BIRD by Katherine Chandler at The Old Fitz Theatre, Woolloomooloo

Australian premiere of BIRD by Katherine Chandler. Just so happy that the SECRET HOUSE team is back, and they have created yet another great theatrical experience, with effective and strong Cardiff accents. The cast of five, all deliver exceptionally vivid performances, that must be seen. Expertly and creatively directed by Jane Angharad, in a very limited run.              

Neglected circumstances revealed, fully illustrating the desperation to be more, and to do more. Uncompromising and touching drama, all about two marginalised Welsh (Cymru) young girls aged 13 (Tash) and 15 (Ava) sharing a room, and their government care home that is deliberately forcing them to grow up marginalised and unwanted by family and friends. They are currently living dangerously and clandestinely meeting with two men who are pretending to be friends, a teenager and a full grown adult.

Cleverly effective minimalist set, using scattered white feathers, plus an often used playground roundabout, adds emphasis by creating the required perfect atmosphere, plus scene-perfect FX highlighted by the seaside soundscape. Highly recommended.

Designed by James Smithers
SM: Meagan Fitzpatrick
ASM/OP: Clare Sheridan
Lighting by Alex Holver
Dialect coach: Amanda Stephens Lee
Cast: James Gordon, Laura Wilson, Bella Ridgway, Marvin Adler and Sarah Easterman

The Old Fitz Theatre, 129 Dowling Street (corner of Cathedral Street), Woolloomooloo.

Katherine Chandler’s BIRD was the winner of a 2013 Judges’ Award in the Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting. World Premiere at Sherman Cymru in 2016, before transferring to the Royal Exchange in Manchester.

Running time 75 minutes, with no interval.

22nd October until 2nd November 2019.