.

Psychedelic, Satirical, Personal & Political storytelling that’s packed to the rafters with puns, punches & possibilities. BODY MAP is deep dive across the consumer bordered planet and into our inner being, highlighting our capacity to transform despite the odds.

Cult Pioneer of Australian performance art, Glitta Supernova brings her multi award winning show BODYMAP direct from the Dunedin Fringe Festival;


“BODYMAP exuded both vulnerability and subterranean glamarama” – Alt Media


BODY MAP will take place on Saturday 27th May at the Giant Dwarf Theatre. Doors will open at 7.30 pm for an 8 pm performance.

For more about Body Map, visit
Find us on: YouTube | Facebook


BLACK BIRDS is a gutsy, entertaining performance piece about race, skin colour and hair, devised and performed by Emele Ugavule and Ayeesha Ash. The work blends music, movement, spoken word and stories from real life.

Ugavule and Ash share their stories of how they were ostracised & bullied as children and feared, shunned, mistreated and misunderstood as they moved into adulthood. Some of the worst treatment they experienced was from people who thought they were being liberal and inclusive but were, in fact, still focusing on these women’s difference and were not interacting with them as individuals. Continue reading BLACK BIRDS : PERFORMANCE ART WITH PLENTY TO SAY


Perhaps the most visited and popular event of the recently completed Sydney Festival was THE BEACH. There were no rips, you could not drown nor suffer a sunburn if you attended.

THE BEACH, in fact, was a white coloured ‘pool’ of 1.1 million recyclable polyethylene balls that ebbed and rose up against a sixty metre wide shoreline with no sand to shake out of a towel or out oif your shoes. To complete the theme deck chairs with redundant umbrellas lined the shoreline so that parents, in addition to lifeguards, could watch their children  cavorting in this plastic ocean.

What was striking was the multicultural nature of the event with women in saris or burqas plunging without inhibition into the  monochromatic balls. The queues to enter were very long and routinely by 3 pm one could no longer gain entrance.

THE BEACH was designed by Snarkitecture, a New York based art and architecture practice. This free happening took place from the 7th to the 29th January at the Cutaway, Barangaroo Reserve.

All images by Ben Apfelbaum (c).


The Leftovers Collective’s pop up in the heart of Sydney is asking for intimacy in a public space.

Can a love poem be shared in high traffic areas?

Couple this with the transaction of art – money and art versus audience and art? Which partnership prevails?

All you have to do is search ‘Leftovers Free Love Offer’ on your search engine and follow the directions to get your free voucher which you will bring to the secret predetermined spot and give to the artist, in return for one live, Shakespeare love sonnet.

The Leftovers Collective are a Sydney based experiential performance company mixing verse and social experiments to give Sydney playful, political and socially relevant works.

This is a FREE event

Details – 
Friday 9th December between 3 pm and 5 pm.

For more about Free Love Offer / An Intimacy Experiment, visit
Find us on: YouTube | Facebook


Writing as much as I do , I am sometimes confused about superlatives .  Too much? Too little to make the point? Too literary ?  So with a little tear in my eye , I leaned over to the nice young man sitting next to me and asked what he was thinking.  What the hell was I thinking?  Anyone  who was there was , of course , fabulous . ( I include myself!) but I hit the height of fabulousness with my innocent enquiry.

We were at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Workshop Party to launch the program for 2017.  

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence ( the second oldest in a world wide network of the charity organisation ) had done a blessing which showed a surprising intimacy with the float making process.   ” May  the venue be filled with bitching in an artistic fashion and the noise of action.” They blessed the volunteers , the building, even the tools.  ” May your glue guns never run dry and may glitter never clog your screws.”  Ha!!! Continue reading 2017 SYDNEY GAY AND LESBIAN MARDI GRAS SEASON LAUNCH


The Forest Unyielding…
Things you want to remember, things you don’t …

Presented by Self Help Arts and 107 Projects.

Comprising dance, film, vision, word and sound by some of Sydney’s most exciting contemporary artists, The Forest Unyielding is a dynamic new study of mental health, set in a dark forest space representing the inside of a brain. Demonstrating how we create neural pathways in our brains through repetition and the reward system, and the struggle we face when we find we have gone the wrong way …
How will you forge a new path?

Bookings: $30 | Conc $25 | Carers FREE (For Carers ticket please email with you confirmation of booking)

Limit 25 people per show

Preview May 24 7pm
Opening May 25 7pm
Season May 26 – 28, 3pm & 7pm daily

Autism-Friendly Show Thursday 26 3pm

The Forest Space will also be open as an exhibition (not activated by performers) 11am-2.30pm & 4pm-6.30pm daily

May 24 Preview at 7pm May 25 Exhibition 11am – 6.30pm with Opening Performance at 7pm May 26 – 28 Exhibition 11am-2.30pm & 4pm-6.30pm | Performances at 3pm & 7pm

VENUE- 107 Projects, 107 Redfern Street, Redfern.

For more about The Forest Unyielding, visit
Find us on: YouTube | Facebook


Observe and Learn from this Master Teacher….

This April, Larry Moss will be working with professional Australian actors on plays from some of the worlds greatest playwrights.

Larry Moss has made an indelible impact on the artistic lives of Australian actors. His love of great writing and his commitment to revealing the writers meaning has inspired thousands of actors around the world to rise to the occasion and serve the story. Continue reading THE LARRY MOSS MASTERCLASS SYDNEY 2016

The Shapeshifter @ The Factory

THE SHAPESHIFTER is playing at The Factory at 105 Victoria st Marrickville.

The Factory itself is an amazing space. A punk psychedelic industrial minimalist space, harsh and bare yet practical and functional, situated just down the road from Newtown about 20 minutes from Newtown Station.

Josipa Dreisma is a serious actor. She holds an MA in Creative Arts and Theatre Performance. She has studied in both Australia and New York. But in this play she chooses in a number of different scenarios to displays an almost childlike naivety and vulnerability.       

Continue reading The Shapeshifter @ The Factory

New York Storytelling Group The Moth Coming to Sydney

The Moth is coming “down under”! The acclaimed New York-based storytelling organization is launching its programs in Australia with a series of shows in Sydney.

Attend the open-mic style StorySLAM to listen to true stories told live and without notes or to put your name in the hat for the chance to tell a story on the theme FIRSTS.

This performance takes place on Tuesday 1st September at Oxford Arts Factory, 38-46 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst. Doors open at 7pm, stories begin at 7.30pm. Continue reading New York Storytelling Group The Moth Coming to Sydney