A number of streaming services have been criticised for their lack of investment in the production of  Australian content.

The streaming service Stan can’t be included in this category. Over the past few years  under its banner  Stan Originals it has contributed to such productions as Romper Stomper The Second, Wolf Creek, and No Activity  which has been bought by Will Ferrell’s production company, Funny or Die for US adaptation.

BLOOM brings a stellar lineup of Australian actors to our tv screens including Bryan Brown, Phoebe Tonkin, Ryan Corr and Jackie Weaver.

Like many of today’s tele features it will unfold over six episodes. Its creator Glen Dolman called BLOOM  a gothic fairytale about the fragility of life and the choices that define us. It is a mystery drama about the paucity of time and the choices we make. John Curran directs episodes one to three and Mat King episodes four to six.

One year after a devastating flood kills five locals in a picturesque rural town called Mullan, a mysterious plant is found growing in the spot where they died. It is the veritable fountain of youth. It enables a number of the towns elderly characters ravaged by time to go back to their younger selves, even the family dog becomes a playful pup.

Like many of us who muse about turning back time, we wonder if we would correct past mistakes, try and salvage broken friendships. These and other questions are given urgency because the rejuvenation  wears off and the question is posed, would you kill for it?

For a broken community the plants gift will soon be viewed as tainted and will force the characters  to reevaluate everything that is  important.

BLOOM’S world premiere took place not in the foyer of a cinema but at the very congenial Bar Machiavelli in Rushcutters Bay. Many of the stars walked the Blue Carpet and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere  as they mingled with colleagues and other members of the entertainment industry. As if to emphasise the series’ theme the cast members not only posed in front of the usual media wall but also a media wall covered in flowers.

BLOOM commences screening on New Years Day.

Featured pic – Phoebe Tonkin. All pics by Ben Apfelbaum (c)