Sydney has fallen under the spell of ZIRK! CIRCUS – The Big Top Spectacular and due to huge demand, the season has been extended by an additional two weeks. The Sydney premiere season will now continue through to 11 August and no further extensions are possible. A brand-new global experience which thrilled audiences in South Africa and Singapore and had critics raving, ZIRK! CIRCUS is playing in a huge brand new Big Top in the Showring, Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park until 11 August.

Eighteen awesome circus acts, all in Australia for the first time, feature in ZIRK! CIRCUS – The Big Top Spectacular. The best Russian acts are joined by gravity-defying, death-cheating, thrilling and spectacular circus stars from Cuba, Canada, the USA, Colombia and even a weird and wonderous contortionist from Dagestan. An awesome trampolinist, a jaw-dropping double, double wheel, a Russian master clown, a motorbike globe with a record-breaking seven riders hurtling around at breakneck speed, a Ringmaster who’s starred with America’s Ringling Brother Circus, and many more combine for ZIRK! CIRCUS. The show contains no animal acts.

“An absolutely stunning montage of skill, precision, dedication, and thrill-seeking that pays homage to the history and tradition of circus, whilst still maintaining relevance with a modern twist” – Theatre Travelss

“5 star show … It’s happening now before your eyes, and not on your device. Go see!!!” – Theatre Now


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Roll Up, roll up the circus is in town. And it is a  mighty fine circus at that.

This Russian circus has something for everyone.

The circus starts off spectacularly with  a stunning trampoline act where the artists bounce off the trampoline onto a spectacular glass wall and then somersault down.

There’s a clown duo that the kids love. The duo twirl balls and play with hoops and like some of the acts there is some audience  participation.

There’s  a double giant wheel in  which performers walk  and also climb on top of and jump up and down. There are no safety nets in  case of any misjudgement.

There’s  an aerialist couple who do amazing midair acrobatics  with  ropes and with the guy’s strength the only thing keeping the woman safe.

Props both large and small keep going on and off the stage by the techies in black as the action keeps going.

Some people might feel a little squeamish watching the amazing contortionist from Dagestan,  who contorts his body in some stunning ways.

.In ‘Quick change transformations’ blink and you’ll miss the woman as she rapidly changes costumes inside a large  ‘bag’.

Juggling, hoop jumping,  some great acrobatics, daredevil motorcycle antics, all  the acts take place with the pulsating music of a live band.

There’s the guy who plays electric guitar riffs as he balances on top of an increasing number of cylinders  with the audience thinking that he is going to fall at any minute.

Summing up, I loved the Zirk! Circus. It’s a great two hours entertainment and particularly suited for the current school holidays.

ZIRK! CIRCUS : THE BIG TOP SPECTACULAR is playing the amazing and very comfortable Big Top at the Entertainment Quarter until 21 July, 2019. The season has now been extended another week and will now run until 28 July,

All pics by Ben Apfelbaum







To create this extravaganza producer Andrew Guild spent eight months seeking out and signing up the most entertaining acts on the international circus circuit. This show boasts artists coming from Canada, Turkey, Cuba, USA, Colombia, Russia and a jaw dropping contortionist from  Dagestan. Prior to arriving in Sydney for its premiere season, ZIRK! toured South Africa and  Singapore garnering rapturous reviews. 

Eschewing animal acts, this cavalcade of circus stars create eighteen action packed acts and in some cases death defying performances without a net! These include athletic trampolinists, juggling clowns, aerialists, and a motorbike globe with a record breaking seven riders hurtling around at thrilling and dangerous speeds.  Continue reading ZIRK! CIRCUS – THE BIG TOP SPECTACULAR


Despite the fact that Cirque Du Soleil’s KURIOS doesn’t premiere in Sydney until the 2nd October at the Entertainment Quarter, the promoters arranged a media call today with two of its star performers in attendance in full costume and makeup.

Prior to ‘their reveal, Jeff Lovari, touring Communications Director gave a brief overview of Cirque Du Soleil’s history and status today .

It has its headquarters in Montreal, sprawled over five city blocks, and is the largest live entertainment company in the world.

As well as several permanent residencies in Las Vegas and Florida, Cirque Du Soleil has approximately 25 other circus shows on the go, which has enabled it over the years to have visited 60 countries.

Emphasising the employment of many local tradesmen (for example in the ten day construction of the Big Top), furthermore it did not use any grid electricity but only drew on Sydney’s water supply.

Julie De Simone, head of wardrobe, stressed the high maintenance needed to keep the costumes in sparkling and fresh condition and in good repair for each vigorous performance.       

The touring company itself has four seamstresses and draws on another four in each city that it visits.

The show itself owes much to the imagination of Jules Verne and the visual genius of pioneering French filmmaker Georges Melies.                  Continue reading CIRQUE DU SOLEIL ‘KURIOS CABINET OF CURIOSITIES’


You’ve got only tonight and tomorrow night to get to the Sydney Opera House to see the best circus-dance-music EVER!  The world-renowned Vietnamese Circus is in town and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Without the glitz and flashy costumes of Cirque du Soleil, it is a refreshing performance with the precision, imagination and joyfulness that is rare to the Sydney scene.

The Nouveau Cirque du Vietnam has performed at the Perth Festival to fabulous reviews.  It has been acclaimed around the world.

Olivia Anseel, head of SOH Contemporary Performance says “Prepare to witness a unique physical theatre and circus production, a dynamic and humorous spectacle full of joy and theatrical brilliance”.

There should be another word for this show.  It’s more than ‘circus’. It’s more an live music, acrobatics, beat boxing and story-telling.  It’s a visual feast with subtleties that embed in the heart, embrace the brain and beguile the spirit.  

Nouveau Cirque du Vietnam received standing ovations last night. Get yourself there tonight or tomorrow night (June 14 and 15) or miss out on something special.  Family friendly. Tickets from $39.



The joyous , playful and athletic À Ố Làng Phố is a truly entertaining and absorbing show. From the dramatic and sparsely lit opening to the extravagant dancing and singing finale this show is constantly entertaining.

As we entered the Joan Sutherland Theatre at the Sydney Opera House we saw on stage a collection of upturned Vietnamese circular woven boats and heard the sound of the sea. These picturesque boats are found along the coast of Vietnam and produce fond memories for visitors and locals. This was a promising introduction and the subsequent performance lived up to expectations. Continue reading À Ố Làng Phố @ THE JOAN SUTHERLAND THEATRE



Nouveau Cirque du Vietnam performs À Ố Làng Phố at the Sydney Opera House June 12 to 15 and promises to be a mesmerising mix of circus, acrobatics, eclectic music, contemporary dance, and theatrical visual art. Reviews from around the world praise the circus. A dazzling array of aerial work, contortion and juggling; a spectacular blend of genres fusing physical theatre, dance and live music; a soundscape of traditional Vietnamese instruments mixed with hip-hop beats.                     Continue reading THE REMARKABLE NOUVEAU CIRQUE DU VIETNAM